Saikyou no Butouka – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – I will become even stronger

“That’s right, Master. Can I go to the town with you too? I’d like to buy another book….” (Ash)

There was no magic-related book in this house at the beginning. It’s not that surprising though. In the head of great wizard like Master, all the knowledge about magic that exists in this world is packed. However, I had no such things inside my head. In addition, Master also didn’t transfer his magic knowledge to me.

Oh well, even if he did it, I’m sure I won’t be able to understand because his knowledge about magic is too advanced. This is where I bought magic-related book every time I went to the town for my self-study material.

I’ve bought more than thousand books. I didn’t really understand at first, but now I can easily read any difficult book as if a picture book.

“Have you finished reading the book you bought the other day? I also think you’ve already bought a lot of books…. ” (Maurice)

“That book was easier than I thought. I finished reading it on the same day I bought it.” (Ash)

“I’ve read it a little out of curiosity, but…. that was a pretty difficult book. It’s not something that a ten years old could understand at least.” (Maurice)

“Maybe. Still though, no matter how much the knowledge about magic I memorized, it can’t be compared to the greatness of Master. You’ve mastered using magic without a magic wand after all.” (Ash)

Master who’s a great wizard can use various magic other than Wind Blade without using a magic wand. Though he doesn’t show me his magic often, I’ve experienced Master’s Universal Healing (Heaven’s Cure) several times already. Just as the name implies, this is a recovery magic.

The power that humans normally exert is only a small part of their potential. When Behemoth attacked me, my limiter was released and I was able to exert an extraordinary power as a result. Instead of leaving a fist mark on the iron plate, it became possible to pierce through the iron plate as easily as drilling a hole on paper.

However, human body isn’t made to be able to hold such a tremendous power. Every time I released my limiter, my muscles got all messy and my bones fractured all over. That being said, no matter what kind of injury I suffered, they would have been completely healed overnight.

Although Master had never said anything, I’m sure it was all because he casted Universal Healing (Heaven’s Cure) on me when I was sleeping.

After going through many fractures, my bones have gotten so strong and wouldn’t break so easily. Without Master, I would have lived a bedridden life with complex fractures all over my body.

Of course, I felt bad for relying on Master all the time. I trained ever harder every day and finally got full control of my power. Then again, what I did pales in comparison with Master’s great achievements.

It’s believed that spirits exist in this world. To cast a magic, humans negotiate with them by drawing rune in the air with magic wand to create some paranormal phenomena in exchange for their magical power.

The shape of rune is something that mankind has discovered in the past. It’s strictly decided, and if it is not drawn correctly, the magic won’t be activated.

However, Master overturns such a common sense!

That’s a great wizard for you, I respect him from the bottom of my heart.

But still…

“Say, Master. Don’t you think that it’s about the time I get a magic wand?” (Ash)

If I keep training under Master’s guidance, I will be able to master many more magic besides Wind Blade, even without magic wand.

However, I was fascinated by a wizard who appeared in the anime in my previous world.  If I can use magic anyway, I want to use a magic wand like a wizard in the anime. It does not have to be something as good as Master’s. Anything is fine, I just want a magic wand!

“Listen, Ash. It’s still too early for you to use a magic wand. You should focus to train your body for now.” (Maurice)

Master said the same thing as usual. However, if Master says so, that would be the correct thing for me to do.

It’s written in the book that magical power improves by forging mental power. When I train my body, I also train my mental power at the same time.

If I continue to strengthen my body, I will eventually be able to have a tremendous magical power. For that goal, I have to work harder and harder!

       I rekindled my motivation while making firewood from Walking Wood body.



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  1. He doesn’t have any magic ability, does he?
    It doesn’t matter how much he reads, he will never be able to use magic.
    He hasn’t learned Wind Blade, or anything like that, he’s just that freaking strong…
    No one is casting a healing spell on him, his body heals naturally on it’s own overnight…
    Amazing strength and regeneration combined with the training and attitude he had in his previous life, plus the most amazing ignorance and wishful thinking concerning this world.
    He’s a Monster. He only appears to be human.
    The Old Man who took him in hasn’t figured out how to give him the bad news in a manner that he can’t reinterpret to suit his desires; he completely refuses to consider that he can’t do magic and that’s why his parents cast him into the dangerous forest… it was to dispose of an embarrassment, someone so defective in the eyes of this world as to not be considered a true person.

    Of course, I could be wrong…

  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Seems his master is trying to avoid telling him can’t use magic with a wand for now. Although seems MC can somehow imitate it using mental fortitude to strongly envision the effect and martial arts from previous life. Master probably did cast healing on him while asleep with body broken up from using limit break but likely due to his body OP stats what would have taken months without either and days with healing finished overnight. Hope meet one of the heroines on cover soon. Would be funny to see how they react to him being so OP despite not using magic. Wonder if Master will explain what [ ] is and what it means not to have it soon?

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