Maou-sama V2C26

Chapter 26 – Seiza        I left the inn and headed towards the village chief’s house. Then, as I passed the village square, I saw my slimes and the group were in the middle of repairing the village gate. I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while now, but are those yellow moving plants

Maou-sama V2C25

Chapter 25 – Return       I was awakened due to a loud sound. Oh no, I’ve let my guard down too much. Doing something like this would be fatal in the demon world. My sense of crisis seems to be getting duller since I came to the human world.        Looking around in hurry, it

Maou-sama V2C24

Chapter 24 – The Return Preparation        Mittor and the captain guy came when I was preparing to go home. “I’ve brought the apples and jams for souvenirs.” (Mittor) Oh, I’ve been waiting for this! I had to deal with that boring apology, but now it’s worth it. “Fell, you really saved us this time.