Chapter 2 – Various Circumstances In The Different World

The moment of random selection was chosen, the scenery was also gradually colored. As a high school student, I feel a little excited about the future adventure.

And then, I get transported to the town of beginning where new adventurers gathered….. or not.

I’m inside a dim room right now for some reason. It’s like an old castle somewhere.

There are only six candles that illuminate the room. The room where nobody lives because there is a lonely atmosphere about it.

[What is this place…..?] (Renji)

I raised my upper body. It seems I was lying down on a gorgeous king-sized bed until a while ago.


The large front door opened vigorously.

I turn my eyes towards the door in hurry. There is a silver haired big man with more than 2m in height rush in. There are also ladies in maid uniform following behind.

A big man with black suits who seems to be a butler uniform, approaching me in a small run with the maids in tow.

[You have awakened, Satan-sama!!]

[HAAA…..????] (Renji)

When I open my status, my job is really indicated as [Demon King]. Perhaps he’s referring me with that name.

What the hell with this [Demon King] !?

[Demon King] should be the enemy that players should subjugate. How can it turn out to be a job? I don’t get it at all.

[It’s reasonable if you don’t remember it. First, thanks for the hard work. Is there any problem with your body]

[N-No, I’m fine] (Renji)

Oops!! The maids showing an expression of delight with tears flowing on their face.

What’s really going on in this place?

[Your memory might be vague due to side effect of healing art. Please let me talk from the events that happened 100 years ago]

[100 years?] (Renji)

[Yes. Satan-sama won a brilliant victory in the death battle against a certain hero, but your body received severe injuries. It was hard to your body and endangered your life. Because of that, Satan-sama put
your body to rest for 100 year, before awakened today]

[Why it was 100 years?] (Renji)

[Because the 6th World War will begin from now. In the first place, human and our demonic army are in a hostile relationship since the beginning]

Here is a summary of the story from a big man called Lucifer.

Human and demon are destined to fight since the creation time. The battle seems to continue until now. The human side wishes to divide the world into multiple country to maintain the balance. The demon side wishes to conquer the world and put it together under one ruler.

The battle lasted for 990 years. However, because monsters and demons were originally born with stronger force than human, it was just the matter of time before the demon’s side suppressed the resistance of human.

However, among the human being, there are some who have extremely rare abilities. Those who received blessing. Those who commonly called Hero.

Although the predecessor heroes couldn’t take down the demon king, their appearance brought a great damage to the demonic army. Regrettably, this gave birth a result of Demon King had to stop his word domination, one step before the completion.

The battle between Hero vs Demonic Armies, when the conflict escalated to a bigger stage, it was called “The 〇 World War “.

The problem will start from here. Normally, the rate of adventurer who ascends as hero is extremely low, only one in ten years, or 3 people in ten years at most.

The 6th World War is predicted to come in the near future. However, the number of adventurers who ascend as hero has exceeded 10,000 this time. The demon army is facing the greatest crisis in history.

[The hero still continues to increase at present. The cause of adventurer mass arousal is unknown. But, perhaps….. “The Archbishop” who hid himself since 100 years ago, has something to do with this] (Lucifer)

Lucifer looks so frustrated, he clenches both his hands strongly and trembles a little.

Renji knows the reason for adventurer mass awakening. The heroes are surely players (AES Players in short), who selected normal initial job, unlike himself who started with [Demon King] job, like some kind of bad joke.

[Fortunately, the heroes aren’t skilled yet and we have Satan-sama in our side. Though they are not a threat for us right now, their number is still large. The number of our <3rd-rank Subordinate> has drastically decreased since a few days ago] (Lucifer)

<3rd-rank Subordinate > seems to be weak monsters with low intelligence, such as slime and goblin, that are around.

<2nd-rank Subordinate > seems to be a rare monsters with intelligence.

<1st-rank Subordinate > seems to be executive level demon that plays a role as middle boss. Except for Lucifer, they seems have perished.

And stands above them are me Satan-sama, The Demon King. Or so, it seems.


[Oh, I understand the gist of it. Good work!] (Renji)

[I’m honored to receive your words. I will dedicate this body of mine to Satan-sama, I will exercise my lifetime for you] (Lucifer)

Saying that, Lucifer and the maids swore their allegiance while kneeling.

I will say it again,


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