Chapter 3 – Tutorial

[Satan-sama’s present state is considerable weakened due to healing art. I beg your pardon, I know that Satan-sama just awakened but, let’s do a warming-up to raise your current level right away] (Lucifer)

Lucifer opens the door and prompts me to get out the room, at the other side of door is a large corridor of an old mansion.

I see, the battle tutorial begins here.

[Understood. Now, what should I do?] (Renji)

[While mine is inferior compared to Satan-sama’s, I can summon few monster as well. I’d appreciate it if Satan-sama defeat that monsters to regain even a little sense of the old days] (Lucifer)

I decide to challenge the tutorial after checking the status screen that I have never seen before.


Renji Lv.1 (male)

  • Job : 【Demon King】
  • HP : 50/50
  • MP : 1500/1500 (3x)
  • STR : 10
  • VIT : 10
  • AGI : 3 (1/3)
  • DEX : 10
  • INT : 10


  • Head : 【None】
  • Face : 【None】
  • Body : 【Dirty Black T-shirt】
  • Feet : 【Dirty black trousers】
  • Left Hand : 【None】
  • Right Hand : 【None】
  • Shoes : 【None】
  • Accessories : 【Hell Pendant】

Passive skill:

  • 【Charisma】 Lv.1

Active skill:

  • 【Summon Subordinate】 Lv.1


I don’t know the standard of this game, but my high MP pool seems to be a characteristic of 【Demon King】 job. I don’t know if it will rise even further.

Speaking of which, it seems that STR → strength, VIT → defense power, AGI → movement speed, DEX → dexterity and hit rate, INT → magic power.

In addition, 【Dirty black T-shirt】 and 【Dirty black trousers】 have no effect meanwhile 【Hell Pendant】 seems decrease AGL to one-third in exchange increase MP three times. The high MP pool seems to be advantageous for Demon King, so is quite good.

Passive skills are skill that are always invoked whilst active skill is a skill that consumes MP and have optional time.

【Charisma】 Lv.1 = The summoned monster will following your command.

【Summon Subordinate】 Lv.1 = The ability to summon <3rd-rank Subordinate>. It seems to be useful for various purposes.

[Satan-sama, I will return the demon sword that I have been keeping to you. Please use it during the battle] (Lucifer)

『You received 【Demon Sword Blow】. Do you want to equip it?』

I equip it on my left hand without a second thought. I am a left-handed for your note.

[Then, I will begin the summoning…..] (Lucifer)

[Yes, please!!] (Renji)

For the starter, please give me 2-3 goblins as opponents. Yeah, that would be just right.

Lucifer shook off his right hand from left to right. At that moment, black smoke appears one after another, and multiple goblins…..

No, three ogres appeared instead of goblins, and fully armed at that. I don’t want to believe in my eyes but their appearance is the very embodiment of word “Demon”.

[This is <2nd-rank Subordinate > called Armored Ogre Lv.30~40, I summoned the three of them. If you are comparing their strength, it would need ten heroes of Lv. 40, to challenge one of them and survive] (Lucifer)

Eh? Is the tutorial supposed to be such a brute?

[This is the best three of my summoning monster, but for Satan-sama, it will be end in an instant. Perhaps, not even serve as a warming-up] (Lucifer)

Lucifer and the maids watch over me at the end of the corridor. Please, help me please!!

I’m screaming inside my heart as the three armored ogres approaching this place. They seem to be monster with slow movement. Oh, it seems I will manage it somehow.

That being said, there is a person who moves slower than them here. Yes, it’s me. I’m still level 1 moreover my AGI status was reduced to one-third due to 【Hell Pendant】 effect.

Red effect from the ogre’s club draws near. Perhaps it’s some kind of skill. I don’t know if I can fend their attacks with the demon sword I received a short while ago.


The sound of two metal collided reverberating inside the corridor, but there is no damage received in contrast with the sound.

Accumulation damage 370, is being displayed in front of me but what is it?

Because I saw a momentary gap when armored ogre a little staggered due to shock from previous attack, I swung the demon sword.


The armored ogre’s body disappears together with some kind of visual effect. Oh? Are they weaker than I thought?

Without being able to grasp the situation, the second ogre approaches. Since it used the same skill with almost the same motion, I also correspond with the same movement from before.

The sound of two metal collided still as loud as before, but the recoil and damage is zero. Accumulation damage 425, is being displayed.

The body of second ogre staggered full of opening but the club from the third ogre drawing near this time. I shifted my sword to incoming attack.

Damage 672, appears and then, Accumulation damage 1097 being displayed next.

The third ogre got easily annihilated like the first ogre, after receiving 3 consecutive attack.

The second ogre sensing the danger and take a distance to the back, and from its mouth….. another iron club come out. How dirty or rather, does it hurt?

The second ogre holds iron clubs in both hands. It closes the distance in dash while brandishing the iron clubs high.

Only those who have experienced it, will understand the power inside this attack.

While emitting some effects like red and yellow aura, the second ogre swing the two iron clubs at once. It’s really fast and can’t be avoided.

In a panic, I take a defensive stance while raising the demon sword sideways. I’m screaming out inside but it seems that my fear is unnecessary.


Accumulation damage 1300, is being displayed immediately after such a sound was heard. I received zero damage again.

I return the attack when the ogre couldn’t move for few seconds after using the skill. The second armored ogre disappears and the battle end.

『 You are now Lv.17 』
『 Passive skill 【Forced Obedience】 learnd 』
『 Active skill 【Aura Of The Absolute Champion】 learned 』
『 Active skill 【Survival Of The Fittest】 learned 』

Opss, rose to Lv.17 at once. For the time being, I distribute the status points into DEX and INT. Next, let’s check the new obtained skills and this 【Demon Sword Blow】

【Demon Sword Blow】 = Demon king private weapon. STR +350. Invalidate / absorb all attacks received with the sword. During the attack, the absorbed accumulated damage will be turned into penetration attack. Accumulated damage will be reduced by half each time the sword is used to attack. When accumulated damage is zero, you will deal the damage according to your STR value.

Passive skill :
【Forced obedience】 Lv.1 = Decrease the opponents AGI status within radius 3m from user.

Active skills :
【Aura Of The Absolute Champion】 Lv.1 = Blow away the opponents within radius 3m from the user. Distance 10m. The opponents receive damege 1/15 of STR.

【Survival Of The Fittest】 Lv.1 = Among Lv, HP, MP, STR, VIT, AGI, DEX, INT, those who have lower status value than yours will go extinct. To use this skill, you need to place your hand on the opponent’s head and activate it. All your status will increase 0.8 times for one minute, immediately after use. Can be used ten times a day.

I understand even without knowing the standard strength inside

[Demon king is a cheater, isn’t it?] (Renji)

Proofreader: Niel Dade




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