Chapter 1 – “Another Earth Story”

The innovative technologies to scan the external input data directly into retina and to project the image to the eyeballs, were developed by a development team in year 202X. These technologies were mainly used for military and medical purpose, not for a general public.

The technology which can bring the human’s four sense (hearing, smell, taste, touch) except for sight, into the cyberspace, was also developed after that. The world had achieved the biggest step in its growth.

After the course of ten years, the world finally greets the unprecedented boom…..

Reiji Nishina had finished his first year as a high school student. Today is the fourth day of spring break.

All homework for spring break have been finished in the first three days of spring break, in order to enjoy the long holidays of this year to the fullest.

Because it will arrive today. It’s being released simultaneously worldwide. The innovative work that has been sold out in the market now. Reiji want to play this game as long as possible during this holiday.

[It should arrive soon…..] (Reiji)

Shortly after I said so, the item I have been waiting with full expectation, was carried into the room. A gray colored chair-type dive machine, I obtained through a limited-time sale. I used up almost all the money I have been saving for this day.

Despite being slightly moved by its magnificent appearance, I inserted the disc into a computer behind the backrest right away.

I sat down and lowered the headgear that connected to the upper part of the backrest before set it on my head.

After adjusting its size with the adjustment screw, I fumbled to look for the power button because of poor visibility due to the headgear.

I press the power button on the backrest part and a machine-specific sound begins to beep before long.

I close my eyes and entrusted my body to the machine……………

I opened my eyes. No, my eyes should be still closed in actual. But my eyes are clearly capturing the three-dimensional characters in front of me.

Speaking of which, there are nothing interesting in particular even if I look around. I’m inside the snow-white world with nothing.

『Thanks for coming!!』

After those written letter emerged, next some visual graphics start to appear. Perhaps I’m in the middle of process starting-up system.

Since the language selection comes out, I chose Japanese language without a second thought. After a while the characters switched.

『Acquiring the brain wave data. Please perform user registration in the meantime!! 』

I enter my personal information appropriately.

10 August 202X…..

This character appeared in the filled area.

『All the main unit settings are completed. Load the disc….. 』

Because full-dive game spend significant amount of time and money for its development, not many game of this kind available in the market.

Even the disk that’s being read right now, is the only full-dive type game available that’s being sold together with the dive machine.


『Welcome to . Display character is created based on information from your brain』

It seems the machine reads my body information and use it as my basic character in the game.

There is no fun with black hair, black eyes, and a body height of average high school student. I feel like to change it to be more fantasy style. Well, I will be able to change it later.

『Please register your nickname. ※ will be registered only for katakana. Later, a change will only be allowed once a mounth 』

Hmm….. Reiji….. Reji….. Renji….. Renji is good. It doesn’t reveal my important information either.

『Next, please select the initial job. You will be able to change the job when exceed a certain level』

Oh!! It feels like a game at last. Let’s pick up a job and start playing the game quickly.

That being said, I’m hesitant because there are jobs with a lot drawback in the early stage, or so I heard.

It’s not good. I can’t decide.

In the end, I choose a random choice.

Well, I will change the job eventually as it’s just an initial job.

I never know that at this point, I just made a mistake that will turn my gaming life into a headache

Proofreader: Niel Dade




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