Isekai Sagishi C1P2

Sabishii desu!! 90% of this novel is about slice of life story, and our MC is just a normal human with a good head on his neck. So please don’t expect something like battle, demon king, hero, magic, war, and other similar stuffs like those inside mainstream Isekai novels out there. But one thing is

Isekai Sagishi C1P1

Sabishii desu!! My blog couldn’t be accessed for some time due to server maintenance yesterday, but it’s already back to normal. Sorry for the inconvenience. Oh hey, it’s August now! So, what’s special in this month? Indonesia will be celebrating the 73rd Independence Day anniversary on 17th August, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Vol.26 will be

Project Teaser

Sabishii desu!! It’s booooooooooooring as hell!! I want to finish re-editing all Sonomono chapters before start translating new novel, but there’s too much work so I’m still no where near finish. It’s tedious and I sometimes need to check the raw again, so it takes quite my time. Well, let’s see how far can I

Update 6/17/2018

Sabishii desu!! Thanks and sorry for the people who’s still waiting my translation out there. I’ve decided to completely discontinue translating Sonomono series. There were not many people reading it when I just started translating it. I could do it at my own pace and didn’t feel burdened with the other stuffs. All the comments