Maou-sama Vol.1 Intermission

Vol.1 Intermission: Unlucky man        The mayor of Labyrinth City — Sutaro, sighed for the x-time that day. There was but one reason for this behavior. He received a report that the biggest dungeon in the human world, which was also the center of Labyrinth City — Abyss Dungeon, had been cleared for the first

Maou-sama V1C40

Chapter 40 – Fun Time        I explained to Dia that I wouldn’t undertake the request of crushing the Goddess Religion because the old man priest had no money to pay me. “Tell me if the situation changed! Don’t accept it personally, got it? Make sure he makes the request through the adventurer guild! If

Maou-sama V1C39

Chapter 39 – Concentration        Dia lost to Ron, and I never returned to my job as waitress. You will gain nothing from this. You’d better give up! “This happened because Fell-chan’s appetite is too big!” (Dia) I can’t deny it. I always want to eat endlessly. “I’m still in my growth period, after all.”