Isekai Sagishi C5P3

Sabishii desu!!        The season changed, it’s time to say good bye to some anime series…. Well, anyway, I have a question — is panties a singular or a plural? I’m being serious here, so I hope you will also answer me seriously. I mean, the Ms-word program treats is as a plural but I

Isekai Sagishi C5P2

Sabishii desu!!        Just when I finally felt the mood for translating novel, some of light novels I’ve been following were released at the same time, so I took another break. In addition, I also found some interesting web novels and mangas. Well, anyway, I have nothing I want to read right now, and I

Isekai Sagishi C5P1

Sabishii desu!!        Happy New Year, guys….. Okay, I know it’s already March, but this is my first post in 2019 so just let me say it. Anyways, it took more than a month to finish this translation(part). Sigh…. my head is getting dulled, it seems. I could spend hours mulling over a simple paragraph