Maou-sama V2C11

Chapter 11 – Rematch        I woke up. I didn’t know what time it was because there were no windows, but since I felt hungry, I thought it was already morning. For now, let’s get dressed and eat the bento. Yesterday was a tough day…. let’s eat two boxes. This is a bliss. – –

Maou-sama V2C10

Chapter 10 – Sleep Disturbance        Having finished the so-so dinner made by Mittor, I had nothing else to do and ended up lost in thought. The elders most likely will wake up tomorrow, and the treatment of Ur and the other two will be decided at that time. That’s fine, but Ur’s words are

Maou-sama V2C9

Chapter 9 – Chatter “Hey, you, let’s have a little chat!” (Ur)        Ur called out to me from inside the prison. There’s no merit for me, and I’m not particularly interested either. Maybe she is trying to get some information from me by having a conversation? Besides, I have noticed it. From the flow

Maou-sama V2C8

Chapter 8 – Interrogation “Mittor, my lunch. It’s already noon.” (Fell) “Look at the situation. It’s not the time to talk about lunch, is it?” (Mittor)        Mittor told me off with a tired expression. No matter what situation is, eating is important. Or are you telling me that elves can live without food? Then