Chapter 8

1.8 The Matter of Forbidden Book is Too Dangerous

“Fuuh~ I’m drenched in sweat. I want to take a bath if Lia has come out.” (Toru)

I put the shield near the entrance, threw away my helmet, and sat down while regaining my breath.

“But…. I did it…. my level has gone up.” (Toru)

I’m the only one from Japan who defeated a monster and leveled up. No, maybe I’m the only one on the earth.

When my level went up, my 【Strength】 stat also rose. I certainly wrote 10 on the note before but now it’s 11. Let’s find out the effect with the grip strength meter after confirming Lia’s condition. I haven’t seen it so it should be still inside some cardboard.

I wonder how much the change of 【Strength】 stat that increase by 1 point.

Perhaps she still changing clothes inside the dressing room. I called out to Lia from the living dining room.

“Lia, I’m home~! Are you still inside the bath?” (Toru)

“Ah, welcome back~! Yeah, just a little more please…. is that fine?” (Lia)

The echoing voice unique to the bath is heard. Terrible thing happened before, but Lia seems to like the bath so much. That’s more convenient for me because I don’t want her to see me use the grip strength meter.

“No problem~! Please take your time in the bath!” (Toru)

“Is that so? Understood!” (Lia)

Good, let’s find the cardboard!

I opened the corrugated cardboard boxes that hasn’t been opened.

“Which is it? It wasn’t here, not this either, this is it! Oh, I found it. Ok, let’s try it out! Hmm…. how is it?” (Toru)

44 kilos! Are you serious!?

No matter how hard I tried, it has been only 40 kilos before. In other words, the rise of 1 point in 【Strength】 status, lead to an improvement of 4 kilos of grip strength in my dominant arm.

“Are you serious!? If my level rose up to 10, probably 【Strength】 status will also be 20. So, will my grip strength also rise to 80 kilos?” (Toru)

I heard you could squash an apple barehanded easily with an 80 kilo grip strength. This is one of man’s romance.

“Yeah, I’ll be able to squash an apple by raising my level without need to do muscle training.” (Toru)

Besides, I don’t even have the limit of level that would be there for other people, I assumed.

“kukukuku~” (Toru)

“Toru-sama? What’s happen? You looks so happy.” (Lia)

“Hmm!?” (Toru)

Opss. Lia seems to have come out of the bath. I hid the grip strength meter behind while laughing to divert her attention…. hmm?

“The clothes which Great Wiseman-sama lent to me are wonderful. It’s very comfortable. But I guess it’s weird when someone like me use it, right?” (Lia)


She wore that lame tracksuits from my high school’s time, but I wonder how it can look very elegant on her. I was planning to hunt slimes again later, but I lost my interest when I look at her.

Her golden hair has been rolled up in a braid and with some hair that falls to the side shines brilliantly. No, her whole body shining brilliantly.

“Is it wierd….?” (Lia)

Because I didn’t utter any words, Lia showed a despondent look.

“No, not at all! It just your hair….” (Toru)

I wanted to say that you are beautiful, but I couldn’t say such a thing as expected.

“My hair?” (Lia)

“Yeah. Your hair style looks good.” (Toru)

I decided to praise her hair style instead. I’m not good with this kind of situation.

“I-Is that true? I’m happy…. it was undone when I collapsed. Normally, I tied my hair this way so that wouldn’t get in the way when I fighting.” (Lia)

“I see. But would it take time to make it?” (Toru)

“Because I heard a rustle sound, I thought that I should not get in the way because Toru-sama was doing something with an artifacts, so I did this in the back.” (Lia)

Did you see it? But it seems she didn’t understand the meaning. That’s right, medieval people didn’t know about a grip strength meter, moreover it’s a cheap electric meter type instead of an analog type.

“Soap for hair that Toru-sama developed is really nice. My hair become smooth~” (Lia)

She rolled up untied part of her hair that hung on the side with a finger tips. Good! That’s excellent!!

“The fragrance is also very nice~” (Lia)

She brought the hair that wrapped around a fingertip to her face a little and made some kind of a gesture. I bought that shampoo at the 100 yen shop, but I want to be together with you! (TL : with shampoo?)

“By the way, will Toru-sama take a bath too?” (Lia)

“Oh, that’s right.” (Toru)

She thought that I would like to take a bath too, she came our early because of that.

Well, that’s not wrong…. and I will enter the bathtub with her, kukukuku! Not good, an evil thought come out because she said an unexpected thing.

“May I see the magic book while waiting in the room I slept before? I like the feeling of the floor very much.” (Lia)

Oh yeah, Tatami mats? That’s a nice thing indeed. But what is this magic book all about? I use the Japanese-style room to store my Otaku goods, there are only manga, Thin Book, and other objectionable stuff.

(TL : 薄い本 = Usui Hon = Thin Book. It seems to be R18+ Doujinshi)

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa!” (Toru)

“What’s the matter?” (Lia)

“Do you understand Living/Dinning room? Wait there please!” (Toru)

I ran to the Japanese-style room, gathered manga, Thin Book, and other stuffs, and then threw it away into the closet. I went back to where Lia was.

“Lia! This is a serious matter! Please listen carefully.” (Toru)

“Se-Serious matter? Ye-Yess!” (Lia)

Her face tensed up but that’s fine.

“Among those things, there are very dangerous books to read by an amateurs! So to speak, that’s right it’s forbidden book!” (Toru)

I didn’t say a lie, Doujinshi is like a pirated version of originals, there is also a lot with dangerous contents inside for an unfamiliar person.

“Fo-Forbidden magic book …. Wh-What I’ve done…” (Lia)

“It’s all right because you didn’t know it. But absolutely don’t touch it if I’m not around.” (Toru)

“Ye-Yess!” (Lia)

“Also please dont touch other things too much.” (Toru)

“U-Understood!” (Lia)

Thanks god. It’s for the sake of each others interest.

“Oh, just one question please!” (Lia)

“What’s that?” (Toru)

I hope she won’t ask —“Why there is a picture of naked woman covered with strange liquid drawn on the cover?”— or the likes. But they are standing against a bookshelf so only the scroop is seen. I think is safe.

“We have used a lot water for bathing but shouldn’t water really valuable inside a dungeon?” (Lia)

“That’s fine, because I draw it straight from an underground vein using artifact.” (Toru)

That’s a lie. It’s from a dam, or something Tonegawa water system, I don’t understand the details but local governments do use groundwater, probably?

“I see, no wonder it was so clean.” (Lia)

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Toru)

“Pl-Please forgive my rudeness…. if it’s drinkable water, can I have one cup of water from the artifact that comes out like a rain?” (Lia)

“Huh?” (Toru)

I see. Drinking water is a very valuable item inside the dungeon indeed. She doesn’t have water from what I can see, she must be very thirsty. I’d like to hear about her level and status, I also want to gather information about the daily life inside the dungeon. In that case….

“I-I can’t…..?” (Lia)

“No, that’s fine. That’s a trivial matter. That’s right….” (Toru)

I made Lia sit down on the Tatami mats and ran towards the refrigerator.

“There are tea, cola, and milk. I will bring water as well.” (Toru)

I bought it all from the discount store, Don Quijote. Lia was looking at me with a blank look. There was no tray so I went back and forth about twice to bring four kinds of beverages.

“What is this?” (Lia)

“Of course this is something to drink. You do know milk and water, don’t you?” (Toru)

“Yes, I know.” (Lia)

“This is black tea, do you understand?” (Toru)

“Yes, I know. This is a very luxury item.” (Lia)

“That’s right. how about this? It’s cola” (Toru)

“I don’t know…. is this drinkable? Because the other things are drinkable so it must be the same.” (Lia)

As usual, a black bubble come out from it.

“Well, just prove it yourself!” (Toru)

“Is this all right? This is such a valuable item.” (Lia)

“It’s fine because I’m The Great Wiseman! Well then, since I’m going to take a bath, tell me your impression about the cola later.” (Toru)

I brought a long T-shirt and slacks for changing and went to the bathroom. I thought of immersing myself inside the bathtub with Lia but my grandmother looked sad so I stopped.

“Since this is a chance, let’s make her pleased. I’m so hungry because I haven’t eaten dinner yet. Let’s have a meal together after this.” (Toru)

Even so, it’s good that the forbidden books could be protected.

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