Monster Girl 030

Sponsored by: Grappleshot Chapter 30 – Spring, Come!      I had a dream. In that dream, I became a human again and walking on my legs. I spent the winter in the royal castle as a saint with my fiancé the prince — Hero-sama. When I sat down on the couch, he sat down next

Monster Girl 029

Sponsored by: MH Anderson Chapter 29 – I’m Dying I’m Alraune, a plant monster girl. Because winter is here, as it’s the fate of all plants, I too might be defoliated. My body would wither away, fall to the ground, and return to the soil.   Ugh, I don’t like it. That’s too scary….  

Monster Girl 028

Sponsored by: Grappleshot Chapter 28 – The Arrival of Winter I’m Arlaune, a plant monster girl. I haven’t been feeling well these days. I’m sure this is the cause.   That’s right, winter has finally come to this forest!   Because it’s winter, the daytime is shorter, so I have less time to photosynthesize. Because

Monster Girl Extra-03

Sponsored by: Grappleshot Autobiography: The Great Sage’s Continental Memoirs My name is Otfleet, an ordinary old man. Well, the people around call me the great sage without permission, though. I’m already old, but when it comes to magic, I’m not going to lose to anyone yet. This old man, who is respected by wizards all

Monster Girl 027

Sponsored by: MH Anderson Chapter 27 – I Will Become A Bagworm From Today I’m bored…. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve decided to become the lord of the forest. However, nothing special happened during this time. I guess strong enemies just don’t come that often. I’d like to go on a patrol around

Monster Girl 026

Chapter 26 – I Feel Sorry For Those Who Were Offered as Sacrifices, But I Won’t Refuse Because It Makes My Stomach Full        I, for the first time in my lives, received a tribute. From who? Don’t be surprised. It’s from the animals living in this forest.        A few days after defeating the

Maou-sama V3C7

Sponsored by: Melody A.H. Chapter 7 – Employment Now then, I’ve finished my morning preparation. Let’s think about what to do today while having breakfast.        When I went to the dining hall, Ron was already there. He’s still uselessly big as usual. If I look closely, he seems to be quite strong. However, in

Maou-sama V3C6

Chapter 6 – The Pink Aura        When I came back to the inn, the dining room was pretty crowded, probably because it was just the right time for dinner. However, my usual seat was vacant, so I sat down there. Yato came over before long and put a glass of water on the table.

Maou-sama V3C5

Chapter 5 – Weakness For the time being, I have to do something about the place for them to stay tonight. No matter how I look at it, they can’t sleep at the inn, considering their sizes. I’ve heard from Ron that there is a hut for livestock in the north of the village, but

Maou-sama V3C4

Chapter 4 – Common Sense        When I arrived at the village square, I saw two minotaurs, two orcs, and two cockatrices. What’s going on here!? “F-Fell-chan! The village is under attack! Help!!” (Dia)        Dia asked for help from the entrance of the guild. The village is under attack? This is my turn to