Maou-sama V1C5

Chapter 5 – Humans

I have decided to give up on going to the World Tree for the time being.” (Maou)

       When the breakfast was over, Maou-sama suddenly proclaimed so.

“The elves said that there was a human village in the east. I’d like to use that place as a base to remake that plan.” (Maou)

I see. Until the elves calmed down, we’re going to lie low for a while in that village.

Yesterday, we met the elves and immediately made them angry. However, even if we take one hundred steps back, the elves are clearly at fault. If they don’t want someone to take their apples, they should have put some guards or signboards there.

But using a human village as base, huh…. The human race should not have a very favorable impression of the demon race. I don’t know if it’s doable. Using violence is forbidden so I have to negotiate with them peacefully.

Oh well, I just have to do it. It’s no use worrying about the future.

“Well then, let’s go!” (Maou)

There’s a road just as the elves said. According to them, we will reach the human village if we keep following this road towards the east.

Speaking of which, they didn’t tell us how long we have to follow this road. I hope it won’t take three or four days to reach that village.

Talking about humans, I don’t know much about them because I have never met one. No, that annoying person is a human, right? I would hate it if there are a lot of humans like her in this world. I might not be able to control myself.

Just in case, I will ask Maou-sama. He knows everything after all. It’s also awkward to walk in silent like this.

“Maou-sama. I’ve never met human other than that annoying person, but what kind of race is it?” (Fell)

“It’s hard to explain…. but if I have to describe it in a simple way, human is a race that much weaker than demon, elf, dwarf, dragonewt, or beastfolk race. However, human has a high fertility rate and they’re good at acting in a group. Not just one or two hundreds, I’m talking about a group thousands humans. That what makes humans stand a chance against the other races. They also use tools and magic efficiently. Human is a race who seeks various forms of strength to make up for their weakness”. (Maou)

There are less than one thousand demons in total, but how many humans are there? If all of them were equipped with tools or magic….

There are a lot of tools taken from the human a long time ago inside the demon king’s treasure vault, but no one uses them. I will try them next time.

Still though, it’s hard to imagine that human race is a weak individual. I’m sure it’s true because that’s what Maou-sama said. However, let’s confirm it again just in case!

“Maou-sama, is human really that weak? Even though that annoying person was really strong.” (Fell)

“Well, she’s a special human after all. No one born here could defeat her. You can say it’s because she is someone chosen by God.” (Demon King)

       Maou-sama smiled amusingly as he explained it.

I wonder if there’s something funny in that explanation.

       I was too busy thinking by myself and late to realize that Maou-sama was staring at my face.

Y-You will make me blush, Maou-sama….

“Is something the matter? Umm, actually, I was wondering why Maou-sama laughed.” (Fell)

“No, it’s nothing. Please give me a minute!” (Maou)

       Maou-sama put his left hand on his left ear and fell silent.

I saw Maou-sama doing this from time to time, but I still have no idea what is this for. Perhaps, it’s some kind of ritual?

“Let’s camp around here today!” (Maou)

       Maou-sama suddenly proclaimed so despite the sky was still bright.

“I think it’s still too early to set a camp, but are you sure?” (Fell)

“Yeah, I’m tired. There seems to be a pond nearby. I think it’s just the right place for camping.” (Demon King)

There is indeed something like a pond in the direction Maou-sama pointed to. I wonder if there’s spirit living there. Oh well, let’s get ready!

Today’s dinner is wild boar meat again, but the apple makes me invincible. If there are also some vegetables, I feel like I can reach even God. Fuhahaha!

Maou-sama is already asleep, but I’m not sleepy yet….

       Because I had nothing to do, I headed towards the pond. I tried to search for the water spirit that might be living there, but I didn’t find anything.

I give up. Let’s find out if there’s fish in this pond instead!

       When I brought my face closer to the pond, I saw my reflection on the water surface.

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen the mirror recently. I guess I will use this chance to tidy up my appearance.

My short hair is slightly messy. This might have been worse if my hair were long like how it used to be. This problem will be fixed with a little combing.

Setting that aside, my red hair looks a bit dirty. The color has also turned dull, and there are split ends too…. is this stress!?

The corners of my head still look perfect. The sheep-type horn is rare, and they look even more gorgeous with the jet black color. I guess washing my hair will be the priority after we settle down. It would be nice if I could also get some hand towels in that village.

I haven’t washed my clothes but that’s not a problem. I brought a lot of spare underwear and my shoes look just fine. That’s right, can I wash this butler suit like normal clothes? Oh well, I will leave it to my slimes when the time comes. I’m sure there’s a slime who has Cleaning Skill among them.

This whole thing makes me sleepy….

I will go to sleep after writing something in the diary.



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