Monster Girl 018

Sponsored by Melody H.A. Chapter 18 – Fishing a Big Snake with a Bird I, Alraune, a plant monster girl’s watching a trap. Landing on the ground over there is my nemesis, the white bird. I’m going to capture her. Her body is only about the size of a crow, so it won’t fill me

Monster Girl 017

Chapter 17 – Urgent Recruitment, How Plants Growing on the Ground Catch Flying Bird I’m Alraune, a plant monster girl. I made a special honey ball to stop Daddy Bear from licking me. However, it was snatched by a white bird I know. What does this mean!? Was that white bird aiming for my honey

Monster Girl 016

Chapter 16 – I’ve Been Defiled, But Please Take Me as a Bride        One day, I was being licked by a bear in the forest. The bear seemed to really like the honey I produced and started licking me even further. Damn it…. Why? Why do I have to go through something like this!?

Monster Girl 015

Chapter 15 – Have You Ever Imagined What Happens After a Weed is Pulled Out of the Ground A revolving lantern. This is the second time I saw it…. no, it’s different. It’s true that I saw a revolving lantern for the second time, but the memories showed there were not mine, it’s the flower

Monster Girl 014

Chapter 14 – Humiliation Smells Like a Bear’s Tongue        The invasion of Daddy Bear, the lord of the forest. There was no way I could deal with a 10-meters class giant bear by myself. Thus I decided to call for reinforcement immediately. Distress signal: HELP MEEE!        I raised my vine high into the

Monster Girl 013

Sponsored by: Melody H.A. Chapter 13 – The Lord of the Forest’s Invasion It’s been a week since the boy left me. He was a decent conversation partner that I was able to make for the first time since I became an Alraune. He was also a boy with a strong Perolist spirit who kept

Plant Monster Girl Extra-02

Sponsored by: Melody H.A. Extra: Does the Honey-Crazed Boy Dream of Alraune? (Part 2) My name is Armin. I was attacked by a bee-shaped monster called Zornbiene in the forest and then lost my consciousness. But when I opened my eyes, I somehow found myself being a captive of a plant monster called Alraune. I’m

Plant Monster Girl Extra-01

Extra: Does the Honey-Crazed Boy Dream of Alraune? (Part 1) My name is Armin. I’m 10-years-old, a magician apprentice, and a grandson of the great sage. Traveling with my grandfather is all about training and there’s nothing but hardships. My grandfather, who is well known as the great sage, trains me personally, so I guess

Monster Girl 012

Chapter 12 – I’m Alraune, 0-Year-Old, I Decided to Keep a Shota with Honey from Today Three days have passed since I started keeping the boy. Apparently, feeding him my honey is enough to satisfy his hunger. However, unexpectedly, honey is not the only menu on our dining table. Of course, I didn’t feed him

Monster Girl 011

Chapter 11 – First Human This is troubling…. What should I do with this child? From his appearance, I’d say he is about ten years old. He seems to be unconscious because of the Zornbiene’s poison. Still, I’ve never expected a Shota would be brought here. Back to the topic, what should I do with