Chapter 4 – Renji, Newborn Demon King

[Good work, Satan-sama] (Lucifer)

Uo, so tired. Even though it has not even been one hour since the game started, I’m exhausted in various ways.

[Satan-sama, your formal attire has been prepared] (Lucifer)

After those words, the maids bring a set of full black equipments, one after another.

『 You have obtained 【Necrophage Raven Robe】 』

『 You have obtained 【Black Art Wide Pants】 』

『 You have obtained 【Jet Black Country Boots】 』

『 You have obtained 【Carnage Fest Mask】 』

『 You have obtained 【Halo of Fallen Angel】 』

『 Do you want to equip them?』

The western language are lined up, making it impossible to understand what it means. Their names are too long, I do not need to memorize it, do I?

I try to open the status screen again.


Renji Lv.17 (male)

  • Job : 【Demon King】
  • HP : 240/340
  • MP : 4780/4780 (3x)
  • STR : 400 (+350)
  • VIT : 280
  • AGI : 3 (1/3)
  • DEX : 760
  • INT : 1015


  • Head : 【Halo of Fallen Angel】
  • Face : 【Carnage Fest Mask】
  • Body : 【Necrophage Raven Robe】
  • Feet : 【Black Art Wide Pants】
  • Left Hand : 【Demon Sword Blow】
  • Right Hand : 【None】
  • Shoes : 【Jet Black Country Boots】
  • Accessories : 【Hell Pendant】

Passive skill:

  • 【Charisma】 Lv.1, 【Forced Obedience】 Lv.1

Active skill:

  • 【Summon Subordinate】 Lv.1, 【Aura Of The Absolute Champion】 Lv.1, 【Survival Of The Fittest】Lv.1


I thought that their name is really difficult, but to be honest, a full set of black equipments which is shouting a word “villain”, is pretty cool.

【Halo of Fallen Angel】 : Once every 10 seconds, recover 1% of maximum MP.

【Carnage Fest Mask】 : It is effective only for those who attacking. Decrease all status of the opponent by 1% for 30 seconds for each attack received. The effects can be stacked.

【Necrophage Raven Robe】 : Absorbs 1/15 of the opponent MP whose their HP reaches 0 (killed), to recover your own MP.

【Black Art Wide Pants】 : Increase your magical attack by 1.5 fold. MP consumption is doubled.

【Jet Black Country Boots】 : Increase your AGL 100 folds for 3 seconds. Cooldown time is one hour after the usage. The effect can be used 3 times a day.

By the way, this is an equipment set exclusive for demon king. I run out of words to retort.

[O, Satan-sama….. how majestic…..]

A maid leaks out voice of admiration while Lucifer sheds tears. He is stupid.

[Is there any dissatisfaction of discomfort feeling with the equipment? But of course, while Satan-sama was taking a rest, we never neglected the maintenance, so there should be no dirt whatsoever]

[No, thanks for the good work. I’m satisfied] (Renji)

Shifted my line of sight behind Lucifer, stood in front of a row of other maids, was a maid with curly red twin tails and red eyes.

[I’m honored to receive your words…..!! But Satan-sama, you are too kind towards us, the servants. We have been severely trained before finally became a servant that serve you, so please don’t hesitate to abuse us….. no, to discipline us]

I just heard word “abuse”, but I wonder if that was my imagination? I saw a glowing badge on her chest. This red haired girl probably the maid chief.

[Well, th-that’s right…..*cough*] (Renji)

I steeled my nerve and decided to behave more like a demon king.

*tatatata* a maid rushes to this place in panic expression.

[Transmission from the town of beginning!! Our <2nd-rank Subordinate> that living in the surrounding map, seemed encountered the same heroes who were supposed to have been killed]

Lucifer replies with a surprised expression.

[Is that information credible?!] (Lucifer)

[Multiple <2nd-rank Subordinate> reported the same information!! The credibility is guaranteed!!]

[Could it be….. there is someone who used resurrection techniques to the heroes?] (Lucifer)

[Impossible!! That’s a high-ranked magic!! It’s not a magic that can be learned at the level of current heroes!!]

[No way….. it’s him….. that damn archbishop!! It was his doing!!] (Lucifer)

[That can’t be happen….. the heroes will be come back even when we successfully kill them…..]

The maids start to make a commotion behind.

[Calm down, everyone!!] (Renji)

I raised my voice. The commotion subsided in an instant.

[Umm, first let’s prepare a countermeasure for the mass awakening of adventurers immediately. I’d like to hear your opinion] (Renji)

There is not even a speck of sound, everyone just look me with a serious expression. Ugh, please just say something.

As for my idea, first I will summon <3rd-rank Subordinate> in a large amount with my summoning skill, and place them around the area where the number of demon king’s subordinate reduced.

Next is, I will go to find out the identity of this archbishop character, the root that causing mass awakening of adventurers. In other words, I will become adventurer myself.

[We can’t put Satan-sama in danger!! Please, let me go in your place instead!!] (Lucifer)

[No, I will go. I think I’m more qualified than any of you] (Renji)

About adventurers resurrected from the death, I think it was just common feature of the game. This is a game so you will revive when you die. There will be some death penalty though.

[If you are talking like that….. but, you can’t go alone!! Please let me accompany you at least!!] (Lucifer)

[No, you have to be here during my absence. You need to act as my proxy, just like when I was sleeping] (Renji)

[Ugh, I understand. Then, please bring chief maid Lilith with you. She is currently the second from me in the matter of power] (Lucifer)

A woman with a red hair called Lilith gently smiled and bowed deeply.

[Understood. Then Lilith, can I leave the task to you?] (Renji)

[Certainly, Satan-sama] (Lilith)

Come to think of it, everyone call me Satan-sama but I’m registered with Renji name.

[Everyone, for the 6th World War that will be coming in the near future, I’m going to change my name. From now on my name is Renji the demon king] (Renji)

[As your wish!!]

After saying that, all the demons in this place get on their knees exquisitely.

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