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Sponsored by: M. H. Anderson Chapter 17 – The Identity of Letters and Misha *pant* *pant* *pant* Oh, Misha is back. “Didn’t you already know that I can talk?” (Gail) *startle* “I-I-I did say that, but I didn’t really think Young Master could really talk like this.” (Misha) “I will explain it, but first close

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Chapter 16 – Found Out           The two returned to Gail’s room. “You will never be allowed to enter Young Master Bent’s room anymore with this!” (Misha) What? That would be a problem. “But it’s all Young Master’s fault! Sarah was really scary!” (Misha) Yeah, she sure was scary.           Gail nodded at Misha’s words.

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Chapter 15 – The Other World’s Letters Damn it. Just when I thought I finally could eat normal food, I’m back to baby food again. This body isn’t ready for normal food yet. Even without modern knowledge, I guess they know from experience that infants need to be fed baby food. This is called the

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Chapter 14 – The Beginning of Baby Food        Gail had finally graduated from breast milk and started eating baby food. For breakfast, he had oatmeal soaked in milk. For lunch, he had oatmeal soaked in milk. For dinner, he had oatmeal soaked in milk. Gail ate the same food three times a day for