Chief 013

Chapter 13 – Misha I’m Misha, 14 years old. My mother died when I was little and my father died when I was 12 years old. I, who had just become an orphan, was hired by the lord’s wife as an apprentice maid after that. My salary is not very high since I’m still an

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Chapter 12 – First Word Is there something I can use to learn the letters? Gail looked around the room. Even though it’s a baby room, there are no educational toys, picture books, or anything at all. Furthermore, I was left alone unattended except when it’s time for milk, diapers, and bath. Yeah, it’s a

Chief 011

Chapter 11 – One Year After Reincarnation I am one year old now. It’s about time to graduate from breast milk and enter the period of baby food. I feel so relieved thinking that I would no longer have to drink that lukewarm and somewhat sweetish liquid anymore. In addition, I started to be able

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Chapter 10 – Her Intelligence is Lacking, After All From where? [Hah?] (Megumi) From where did you start watching? [Do you mean about what happened earlier?] (Megumi) That’s right. [From when you accidentally spoke in Japanese.] (Megumi) Damn, that’s from the beginning! Well, anyway, where have you been all this time? [W-What are you mad

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Chapter 9 – Let’s Act Like a Baby Once in a While “Say, Dear. There’s something wrong with Gail, after all.” (Aina) “Where did that come from? Gail hasn’t thrown up or passed out since then, right?” (Arnold) “That’s right, but…. Do you remember when was the last time he cried?” (Aina) “Now that you

Chief 008

Chapter 8 – I was right, after all        ~10 Months Old~ Megumi isn’t going to contact me again, after all…. Let’s not expect anything from her anymore and just do my best. Status Open! 【Magic Power】20/21 Just as I thought, it has increased by 2 points again. Now it’s almost certain that magic power

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Chapter 7 – My Magic Power Has Increased? Mmm…. Did I pass out…? I don’t remember what happened after that, but I feel much better now. Even so, I have never had such a horrible experience since I got seasick on a fishing boat a long time ago. No, seasickness is nothing compared to it.

Chief 006

Chapter 6 – Chief, Try Using Magic! There is a very little information about my talent. I guess I’ll just have to try things out myself. Let’s see, where do I start? Fire magic is too dangerous in a closed place without fire prevention equipment. If a fire breaks out, I also won’t be able

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Chapter 5 – Let’s Check My Status [W-Well, let’s put aside what has already been done. Instead of that, Chief, take a look at your parameters!] She switches so fast because of her low intelligence. [Nghh! Just hurry and take a look!] I got it, I got it already…. Well then, how do I see

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Chapter 4 – A World Where Magic Can Be Used Talent for magic? But I’ve never used magic before. [That’s obvious. There’s no magic in that world. Are you stupid?] Ugh, this girl…. [Do you remember when I talked about assigning parameters of the world?] Yeah, I remember you talked about that. [There are various