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Sabishii desu!!

It’s booooooooooooring as hell!! I want to finish re-editing all Sonomono chapters before start translating new novel, but there’s too much work so I’m still no where near finish. It’s tedious and I sometimes need to check the raw again, so it takes quite my time. Well, let’s see how far can I go until next month….

Below is a teaser for my new project. I found this novel 3 years ago and I’ve read it countless time. I really, really love this novel, so I hope you can also love it as much as I do.  My English turned to a bad direction because of this novel so be careful later. Okay, enjoy the chapter while I back re-editing Sonomono.


Prologue: 7th April



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    1. Thanks, I will re-start the translation next month. Please come back again!

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