Chapter 5 – The Town of Beginning

Well, the future direction has been decided and I want to work on that right away, but there is one problem. There is no means of transportation…..

Demon king’s castle is located in the eastern land whereas the town of beginning is located in its true opposite ends, it will take considerable time to move between them. If this game world is round like the earth, that distance will be something close.

[Lucifer-sama, how about Teleportation Stone?] (Lilith)

Taking gesture to hit the palm with a fist, Lilith come up with this idea.

[Of course I keep them properly but, should we use such a precious thing?] (Lucifer)

[How many Teleportation Stone do we have?] (Renji)

[Yes. Please wait a moment] (Lucifer)

When I say so, Lucifer opens the menu…… or seems like that, based on his hands movement. It seems that this game is designed not to be able to see others people’s menus etc.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Lucifer opened the menu. Is he really an AI? I’m somewhat feel suspicious because we can hold the conversation this smoothly.

This is the talk I heard from him later, only <1st-rank Subordinate> and some <2nd-rank Subordinate> who have menu screen. However, what their menu can do is only checking their status and keeping some items. Well, if the AI characters can open the menu and then logout, that will be a shocking.

[Teleportation Stone is really precious item as expected, therefore there is only one stone, please forgive me] (Lucifer)

[One-way ticket huh…..] (Lilith)

Even if Lilith and I are teleporting to the town of beginning, we won’t be able to return here immediately.

[Even so, I will go and deal with the problem right away] (Renji)

[However….. it will take weeks or maybe months, to return here from the town of beginning] (Lucifer)

[I have no problem. How about Lilith?] (Renji)

[Yes! It’s like adream to be able travel together with Satan….. I mean Renji-sama!!] (Lilith)

[Lilith! Dont be rude in front of Renji-sama!!] (Lucifer)

Lilith opens the menu and switches her maid uniform with a violet battle gear. Lucifer looks like a little upset but it’s just my imagination, I guess.

[I will hand over the Teleportation Stone and other item that will be useful as well] (Lucifer)

『You have obtained 【Teleportation Stone】, 【Transformation RIng】x2 』

[This is…..?] (Renji)

[Just in case, I handed over the item that can be used to temporarily transformed your character into another initial job of your liking, without performing job change. Please use it when necessary] (Lucifer)

[Thank you, Lucifer. I will head to the town of beginning now. I entrust the defense of this castle in your hands] (Renji)

[Please be safe!!] (Lucifer)

When using Teleportation Stone, there is notification to select the member who will be transported together. I choose my name and Lilith.

The two of us are gradually wrapped in pale light. Before long, the light getting stronger from the ground where we stood, towards our head……….

As I open my eyes, we are floating….. no, we are slowly descending from the place about 20m above the ground. Fuwaaah!!

The problem is not that we are floating right now, but the location makes us look so conspicuous. Well, of course. There are people fall from the sky out of nowhere, it can’t be helped if everyone raised their alarm.

Teleportation Stone is rare item therefore it won’t be strange if no one has seen it yet. It’s still the third day after the official service starts after all.

[What the hell is that…..!!?]

[Is that new event or something…..?]

The main street that previously crowded with people, was opened in a circular shape. People send their line of sight to us full of question.

[Yep, we are attracting a lot attentions here] (Renji)

[I will eliminate them at once] (Lilith)

Lilith takes a stance to activate a magic. However, we are inside the town of beginning, one of safety zone, therefore her magic can’t be activated.

Lilith showing a little surprised expression, she sligthly looks down with her face dyed in crimson.

[This is that damn archbishop protection…..] (Lilith)

Lilith muttered so in low voice.

Oh, I got it. She thought that the archbishop person stretched sort of barrier surrounding the town, that prevented her using magic. Well, there is still a fact that demon king and his minion still able invade the town. Even so, the surrounding people started being noisy.

[You inferior organism!! Your presences are disturbing Maou-sama who reigns at the top of the world] (Lilith)

Eh? You revealed our identity? Will things be alright? To say such a thing, I’m sure panic will be broke out!!

[Demon king? Oioi, you gotta be kidding me?]

[What’s demon king doing in newbies town!?]

[It’s good chance to challenge him!!]

[We already have to fight the last boss when we just started the game?!]

Yep, it caused a great confusion. *pikon* I received a notification.

『Kaiser has sent you application for duel. Rule : Full HP ; Survival Style Duel , Number of participant : 9 players 』

Because the town of beginning is a safety zone, PK (Player Kill) isn’t allowed. So if you want to do battle here, there is “Duel System” where player won’t get any disadvantages even if that player lose or die.

There are seven people whilst our side only has 2 people. Is this bullying?

[We can do it!! We never lose and I’m really getting into it now. Even among AES players, our levels are quite high. Moreover, there are only two opponents!!] (Kaiser)

A brown haired man who seems in early twenties, with villain-like eyes and swordsman-like equipments, it seems he is Kaiser. He is talking to a man near him who is likely his friend.

[What are you looking at? Quickly accept our challenge, or are you scared? You look pathetic like cockroach!!] (Kaiser)

[Let’s play with the woman when the duel over!!]

When someone from Kaiser’s group said so, his other colleague started to laugh out loud.

Lilith was growling to contain her anger.

Fumu. I hope you don’t just bark without bite. Although it was just a vulgar and cheap provocation, I decided to ride on their boat. I accept the challenge.

[Don’t think you still can stand after this!!] (Renji)

My words make the air of this place heavier in a blink of an eye. The two of us and seven people from Kaiser’s group are transferred to an exclusive field.

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