New Translation Project

Sabishii desu!!

       I’m someone who can’t keep doing the same thing for a long time, I get bored easily. That’s why I’m translating more than one novel.

       Anyway, I’ve decided to pick up this novel (web version) for my next side project. Different from Isekai Sagishi, this is a novel with cliché misunderstandings and overpowered protagonist. I wonder why, even though it’s easy to guess their story development, many people still read this kind of novel (I’m one of them).

       Please look forward to it!


The World’s Strongest Martial Artist who has Worked too Hard, Survives in the Magic World with Ease

Young martial artist who died was reincarnated into another world where magic was commonly used in a daily basis, as a boy named Ash. However, after knowing he would never be able to use magic, his parents abandoned him in the forest when he was still five years old.

Nevertheless, Ash who has a strong yearning for magic since his previous life, continued to practice desperately every day.

Unfortunately, even after he reached the age of 16, there was still no sign he would be able to use magic. However, Ash didn’t aware that at that time, he already had enough power to defeat the demon lord with a single punch….





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