Monster Girl 012

Chapter 12 – I’m Arlaune, 0-Year-Old, I Decided to Keep a Shota with Honey from Today Three days have passed since I started keeping the boy. Apparently, feeding him my honey is enough to satisfy his hunger. However, unexpectedly, honey is not the only menu on our dining table. Of course, I didn’t feed him

Monster Girl 011

Chapter 11 – First Human This is troubling…. What should I do with this child? From his appearance, I’d say he is about ten years old. He seems to be unconscious because of the Zornbiene’s poison. Still, I’ve never expected a Shota would be brought here. Back to the topic, what should I do with

Monster Girl 010

Chapter 10 – Circle Crusher A.K.A Man-Eater The Zornbienes brought a flower monster. Next to me, the new princess is surrounded by female knights. Her name is Man-Eater. Her face is a flower with vicious-looking teeth, while her body is a tree trunk with many roots growing from its base like a jellyfish. Her body

Monster Girl 009

Sponsored by: C. Louis Chapter 9 – Can Anyone Teach Me How to Beg for Rain?        Suddenly, summer had come. It’s so hot!! What’s with the weather!?        Looking up at the cloudless sky, I stretched out my hands high. I wonder if it will rain. I need water….        Since the day I

Monster Girl 008

Chapter 8 – Arlaune and Forest Girls’ Academy I’m Arlaune, a plant monster girl. Instead of providing them with my honey, I received food ration and protection from the Zornbienes. Is this the beginning of life surrounded by bees? I feel like an idol who received a tribute from the fans. No, it’s a princess

Monster Girl 007

Sponsored by: M. H. Anderson Chapter 7 – Please be Gentle Because This is My First Time Yeah, impossible. This is too much! When I was a high school girl in my previous life, I was an otaku with a history of not having boyfriend = age. I also never had boyfriend when I was

Monster Girl 006

Chapter 6 – Pollination Crisis Emergency! It’s an emergency comparable to the time when I was betrayed by my companions. I, Arlaune, am a female flower and my upper body is a pistil. Over there is a bee monster called Zornbiene with pollen from male flowers on its body. If the pollen on that bee’s

Monster Girl 005

Chapter 5 – I’m a Solanaceous Woman When I was a high school girl in Japan, I could never have imagined that I would become a saint in this fantasy world, and then changed to the plant monster route as an Alraune. Fortunately, the high school girl me — Murasaki Ayame, was quite familiar with

Monster Girl 004

Chapter 4 – Someone, Please Raise Me or Sell Me to a Greenhouse What does it mean to be plant-like?        I couldn’t help but ask myself as I disabled a deer monster with poisonous pollen. Humble? Calm? Graceful? What’s that? Is it tasty? Just leave those kind of things to potted flowers kept by

Monster Girl 003

Chapter 3 – I’m a Former Saint Plant Monster Girl and This is Honey-Loving Perverted Bear Laubbär — that is the name of bear monster in front of me. A ferocious monster feared by humans with the characteristic blade-like horn growing from its forehead. It’s said that Laubbär’s sharp claws can easily cut down large