Maou-sama V1C3

Chapter 3 – The World Tree        Morning. I got up and made various preparations like usual. Following yesterday’s incident, several trees were blown away during the process of creating water with magic. Oh well, this forest is so big, even if ten or twenty trees are lost, the map should not be affected. Instead

Maou-sama V1C2

Chapter 2 – Distress        Morning on the next day…. In the human world, we will be fine even if we sleep on the ground. The surface of the demon world is polluted and we can only live inside the dungeon. If you sleep on the ground outside, you will surely never see the morning

Maou-sama V1C1

Sabishii Desu!! What are those companies doing? This is a masterpiece! I don’t understand why something this great doesn’t have LN or Manga adaptation. This looks like a typical slice of life story in the beginning, but believe me, it will turn into something beyond your expectation. The story is bigger, deeper, and more complicated