Saikyou no Butouka – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – I was reincarnated into another world What is this place?        When I opened my eyes, I was lying in an unfamiliar place. I forced my hazy head to recall the memory before I went to bed. Let’s see, after finishing my daily training, I did a serious match with over ten

New Translation Project

Sabishii desu!!        I’m someone who can’t keep doing the same thing for a long time, I get bored easily. That’s why I’m translating more than one novel.        Anyway, I’ve decided to pick up this novel (web version) for my next side project. Different from Isekai Sagishi, this is a novel with cliché

Isekai Sagishi C9P1

Yashiro and Ginette returned to Hidamari-tei after receiving the mountain of vegetable from Mormatt. Yashiro who was going to put the vegetables into the food storage, witnessed something unbelievable. “You’re kidding me!?” (Yashiro) The food storage was stuffed with thrown-away vegetables to point there were no gaps left inside =>>   Chapter 9 – Emblem

Isekai Sagishi C8P2

Sabishii desu!!        Just a bit more, but I was distracted and one week passed in the blink of an eye. Though it’s nothing new. Speaking of which, my side project (VRMMO Gakuen Light Novel) hasn’t made any progress in the past two months. I just don’t feel like doing it again, so I’m thinking

Isekai Sagishi C8P1

Sabishii desu!!        This season’s anime(s) are boring. Tate no Yuusha, One Punch Man, Gunjou no Magmel, and Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai — Only these four, I’m not interested with the rest. There’ a lot of good material out there, so why did they make anime adaptation from such boring stories? Well, this is

Isekai Sagishi C7P2

       Inside the pale light, Estella was smiling fearlessly. The light weakened after a while before eventually disappeared. There, Estella was still in her human figure. “Have there been cases of Judgment of Spirits mistrials before?” (Yashiro) “I’m a girl, it’s proof that I’m not telling lies!” (Estella) “Yashiro-san, there’s no room for feelings and

Isekai Sagishi C7P1

Ginette’s special breakfast is lined up in the church’s lounge. It’s a room that’s a little smaller than a classroom, but instead of a school, this reminds me of a kindergarten. I was wondering if there was only a chapel inside the church, but it seems there are many other rooms too. Well, I have

Isekai Sagishi C6P3

Sabishii desu!!        The words keep flowing into my head, I’m full of inspiration right now! I hope I can keep this pace until the end of first arc at least. Anyway, maybe I will put the next chapter into one part, I just couldn’t find a good spot to divide the chapter. That being

Isekai Sagishi C6P2

       Yashiro and Ginette left the Hidamari-tei and walked down the road, towards the south. The vast fields stretched before them. There seems to be some people who’s devoting themselves to field work from early in the morning!? T-That scared me…….. The farmer who’s working in a nearby field is a crocodile guy. Hmm, wait

Isekai Sagishi C6P1

Making donation — for such an incomprehensible reason, Ginette is preparing the ingredients eagerly. Getting up when the morning sky was still dark, the first thing she does is preparing breakfast for those who are waiting for free meal at the church…. I’m lost for words. The early bird gets the worms? She suffers a