Chief 005

Chapter 5Let’s Check My Status

[W-Well, let’s put aside what has already been done. Instead of that, Chief, take a look at your parameters!]

She switches so fast because of her low intelligence.

[Nghh! Just hurry and take a look!]

I got it, I got it already….

Well then, how do I see my parameters? Or rather, how should I visualize them? Speaking of which, there were such scenes in an anime my sons often watched. If I remember it correctly….

Status Open!

[What was that? A spell? You don’t need it!]

Noisy! That was to help me strengthening the image. Oh, I can see something like a pop-up window.

【Name】Gail Dinoslayer


Is that all? In the anime, it shows more things like strength, speed, attributes, and so on. Moreover, I only have 12 magic power and only 8 left?

[Yeah, that’s correct!]

Why did my magic power decrease? I haven’t used any magic yet.

[Sigh~ I’ve explained it to you before that viewing one’s parameter is also magic.]

Now that you mention it….

If that’s the case, 4 magic power have been used to open the status.

[You are pretty good at calculating…. The magic power used to see the parameters is only 1. The rest was used to talk to me like this.]

Good at calculating? What is she talking about?

[You’ll be able to see the other parameters if you put more magic power and strengthen the image. Well, even if you look at them now, they are just poor parameters, so it’s a waste of time.]

Don’t call them poor. I’m still a baby so it can’t be helped.

[There’s no magic attributes…. No, magic attributes do exist, but since you basically can use all attributes, there is no need to display it in there.]

I can use all attributes? Oh, so that’s my talent. It’s what they call a cheat, isn’t it?

[Hah? Anyone can use all attributes.]


[Why do I need to restrict the magic attributes that can be used in a world that was created to develop through magic?]

Well, if you put it that way, it’s true….

Even so, I thought that I was special because you said I have a talent for magic.

[But it’s up to you whether you can use those attributes or not.]

What do you mean?

[Like I said, magic is all about the image. If your image of that magic is not strong enough, even if you have the required attributes, that magic won’t be activated. Do You Under Stand?]

She’s starting to get on my nerves….

Then, what do you mean by I have a talent for magic?

[Oh, it looks like the souls have accumulated again. I will contact you again later~! Bye-bye~!]

Hey, wait, I’ve not done talking!

There she went off again….

In the end, what exactly is my talent?



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  1. Don’t know what to think about this. We didn’t get to see what was the main plotline, and we had a lot of low quality exposition. The MC doesn’t really seem particularly smart, and his social skills are average, he does seem to be good at management, but only on paper, not the HR part. So what is the part of his personality as “chief” that makes him stand out from others? I guess we’ll see.

    1. Don’t worry, it is not that kind of novel. Their intelligence parameter may be low, but that doesn’t mean they are all idiots. They are simply less innovative.

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