Chapter 7

1.7 The Matter of Dungeon Exploration is Still Out of My Reach as Expected

Here it comes….

“Status open!!” (Toru)

I shout while thinking about it inside my heart. By the way, I just need to think about it and a shout is unnecessary. However, it’s just a matter of feeling.


  • 【Name : Toru Suzuki 】
  • 【Race : Human 】
  • 【Age : 21 】
  • 【Occupation : Unemployed 】
  • 【Level : 1 / ∞ 】
  • 【Physical Power : 19/19 】
  • 【Magical Power : 27/27 】
  • 【Attack Power : 114 】
  • 【Defense Power : 45 】
  • 【Strenght : 10 】
  • 【Intelligence : 18 】
  • 【Agility : 12 】
  • 【Skills : No-Limits Growth 】



“It came out…. it’s really a status….” (Toru)

I look at my status nervously. Though it doesn’t look so strong, but it really came out just as I imagined it!

No, everyone must be weak at first, but what’s important is potential growth rather than the current status. I hit a jackpot in that sense.

Although my level proudly showed a number 【1】 but its denominator is infinity. I think 【No-Limits Growth】 skill is involved in this matter.

I took notes about my status value while thinking about each point in more details. First of all, 【Name】 and 【Age】 there is nothing I need to worry because it’s written correctly.

【Occupation】, what is the meaning of I’m being Unemployed? I actually made a living by working part-time. The occupation here might be related to status and skills acquisition orientation.

【Level】 I think this one is really worth to have my attention. I understand well about my level being 1, but the denominator is infinite. It must be 【No-Limits Growth】 skill on effects. Perhaps this skill will make my dream come true.

【Physical Power】 I’m quite afraid with its numerical value. Perhaps it has the same meaning as HP. Both are 19/19 right now. But if it dropped to 0…. I would die, I guess. Easy to understand. Therefore, it’s fearful.

【Magical Power】 I think this is so-called MP, I can put my expectation on it. Though it shows that the number exists, rather than telling me I have the capability to use magic….

“I will be able to use magic in some way or another.” (Toru)

Perhaps it can’t be done in Japan. Just like Lia couldn’t check her status inside my apartment.

“In the world on the dungeons side, there is a possibility that magic can be used even for me….” (Toru)

Yeaaaah!! I will do my best!!

Next let’s examine 【Attack Power】. It was overwhelmingly higher than other numbers at the present time. But I have one hypothesis about it.

“Let’s try a little experiment!” (Toru)

I put back the pickaxe on my hand into the belt on my waist after confirming there are no monster in the vicinity with the headlight.

【Attack Power】10

I hold the pickaxe again

【Attack Power】114

I put the pickaxe back.

【Attack Power】10

I hold the pickaxe again

【Attack Power】114

Yeah! I guessed it right!! 10 points if I let go of the pickaxe and 114 if I hold it. In other words, the attack power is added as much as 104 when I equipped it.

For the remaining 10 attack power, I’m sure it’s the original numerical value of my 【Attack Power】.

I also tried to remove the helmet. The numerical value of 【Defense Power】 has changed from 45 to 24. But when I put it back, it returned to 45.

“I see, it’s such an interesting mechanism. I want to try kitchen knife or metal bat later. Though I don’t have a metal bat in my home now.” (Toru)

【Strenght】, 【Intelligence】, 【Agility】 and 【Skills】, this area is related to what I have done so far, I guess.

My strength value is only 10, honestly it’s kinda bothering me. What will happen if I do some muscle training? I wonder if this number can increase or decrease in the first place.

Actually, I had bought a grip strength meter from Amazon when I was thinking to train my muscle. The result was roughly 40 kilos on my dominant hand and 37 kilos on my left hand. There were plus-minus around 1 kilo.

It will be interesting to see how the grip strength value changes when my 【Strength】 status changed as well. I finished taking notes and was satisfied with the status display.

“That’s all about my status. Now, let’s go to get Lia’s shield.” (Toru)

There are many things I still don’t understand. I have something I want to try out but it’s not the right time for it because I promised Lia to bring back her shield.

I’m concerned about the status but I want to make a good impression to her as expected.

“Cautiously and carefully….” (Toru)

Despite it’s already the third time I stepped into the dungeon, I’m still amazed about how big this open room is. I guess I’m still around 20m away from the shield’s location. If I just walk straight ahead cautiously, I will be able to go back and forth in less than 3 minutes.

The tension had diminished and changed into euphoria and curiosity. Even though I’m actually feeling nervous inside, but I am not going to lose myself. There it is, the shield.

“However, perhaps…. I will find a light blue *boing-boing* object hiding under the shield that I’m about to pick….” (Toru)

The shield is big and in slightly distorted position. It won’t be strange if there is a space where slime can enter and hiding below. I lift the shield while lighting it with a headlight.


A *boing-boing* light blue object like Lia’s boobs I saw earlier come out from the bottom of shield as expected.

“Uwaaaaaaaaah!!” (Toru)

While screaming, I swung down my pickaxe towards the light blue object with the fastest movements in my life.

The light blue boobs—, I mean, the slime body is scattered.

After that, my body gets somewhat hot. I can feel a power entering my whole body. I take the shield quickly and carefully escape to my apartment with full speed. I couldn’t take notes but I check my status while running.


  • 【Name : Toru Suzuki 】
  • 【Race : Human 】
  • 【Age : 21 】
  • 【Occupation : Unemployed 】
  • 【Level : 2 / ∞ 】
  • 【Physical Power : 20/20 】
  • 【Magical Power : 30/30 】
  • 【Attack Power : 115 】
  • 【Defense Power : 45 】
  • 【Strenght : 11 】
  • 【Intelligence : 20 】
  • 【Agility : 13 】
  • 【Skills : No-Limits Growth 】


“Ha~ha~ha…. my level went up as expected…. but I thought I was going to die. Yeah, I’ve defeated a slime!” (Toru)

I shut the front door behind me and murmured so while turning the key.

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