Saikyou no Butouka V2C21

Chapter 21 – The time limit This is not good….        I was holding my head inside my room where the warm sunlight entered through the window. That day was exactly three months since I had turned back into a three-years-old. In other words, I would return to my normal self anytime that day. “This

Saikyou no Butouka V2C20

Chapter 20 – Obviously lack of parts        Together with Noire-san, I was sent to the haunted house by the transfer magic embedded in the admission ticket. Upon arrival, Noire-san immediately hugged me from the front, blocking my field of vision. “Excuse me, Noire-san. I can’t see anything….” (Ash) “I-I also can’t see anything! I-I

Saikyou no Butouka V2C19

Chapter 19 The dawn of (unknown) wind age        There was only one week left until the cultural festival. On that day, I, who was in charge of publicity, was making flyers inside a quiet classroom with Noire-san. “I wonder how will the haunted house turn out….” (Ash) “I don’t want to think about it.”

Saikyou no Butouka V2C18

Chapter 18 – The secret meeting of demon lords        On that day, a certain world fell into a ruin. [Fuhahaha! Water! Water! This is the Dawn of Water Age!]        A skeleton in blue cloak — Demon Lord Water Emperor, was laughing alone. Floating high in the sky, he looked down the world of

Saikyou no Butouka V2C17

Chapter 17 – Hypnotic magic doesn’t work on me        One week has passed since Keul-san and Sharm-san became guest lecturers at our academy. “Everyone, I’ve made you waiting! I and Sharm will let you experiencing the best class ever today!” (Keul) “Stop putting pressure on me!” (Sharm)        It was finally our class’ turn

Saikyou no Butouka V2C16

Chapter 16 – The hero disciples are ready        Ten days had passed since it was decided that our class would run a haunted house for the incoming cultural festival. When I was working on the preparation inside the class, I was called by Ai-chan, and then we headed to the principal’s office together. Principal

Saikyou no Butouka V2C15

Chapter 15 – I’m fine with skeleton        Three days have passed since I defeated Demon Lord Light Emperor. Inside the classroom, I was sitting on my seat while feeling impatient. “In other words, you want our class to run a haunted house for the incoming cultural festival, correct? Please raise your hand if there’s

Maou-sama V1C15

Chapter 15 – Job Request There’s a request at last. My time has finally came. Fuhahaha! “I want to hear the details.” (Fell) “Okay, but let’s meet the client first!” (Dia) I wonder who is the client. *I hope I can get on a large ship. If I’m on board, even an iceberg won’t be

Saikyou no Butouka V2C14

Chapter 14 – Talk about the future        ….after Light Emperor became fine dust. “I’ve cause troubles for you. I’m fine now.” (Maurice) “Thank you…. My magical power has recovered quite a lot….” (Colon) “You have really taken care of us, Ash-kun.” (Phillip)        Master, Colon-san, and Principal Phillip who had been weakened by Light

Maou-sama V1C14

Chapter 14 – Business “I became an adventurer, but what do you mean by there are no requests in this guild?” (Fell) “Ca-Calm down, Fell-chan! I-I can see some kind of energy gathering in your fist!” (Dia) She is right. I need to calm down. I’ve heard that you should count the prime numbers in