Maou-sama V2C21

Chapter 21 – Emperor        The elves and Dean group were facing each other in front of the house that was lent to me in tense atmosphere. The three elders were sitting on the ground. Right behind them, the captain guy and Mittor were standing imposingly, while the other elves surrounded the periphery. On the

Maou-sama V2C20

Chapter 20 – Fog        I felt something heavy around my stomach in my hazy consciousness. Did I get fat!?        I opened my eyes in hurry and found Anri was sleeping soundly while using my stomach as a pillow. Don’t scare me!!! This girl, even in her sleep, she couldn’t stay still. If I

Maou-sama V2C19

Chapter 19 – Pajama Party       Three people were sitting on their knees against the floor in front of me — Dia, Via, and Yato. For some reason, Anri was clinging onto my right leg. “Fell-chan, why are we being treated like this?” (Dia)        Dia asked with a puzzled expression. Do I need to

Maou-sama V2C18

Chapter 18 – Siege        Late at night, I was awakened by the loud knocks on the door and a voice of someone who kept calling my name. The barrier I put seems to have been destroyed….        Though reluctant, I got dressed and decided to check the situation outside. There were Mittor and the

Maou-sama V2C17

Chapter 17 – Feast        I went back to Elven Village on the loading platform pulled by a beetle. Those who returned ahead of us seemed to have informed everyone about the restoration of the World Tree. When we got there, all the elves in the village started worshiping me. This only makes me feel

Maou-sama V2C16

Chapter 16 – Dere        I walked out of the World Tree together with Maou-sama. Hmm? It’s bright outside.        Looking up, I saw the World Tree was shining light blue. Is this the rumored inverse photosynthesis? No, considering what Maou-sama had told me, is the building called Ark shining? However, this is strange. Something

Maou-sama V2C15

Chapter 15 – Diary        The room suddenly became bright as we walked in. I looked around and wondered if everyday magic — Light Bulb, was automatically deployed. Placed next to the room, there was a column that had been laid sideways, and someone who looked like a human lay inside it. The length of

Maou-sama V2C14

Chapter 14 – The Angels        We passed through the newly opened door and found ourselves inside an empty room about three meters square. “Fell, do you know what elevator is?” (Maou-sama) Elevator? I’m sure it’s a bloody place. However, the scariest thing about elevator is when eerie twins or a long-haired woman with pale

Maou-sama V2C13

Chapter 13 – The Wise God        I proceeded alone after parting with the elder. Then, around 30 minutes later, I was attacked by a sudden dizziness that only lasted for a few seconds. What was that!?        I stopped for a moment before started walking again. The surroundings gradually brightened up as I proceeded

Maou-sama V2C12

Chapter 12 – The Circumstances of Demon Race        I was brought to a place called the Eternal Garden again. Just like yesterday, there were three elves sitting on the slightly elevated ground. “You are Fell of the demon race, correct? For saving the elves during this incident, we are very grateful from the bottom