Maou-sama V1C2

Chapter 2 – Distress

       Morning on the next day….

In the human world, we will be fine even if we sleep on the ground. Because the soil in the demon world is too polluted, we can only live inside the dungeon. If you sleep on the ground, you will surely never see the morning again.

In the old times, I heard that demon race also lived above the ground until a certain person did something. If that person did not do anything, would the devil world be like the human world?

I know about sun from the books, but I’m still impressed when seeing it in person. How could this be so warm? Is this some kind of colossal magic? How much magical power needed to create it?

It seems there’s also a sun in the demon world. However, I have never seen it because the sky is covered by dark clouds throughout the year. Because the demon world is pretty cold even inside the dungeon, I want to take this sun home.

Okay, I will investigate if there’s magic to bring back the sun in the demon world when I return!

Now then, I have to prepare various things before Maou-sama wakes up. First I will make water with magic to wash our face. I have to be careful here. If I made even a tiny mistake, the whole area will be flooded after all. I must keep in mind not to put too much magical power.

Even though there’s a magic to lower the strength, why is there no magic to lower the magic? I will ask the development department of demon world to develop it later.

Fwuh, I managed to wash my face safely. One tree was blown away, but I will pretend I didn’t see anything.

I will cook the wild boar’s legs from yesterday for our breakfast. I only need to start a fire and grill them. I did a lot of cooking even in the demon world, but the level of my Cooking skill never increases for some reason. Why!?

       Maou-sama opened his eyes when I was still cooking the breakfast, but didn’t move from his spot.

I wonder if Maou-sama’s consciousness is still fuzzy. Well, Maou-sama is weak in the morning. I will leave him be for the time being, and finish the preparation.

It’s all set, but it doesn’t seem that Maou-sama will get up anytime soon. I will use this chance to review our mission.

According to Maou-sama, the food in the demon world will be exhausted in about 10 years if we do nothing. The surface of demon world is uninhabitable, while the food produced from the field and forest inside the dungeon is limited.

Until fifty years ago, we pillaged the food from the human world to make up for it. However, since there’s the agreement with that annoying person, we couldn’t do that again.

From now on, we should establish a friendly relationship with the human race and procure the food peacefully. But before that, I don’t think we will meet humans deep in the forest like this.

“Hmm, good morning.” (Demon King)

Maou-sama seems to have completely woken up. He keeps rubbing his eyes, but I don’t see any problem in particular.

“Good morning, Maou-sama. I have prepared some water and breakfast.” (Fell)

“Thank you, Fell. You can have all the food. I’m not going to eat breakfast today.” (Demon King)

Skipping breakfast is not good for health, but it can’t be helped if Maou-sama says so. I will eat them all. Even though I’ve gotten tired of eating wild boar, I shouldn’t waste the food.

       When I finished my breakfast, Maou-sama explained about today’s schedule.

“For a start, we will try to make a contact with human.” (Demon King)

I see. However, there’s something I’d like to confirm first.

“Can we find humans in this forest?” (Fell)

“There should be a small village around here.” (Demon King)

“I’m not doubting Maou-sama, but we are not lost, aren’t we?” (Fell)

“…….. of course not.” (Demon King)

Maou-sama averted his eyes from me, I wonder why….

“The scratch that Maou-sama put on the tree as a mark, I can see it here and there.” (Fell)

“…….. it’s alright. The marks are different after all.” (Demon King)

I don’t know the relation between not being lost and the mark being different. But if Maou-sama says so, then it must be true……. we really aren’t lost, right? I somehow became uneasy.

“Well then, let’s go!” (Demon King)

That’s right. I’m the servant of Maou-sama. It’s presumptuous to doubt him. I should believe in Maou-sama.

       Then, after walking all day, we finally arrived (at the previous place).

“I think this is the place where we camped out before….” (Fell)

“…….. no, it’s a different place that looks alike.” (Demon King)

Different place? Is Maou-sama testing my loyalty? Okay, let’s be cool! If Maou-sama says so, then this is definitely a different place.

Yeah, it’s my mistake. Even if there’s the base of a tree which was blown away when I created water with magic to wash my face this morning, this is definitely a different place!

“A-Alright, we will camp here again…. I mean, we will camp here today. I will hunt for food!” (Demon King)

“I understand. I will make the preparation.” (Fell)

Now then, let’s start a fire, prepare some water, and pray to the god so that Maou-sama won’t hunt a wild boar again today.

Oops, another tree was blown away. I will pretend I didn’t see anything.

Now that I think about it, I should have brought a magic tool to create water from the demon world. It consumes less magical power and the amount of water that can be created is constant.

I failed to make a proper preparation because it was a sudden trip, but I’m just making excuse for myself.

In addition, the manager of demon king castle treasure vault also forced something on me. I was told to throw this thing somewhere in the human world, but I can’t just do that, can I? I’m sure the humans call this illegal dumping.

Speaking of which, I heard human could use their money to buy various things. This thing is useless for demon race, but maybe I can exchange it with money here. There’s also an option to exchange this thing with food.

“I’m back.” (Demon King)

“Welcome back, Maou-sama.” (Fell)

Maou-sama hunted a wild boar again. My prays didn’t go through. Now that I think about it, a demon should not pray to the god. I completely forgot.

Even so, could it be that Maou-sama actually likes wild boar meat? Or maybe Maou-sama has a grudge against wild boar?

I have no choice today, but tomorrow, I will properly tell him that I’ve gotten tired of eating wild boar meat. I’m sure Maou-sama will grant my humble request.

       When the dinner was over, I set the protection barrier like usual, and preparing the place for us to sleep. Maou-sama told me that he was tired and going to sleep early. Before sleeping, I once again wrote something in the diary while pretending to read a book.

Tomorrow, I want to eat anything except wild boar meat!



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