Chapter 6

1.6 The Matter of You Can’t Easily Determine Your Future

I sat down inside the bathroom with the frosted glass door behind me. What am I doing, you ask?

“Toru-sama are you there?” (Lia)

“I’m here~” (Toru)

After the rampaging shower incident, she said that she was scared if I were not around. So, here I am….

There are basically no dangerous things in modern Japanese living articles, but science and technology can be a dangerous thing for people of medieval level perhaps.

I decided to stay nearby until she satisfied with the bath. She should take a bath slowly to warm up her cold body with water.

“How is the temperature of water?” (Toru)

“It’s great. The soap for hair also generated a lot of bubbles. Artifacts made by Toru-sama are the best after I know how to use it.” (Lia)

“I see, good for you!” (Toru)

While Lia is inside the bath, we are having a conversation like this through the frosted glass. It’s unlikely that I can go to get her shield at this rate. I asked her about something that suddenly came to my mind.

“What kind of monster did you receive paralysis poison from?” (Toru)

“It’s a goblin. I collapsed after getting hit by a blowgun.” (Lia)

“I see, a goblin huh.” (Toru)

I thought goblins weren’t strong opponent, but it was different from my game knowledge perhaps.

“The goblin in this dungeon is special.” (Lia)

“Special?” (Toru)

“It may not be a big deal for someone with Great Sage-sama’s caliber, but this abandoned capital of the underground empire, to be precise this Yomi dungeon is a dangerous place for any adventurer, or so I heard.” (Lia)

I see. The dungeon that connects to my apartment is called Yomi dungeon. The other information, this dungeon in the abandoned underground empire is a very dangerous place.

“Even I’ve never thought an ordinary goblin would attack me with a blowgun and paralysis poison. The monster in this dungeon is special, they are quick, smart, and….” (Lia)

“Are they different with the other dungeon?” (Toru)

“I’ve never entered any other dungeons. But it’s completely different from the outside monsters at least.” (Lia)

I see. This dungeon is dangerous on a completely different level. That real estate agent…. it’s really a defective apartment, after all.

“Even though I have a quite high agility status value for a knight, I couldn’t catch up at all with the speed of a slime that running away inside this dungeon. The experience value is good as a rumored, but….” (Lia)

“Wh-What did you say!!!???” (Toru)

“Huh? Did I just say something strange?” (Lia)

There was something that caught my interest from the conversation.

Slime that ran quickly to the extent she couldn’t catch up at all? Or about a monster that give a lot experience point like a certain game? Those are one thing, but I’m more curious with a different matter.

“You see, because I’m a great sage, I usually used special method to see my status…. but how a normal person like you check their status?” (Toru)

If there is numerical status for each person, we can understand our aptitude or talent that we probably possess’. This is an intriguing matter for a Japanese person like me. We can avoid useless effort with this, but of course there is a possibility it also can make you frustrated.

“Eh? Eeeh? Is there any other way to check your status?” (Lia)

“There is! There is! So please tell me how you do that?” (Toru)

“Ye-Yes. Just think about it inside your heart and you will see the numbers, right? I mean, it’s a providence made by God who created this world….” (Lia)

Bingooooo!! What a wonderful providence!!

“Eh? I can’t see my status! Why!?” (Lia)

When I overjoyed, Lia cried out because her status didn’t come out. Maybe I know the reason, but let’s tell her something a little convenient for me.

“There is magic that prevents people from checking their status in this place. You can see it again outside this place.” (Toru)

In a fact, I think Japan’s rule is working inside this apartment. But outside this place, probably….

“That’s good, then.” (Lia)

The sound of the shower ceased. I think she is going to enter the bathtub now.

“Ah, that’s right. There was closed iron door behind the place where I found you, did you see any monster passed through there?” (Toru)

I think there is no monster inside this dungeon’s big room because the door was closed.

“Pl-Please excuse me. I escaped after I got hit by the paralysis poison but I closed the door before I collapsed, I’m sure no monster was chasing me at that time. There should be a switch on the wall over there” (Lia)

So there is no monster.

“I left your shield in the dungeon. I will go to get it now” (Toru)

“Hmm? Please don’t mind it! I’m very grateful you have saved my life.” (Lia)

“It’s fine! there is no monster, right?” (Toru)

“Eh, yeah…. probably!” (Lia)

“Well then, please take your time inside the bath.” (Toru)

I wore the helmet with headlight that I put on the dining table. I also took the pickaxe from my belt and held it in my hand. I put paper and a pen inside my pocket. Even if I know my status, dungeon is still dangerous place to step in, so I will take some notes.

I carefully made sure there was no noise from the other side of door and opened it slowly. I peeked out the door to confirm no monster around couple times

“Yossha!! It seems all good!” (Toru)

There is just a little tension remaining to step into the dungeon this time. I feel more nervous thinking the possibility I will be able to see my status. Is this possible? Or is this impossible? If I can see my status…. I will know whether there is a bright future or a dark future ahead of me instead.

“Fwuuuuh!” (Toru)

Before confirming my status, I couldn’t help but taking a deep breath first.

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