Chapter 2 – The Delicious Smell that Floats on the Night Air (part2)

“……………. dammit, a cliff!!” (Yashiro)

       Yashiro went back to the 30th District, and from there, he aimed for the 42nd District next to it. However, he found that there was a cliff separating the two districts.

I can see the shabby streets beneath me. The cliff is about 20 meters in height, almost as tall as a building.

Oh, so that’s how it is. I was curious if this would be alright for the 30th District to be located side by side with the bottommost district, but in fact, the two districts weren’t actually connected. Like this, the inhabitant of the 30th District could have a peace of mind.

This is impossible, indeed. Only someone stupid enough would try to climb up a cliff of this height. However, it seems to be possible to go down from here.

On that note, I’m desperately climbing down the cliff right now.

While I was walking back and forth in several wards, the sky has completely turned dim.

I haven’t decided on a place to spend the night.

I haven’t eaten anything.

Nah, I don’t even have money in the first place.

In any case, I must reach the 42nd District as soon as possible.

It’s not a good time to wander around the city right now.

The rumor has been widely spread, and it would turn bad if they put a mark on my face.

“But still, presenting such a high hurdle after suddenly throwing me to another world…. I mean, shouldn’t I awaken a super power or something after coming here? What’s a strength and stamina of high school student’s level could be of use here!?” (Yashiro)

I have no cheat skills or legendary weapon. My body that’s no longer of that 36 years old is the only saving grace.

“I will absolutely have a muscle pain tomorrow at this rate…. Oh right, I have a body of teenager now…. but that’s not the point…!” (Yashiro)

The fear from climbing down the cliff as tall as a building without safety devices, fatigue, and severe hunger…. my body is already at the limit.

       Just because Yashiro’s mind wandered for a brief moment, he lost his footing and fell from the cliff as a result.

“……………. shit, I’m going to die!!” (Yashiro)

I’ve been through near-death experience few times since I was thrown to this world.

Do you really hate me that much, God?

       The duration of flight was short because Yashiro was halfway down the cliff. His body miserably hits the ground….


……………. splash?

       The sound of splashing water reached Yashiro’s ears. The spot he landed was a marsh with soft soil and stagnant water.

Am I…. saved…….?

       Yashiro slowly raised his body. He cleared the aquatic plants clogged on his ears and looked around.

Yup, I’m alive~!

I can smell the typical smell of swamp, so my senses seem to be functioning normally.

However, my clothes are dirty with mud…. I don’t have change of clothes, so I have to wash it somewhere….

The swamp I fell is about knee-deep with mud filled the bottom.

Thanks to this, I’m still alive now….

It stinks, though.

Well, it’s better than dying….

It stinks, though.

       Yashiro saw something moving inside the swamp when he tried to leave that place

What!? There’s something….

       Yashiro held his breath while closely observing the swamp, and then…. a frog head popped out from there.

“Oh, it’s just a frog………………… wait, isn’t that frog too big!?” (Yashiro)

That frog, it has a length of about 80 cm and dressed for some reason.

Oh, that’s it! This is a frog athropomorph, right? That means, he’s living here….

I guess I need to greet him first….

He must be thinking I’m a suspicious person right now. I mean, I suddenly barged in to his place.

No, wait! Objectively speaking, this frog is more suspicious.

However, I should respect the predecessor of this place, so let’s give him a refreshing greeting with smile.

“H-Hello, there…!” (Yashiro)

       Though somewhat stiff, Yashiro managed to greet him while smiling. The frog answered him with a ribbit sound.

He can’t talk!?

What’s with this city!? Does it mean the parrot could talk while the frog couldn’t? I don’t understand the difference.

Well, it’s not I’m interested in the ecology of frogs.

       Yashiro ignored the frog and walked away from his spot. Meanwhile, the frog kept staring intently at him.

“What is this unpleasant feeling!?” (Yashiro)

       Yashiro went out from the swamp and looked around……… then, his body stiffened. There were a lot of frogs. Countless frogs were staring at him from the swamp.

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” (Yashiro)

This will make me traumatized…!

      Hundreds of frogs with 80 cm tall bodies, were standing on two legs and staring at him.

This is seriously one hell of horror scene!

       Yashiro kept running for his life, leaving the swamp and frogs behind. He felt that the frog would catch him if he stopped.

If I got caught…. I’m sure they will sink me to the bottom of swamp…. That’s not funny!

       On the way, Yashiro found a wide river.

The current looks calm, but it’s already dark so I can’t estimate its depth.

I don’t have time to hesitate, the frogs seem to be chasing me after all.

“Forget it! Let’s jump in! I can wash my clothes at the same time, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone!” (Yashiro)

       Because the fear of darkness and frogs, Yashiro jumped into the fairly deep river without hesitation and swam with all his might….

       He crawled out the river and started to run again without taking rest. Then, while he was running, he suddenly remembered that he was hungry and slowly lost the strength to run. Yashiro then collapsed on the dirt road.

I can’t…. continue… I’ve…. passed…. my limit….

       Yashiro looked up at the sky and found the crescent moon illuminating the night sky. He felt that even moon has abandoned him.

…….. shit, this is the worst. What the hell with this another world!?

There’s no beautiful woman or cheat skill, and I was treated like a criminal when I tried to sell the pepper I obtained from tricking the person who saved me…. Oh right, the last one is just natural!

I’m a man who lives by deceiving the others using lies after all.

If I can’t lie, then how could I live!?

       A faint delicious smell reached Yashiro’s nostril when he was cursing his fate.

This is…….. It’s a kind of nostalgic scent….

When I was child, I often played outside until it got dark, and when I returned home, I could smell the delicious scent of dinner that drifted from the kitchen’s window until the front door.

It is a gentle and warm smell that reminds me of home.

       Yashiro gathered the last power from his weakened body and moved his legs towards the direction of the scent.

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