Maou-sama V3C3

Chapter 3 – Information Gathering        I invited Via to have lunch together at the inn’s diner. Dia also tagged along as a bonus. While we were waiting for our orders, I explained about the escort job to Via and asked if she could be my guide. “I don’t mind, but the elves will come

Monster Girl 025

Chapter 25 – The Lord of the Forest’s Throne I am Alraune, a self-proclaimed ordinary flower. Even though I am a plant, I have now assumed the position of the lord of the forest. That’s right, I have finally defeated Daddy Bear! I’ve poisoned that honey addict to death with the honey he loved so

Chief 029

Chapter 29 – Intermission: Chief’s Funeral “M-Ma’am, I am very sorry…. If I hadn’t invited Keita out for drinks, he wouldn’t….”        Hirose, a colleague of the same generation as Keita and a president of a subsidiary, kept apologizing while sobbing. “It’s not Mr. Hirose’s fault. Do people die just by going out for drinks

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Chapter 28 – Mirror of the Heart “Now then, can you tell us a little more?” (Arnold)        After a few moments of parents-child hugging, the conversation resumed. “That’s right, besides being able to talk normally, you can also use magic without incantation, correct?” (Aina) “Yes, though I still don’t know the extent of my

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Chapter 27 – Parents and Child        The morning training went as usual. Then, after breakfast and his two brothers went to school, Aina spoke to Gail. “Gail, I’m done showing you the clinic. You understand, right?” (Aina) “Yes~.” (Gail) “Then stay in your room today.” (Aina) “Yes~.” (Gail) I knew it was going to

Chief 026

Chapter 26 – You Did it, Bear!        Arnold and Aina were having a serious conversation. “Today, I told Gail to try using healing magic on a patient at the clinic.” (Aina) “You did that?” (Arnold) “I was a little concerned about something, so to confirm it, I told him to cast healing magic to

Chief 025

Chapter 25 – Looks Like I’ve Messed Up        The day after Gail’s first sword training, he learned that it was extremely difficult to swing a sword correctly. He even thought that Bent was pretty awesome as he watched him swinging his sword during morning practice. Oh, the sibling rivalry has begun yet again. “Ha!”

Chief 024

Chapter 24 – Words Running Through My Head “Young Master can use healing magic after seeing it once…?” (Misha) “Yeah, it seems so.” (Gail) “God’s apostle….” (Misha) “No, I think it’s all because I have my mother’s blood. I mean, look, people seem to call her a saint.” (Gail) “B-But I think it’s still impressive!”

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Chapter 23 – Oh, I did it! *knock* *knock* “Yes, I’m coming.” (Misha)        Misha went to open the door. “Oh, Dan, what’s the matter?” (Misha) “Excuse me.” (Dan)        Dan entered the room, closed the door, and sat on the floor. “I’ve got a little report to make. As of today, I’ve been assigned

Monster Girl 024

Chapter 24 – Pavlov Bear        Daddy Bear licked my face. To be precise, he licked honey off my face. He seemed unable to stop himself from making an ecstatic expression as he savored the honey overflowing from my lips. It’s great to see you having a good time. But no matter how many times