About The Missing Translated Chapters

Sabishii desu!!

There’s so many people asked the same question to the point I’ve gotten tired answering it. So here, I’ll explain everything.

  • I moved my domain name sabishiidesu.com to a new hosting in June.
  • I plan to move the contents (translated chapters) to a new hosting, after doing some editing, but I just couldn’t find a good time to do that.
  • Then again, it doesn’t mean I deleted them. They’re still online but their url simply changed.
  • You can still access all translated chapters here: sabishiidesu.blogspot.com.
  • I haven’t update the links so add “.blogspot” into the url whenever you get page not found notification.
  • Example: http://www.sabishiidesu.com/p/that-person-later-on.html => http://www.sabishiidesu.blogspot.com/p/that-person-later-on.html

That’s all. See you later….

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  1. This workaround doesn’t seem to work at all for chapter 20 and above for Sonomono. A lot of the pages on the blogspot site just link to this one too.

  2. Just to make things easier I wrote a little userscript to automatically change to blogspot

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name Sabishiidesu URL Redirect
    // @include https://sabishiidesu.com/p/*
    // ==/UserScript==

    document.location.replace(document.location.href.replace(“.com”, “.blogspot.com”))

  3. This seems to be broken. Whenever i click on a link or try to change that url to include the .blogspot it just redirects me to the homepage

  4. if anyone want’s to read some missing chapters but you get redirected to this homepage(this requires some technical skills)

    but if you make your own “extension” for firefox/chrome, if you follow the tutorial on how to make them it will probably work, but anyways in the .js file for the extension just write these 2 lines:


    and in the manifest.json just put “*://sabishiidesu.blogspot.com/*” in the matches array

    if you enable the extension it will stop the refresh of sabishiidesu.blogspot.com so you can view the chapters that are still there

    anyways, this probably won’t help that many people but still, happy reading 🙂

  5. https://sabishiidesu.com/sonomono/

    Sonomono is on this updated blog (link above) but you can’t access it via the quick access links as its not featured there. You can also use the search feature near the bottom of the home page and search for it, can also find any other translated wn that way as well.

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