Maou-sama V1C30

Chapter 30 – Demonic Eyes “Fell-san, I’ve kept you waiting.” (Nost)        When I was talking with Dia, Nost came with a smiling face. No, I’m not waiting for you. Do we have a promise to meet or some kind? To be honest, I couldn’t care less about it right now. The fact that I

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Chapter 29 – Smile Let’s be positive! I mean, thanks to this, I was able to gain everyone’s trust in a short period of time. In addition, smile is a sign of friendship. This is a perfect response to Maou-sama’s policy. For him, I will bear with any kind of shame. “Fell-chan, I’ve kept you

Maou-sama V1C28

Chapter 28 – Secret        When we finally arrived at the entrance of Sodogora Village, there was Dia already waiting for us. “Fell-chan, welcome back! Did you get hurt?” (Dia)        Dia seemed genuinely worried about me. My impression of her was getting a little better. “No problem. I’ve caught the bandits back, please take

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Chapter 27 – Appraisal        Nost told me that he discovered various things when he was investigating the cave. Though simple, there was a prison inside, and some traces that it had been used. I wonder if they use it to confine the people they have captured before being sold to slave traders. One mistake,

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Chapter 26 – Bandit Subjugation        My slimes told me that there was no one near the entrance, and it was safe to approach. “No one seems to be near the entrance. Tell your subordinates to create a formation that doesn’t leave rooms for escape.” (Fell)        Nost nodded, raised the index and middle fingers

Maou-sama V1C25

Chapter 25 – Departure        I woke up. From the window, I saw the outside was still dim. No one has come to call me yet, but it wouldn’t hurt to get ready. Yup, let’s change my clothes and wait downstairs. – – –        When I went downstairs, Nost and the other soldiers have

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Chapter 24 – Escaped “Uncle! Can I borrow Fell-chan for a bit? Even if you don’t give me permission, I will still take her with me though.” (Dia) Why did you bother asking then!? “Sure.” (Ron) Hey, show a little hesitancy at least! “What happened?” (Fell) “I will explain it at the adventurer guild later.

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Chapter 23 – Beastfolk Now then, it’s time to work as waitress…. Don’t mind the uniform, just focus on my job! Speaking of which, the level of my Cleaning Skill has increased to level one. My cleaning ability has also improved because of this. However, something is still bothering me. I thought I would learn

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Chapter 22 – Situation        In the afternoon, I decided to look for work myself since there were no requests at the adventurer guild. The first place I visited was the village chief’s house. “Pard—ouch!” (Fell)        The moment I entered the village chief’s house, something charged at me and canceled my greeting. Looking downward,

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Chapter 21 – Friendship Maou-sama should be working on something in his room right now. Let’s get out of the room quietly so as not to disturb him.        I quietly left the room and went downstairs. “Good morning, Fell.” (Ron) “Good morning. Please prepare the breakfast with extra milk!” (Fell) “Okay, wait a minute.”