Maou-sama V1C1

Sabishii Desu!! — This is a masterpiece! What are those companies doing? I don’t understand why something this great doesn’t have LN or Manga adaptation. This looks like a typical slice of life story in the beginning, but it will turn into something beyond your expectation. This story is bigger, deeper, and more complicated than what you think. I really want more people to read this novel. Well then, let’s begin!


Chapter 1 – The Demon King Observation Diary

It’s been a day since I came to the human world from the demon world. The surroundings are dim because we are now deep inside the forest, but if I look up, I can see the sky from the gaps between tree branches.

I know about a cloudless blue sky from the books, but I’m still impressed when seeing it in person. I did not feel much because it was cloudy yesterday, but I’m a little excited today.

I personally enjoying this trip. Still though, I wonder why we came to the human world. In addition, this forest…. shouldn’t we go to the place with a better view instead?

“Maou-sama, for what purpose did we come to the human world?” (Fell)

       I asked Maou-sama who was walking in front of me.

“I think that we should establish a friendly relationship with the human race. We are the advanced party towards that goal.” (Maou)

I don’t understand Maou-sama’s line of thought well. I mean, is it necessary for the demon race to have a friendly relationship with the human race? To begin with, I don’t think we will meet humans in this kind of place.

“Please excuse me, but why do we have to establish a friendly relationship with the human race? I don’t understand it.” (Fell)

I’m not doubting Maou-sama. But if I don’t ask what I don’t understand now, it will bring more trouble later on. Besides, as the sole servant he brought to the human world, I must have a firm understanding of Maou-sama’s thoughts, so that I could serve him to the best of my abilities.

I should have asked about this beforehand, but… I was too happy when Maou-sama chose me to accompany him here. Yeah, I will reflect.

“It’s something necessary. Having a friendly relationship with the human race will be more beneficial for the demon race after all.” (Maou)

Is that so? After Maou-sama defeated that annoying person, somehow it concluded with an agreement to not attack the other party unless to defend oneself. I personally have no problem with that agreement, but I couldn’t see the point of being friendly with the human race.

“You look dissatisfied with that answer.” (Maou)

Oops, I’ve failed to maintain my poker face. Let’s be cool! Be cool!

“The so-called armed crisis is almost gone, but unfortunately, the food in the demon world will be exhausted in about 10 years at this rate.” (Maou)

It’s true that there’s not much food that can be produced in the demon world, but if we take it from human world…. no, there’s that agreement so we can’t do that.

Still though, I don’t think that our food situation will improve even if we successfully built a friendly relationship with the human race.

“Because the food production in the demon world is insufficient, I would like us to actively interact with the humans in world and procure the food from here. Ultimately, it would be nice if the demons could migrate to this world too.” (Maou)

I see. However, will the human race accept the demon race that easily? I mean, we are two races that continuously tried to destroy each other until the era of the previous demon king. I think it’s going to be difficult.

“I know it won’t be an easy task. The reason I brought you together with me is because I believe that you are necessary to achieve that goal.” (Maou)

Maou-sama thinks very highly of me, I should to live up to his expectations!

“I understand. I will be friends with humans with all my might. Even if the humans make me angry, I won’t hit them.” (Fell)

“Good. I’m counting on you. Well then, let’s camp around here today. I will go to hunt a wild boar, so please start a fire in the meantime.” (Maou)

       Having said that, Maou-sama went off somewhere. I started a fire and made a preparation for camping just as I was told.

I don’t have any problem with eating wild boar meat. I even think it’s quite delicious. However, since yesterday, even this morning, this noon too, I ate nothing but wild boar meat. To tell the truth, I’ve gotten tired of it.

I know that I should not be picky about food. I know that, but still…. I wonder if I should tell Maou-sama that I want to eat something else. Like, vegetables, maybe?

Okay, let’s check if there’s any food among the stuffs I brought from the demon world! My preparation was lacking because I was in hurry, but I brought a lot of stuffs with me. There might be something edible too.

There’s no food…. I can eat flowers, but let’s stop. That’s for the emergency situation. In any case, I found something interesting among my belongings — a diary. Nothing is written inside it. It seems I have mistaken it for a book. Oh well, since I’ve brought it, let’s write something in it!

I heard from Maou-sama that writing and reading were common in the human world. Putting aside reading, I’m not good at writing. Thinking about the future of this mission, I should start practicing from now.

Yup. Let’s practice by writing a diary! Oh, I came up with another good idea. Maybe I can also write about Maou-sama in this diary…. No, I really should.

I will write about the journey of Maou-sama in the human world, and spread it to the denizen of demon world later. This will be my personal mission.

Because I want to surprise Maou-sama, I will keep this diary a secret from him. Humans call this a maiden’s secret or something.

       While I was making such a plan, Maou-sama returned with a wild boar.

I wonder if there’s only wild boar in this forest. Because this forest is so wide, I was sure there were various kinds of animals that could be consumed lived here.

“Welcome back, Maou-sama.” (Fell)

“Yes. I’m back.” (Maou)

I ate the whole wild boar by myself, while leaving only the legs for breakfast. I will get fat at this rate….

Maou-sama didn’t partake because he said that he had eaten nuts during the hunting. I’m afraid of getting fat, but I want to eat nuts now….

       When dinner was over, I prepared the place to sleep, and set a magic tool that would create a protection barrier around us.

Instead of protecting us, it can be said that this is a barrier to protect the other party. I mean, attacking me or Maou-sama is like asking to be killed.

I told Maou-sama to go to bed first because I wanted to read a book before sleep. To begin with, a servant should not sleep before the master does.  Now then, let’s write something in the diary!

I thought of writing a title on the book cover for a start, but I decided to postpone it for later. I mean, it will be awkward if Maou-sama saw it. Well, anyway, the title of this book will be:

—The Demon King Observation Diary—

I know it sounds somewhat rude, but it’s all good as long as I don’t get caught, probably….

I wrote my name on the last page of the diary, but should I write it on the first page instead? I’ve never seen an example, so I don’t know which one is correct.

In addition, I’ve also put a little twist because it was just too plain to write only my name as the author.

—The Demon King’s Faithful Servant, Fell—

I don’t mean to self-praise, but I think it sounds pretty good.

Okay, it’s done!

Let’s take a good rest and work harder tomorrow!



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