Maou-sama V1C3

Chapter 3 – The World Tree

       Morning. I got up and made various preparations like usual. Following yesterday’s incident, several trees were blown away during the process of creating water with magic.

Oh well, this forest is so big, even if ten or twenty trees are lost, the map should not be affected. Instead of thinking about that, I have to tell Maou-sama that I don’t want to eat wild boar meat again when he wakes up.

Speaking of eating only meat, it’s nutritionally unbalanced, it will make us fat, it will increase our blood pressure, and so on. I believe Maou-sama will be convinced by my explanation,

It’s not just for myself, I’m also thinking about Maou-sama’s health. He will surely understand it. The problem is…. I can’t remember seeing Maou-sama eats wild boar meat, that’s it.

       I finished my meal, and after tidying up, I conveyed my opinion to Maou-sama.

“I think we should eat something different for today’s lunch. It’s nutritionally unbalanced if we eat only wild boar meat all time.” (Fell)

“Hmm? Oh, I see. You only ate wild boar meat lately, of course you also want to eat something else. Okay, I will try to get something different for lunch and dinner!” (Demon King)

Thanks goodness. It seems my feeling were transmitted to Maou-sama properly. I want to eat vegetables or fruits, but I wonder if they grow in this area. Some wild edible plants are also acceptable.

“Well then, shall we go?” (Demon King)

Maou-sama seems to be ready to go, but there something else I’d like to confirm with him. I’m not thinking about food all the time, alright?

“Maou-sama, there’s something I would like to ask before we depart.” (Fell)

“Sure, what is it?” (Demon King)

“I understand that we came to the human world to establish a friendly relationship with the human race, but we are lost here…. I mean, why are we exploring this forest right now?” (Fell)

“Oh, I guess I haven’t explained it properly. Our first mission is to make a contact with humans. However, if the demons suddenly appear in a big city, there’s a high probability it will turn into a battle. Therefore, for a start, I’m thinking of going to a small village located around here. Well, we should be almost there.” (Maou)

I see. We aren’t aimlessly wandering in the forest after all. I always believe in you, Maou-sama.

“There is one more reason I chose this place. The World Tree is located in this forest.” (Maou)

“The World Tree?” (Fell)

“Yes. The elves are supposed to be protecting it.” (Maou)

I’ve read about the elf race in the books. However, this is the first time I heard about the World Tree. Just in case, including the elf race, let’s ask for more details to Maou-sama.

“Could you please tell me more about the elf race and this World Tree?” (Fell)

“Hmm…. In terms of appearance, majority of male elf and female elf are good looking, and their ears are pointed. Speaking of the other features, elf is a long-lived race that could life for four hundred to five hundred years. Elf is a closed race. Most of them had never left the forest where they were born and raised until they died.” (Demon King)

Hmm, a closed race…. could it be this is what the humans call hikikomori?

“By the way, if you damage the trees or take the fruits from the Elven Forest without permission, the elves will be angry with you for hundreds of years.” (Demon King)

I see. Their sense of time is different from us because of their long lifespan. I will try not to offend them because it sounds like gonna be a lot of work.

“Could it be we are inside the Elven Forest now?” (Fell)

I have blown away a lot of trees and Maou-sama also marked the trees. We might be already in a big trouble.

“No, we are not. Even if it’s the same forest, the so-called Elven Forest is a distinct area. To put it plainly, only a part of this forest is the Elven Forest.” (Demon King)

Oh, so that’s how it is. Perhaps they didn’t claim the whole forest because it’s too large.

“Next is…. just think the World Tree as a giant tree located in the Elven Forest.” (Demon King)

Speaking of a giant tree, its fruits must be a giant too. I want to try it!

“Could it be Maou-sama wants to go to the World Tree because you want to eat its fruits?” (Fell)

“Eh? No, I have no such intentions. I only have a little business over there.” (Demon King)

Maou-sama seemed hesitant for a moment. There seems to be something he couldn’t tell me. Or maybe it’s because I guessed it right? I also want to eat the fruits of World Tree.

“Thank you very much. I learned a lot.” (Fell)

“No problem. Let’s depart now!” (Demon King)

The lunch is wild snake meat. This is different from what I expected…. No, I must not be discouraged!

Perhaps Maou-sama just couldn’t find fruits or vegetables around this area. Yeah, I’m sure he didn’t intentionally catch a wild snake. I’m looking forward to the dinner.

Speaking of which, we haven’t met any human or Elf so far. Taking the size of this forest into consideration, the chance to run across them is quite slim. Or perhaps it’s all because the population of elf or human in this forest is small.

Oh well, let’s not give up!

The dinner is wild bear meat…. You’ve got it wrong, Maou-sama!

I’ve gotten tired of eating meat, not just wild boar meat. I will get fat at this rate. I wonder if I should have conveyed my intention more frankly. No, Maou-sama is an excellent person. He surely understands my feelings.

Now that I think about it, perhaps Maou-sama is trying to test my loyalty? Yeah, everything makes a sense now!

Maou-sama made it as if we were lost in this forest and kept giving me the same food to create an extreme condition. He is testing me whether I will still swear allegiance to him even in this kind of situation or not.

That was close. If it were other demons, they must have fallen into this trap already. My loyalty to Maou-sama is the number one in the demon world. This level of hardship won’t make my heart waver. I did feel a little upset, but that’s it.

          Before going to sleep, I wrote in my diary that my loyalty to Maou-sama was unshakeable.

Okay, I will work even harder for Maou-sama tomorrow!



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