Chapter 6 – Overwhelming Battle Power #1

The arena is an enclosed field with the size of each surface is about 2 x 3 tennis courts, where other players except the participants are impossible to enter.

For your information, once the duel ended, we are unable to perform another duel for 10 minutes, with restriction 10 times per day.

We are transferred to an exclusive field because it would be bother other players to fight inside the safety zone.

The live broadcast of our battle is projected as three-dimensional hologram in the sky around.

Unknown to us, the crowd around the three-dimensional hologram has started to make a bet about which side would emerge victorious.

I got carried away by the situation but….. can I win?

I’m a super-beginner that just started the game about one and a half hour ago and to make it worse, I don’t even know the capacity and capability of my partner, the maid Lilith.

There are seven opponents. They are more or less a party that accustomed to fight in group, and self-proclaimed high rankers at that.

Judging from their equipments, there are 2 swordsman, 2 magician, 1 knight, 1 fighter, and 1 priest. That Kaiser guy is one of the swordsman.

The balance is not bad or rather it’s a good party, isn’t?

The countdown appears in front of us.

3…2…1…. *dooon*

The one that charge in first are Kaiser and The Fighter. The Knight also gradually progressed as if waiting for a good timing

I gave up on moving because my AGI is abnormally low.

Speaking of which, status value affects the basic movement speed only when the battle state has been triggered.

Lilith is about 5 meters on my right side, she seem to try casting some magic. They seem aiming at me as their first target so I dared to welcome the three of them at once.

[Hei, what’s wrong? Are you freaking out and couldn’t move?] Kaiser

Kaiser and The Fighter are coming to attack me together. However, to do melee attack means they will be entering the effective range of my skills.

— Passive skill 【Forced Obedience】 —

[What is this? My body suddenly feels heavy…..]

[Ignore it! We can still continue to fight even in this state!] (Kaiser)

Even if I saying that their movement got dull, they are still several times faster than me. Because my AGI status is only 3, the lowest among other status.

[Eat this! 【Continuous Slash】!!] (Kaiser)

[Hiaa! 【Heavy Punch】!!]

The effect of 【Carnage Fest Mask】 activated the moment their attack released, all their status will be decreased by 1% for each attack they launched.

The sword and the fist approaching me, when their distance is just 50 cm before hit the target, I activating the skill.

“【Aura Of The Absolute Champion】” (Renji)


A dark green aura is emitted from my whole body and in an instant Kaiser and The Fighter get knocked back a little less than 10 meter towards the direction where they came.



The opponent receives damage 1/15 of their total HP.

No, thanks to 【Black Art Wide Pants】 my magical attack should be 1.5 times as powerful, they will receive some extra damage.

The drawback is double MP consumption but there is no problem since my MP hasn’t decreased much. Even so, this skill have a good usability. Let’s raise this skill level by proactively raising my character level.

In the middle of thinking such a thing, The Swordsman is dashing forward. I take out 【Demon Sword Blow】 to fend his sword attack.

I was able to deal it with easy because I spent some of status point bonus when leveled up before into DEX (dexterity), so it’s quite high. The accumulation damage increases rapidly.

I fend off all his sword attack, 6 in total. All of his status should be also decreased by 6% due to 【Carnage Fest Mask】 effect now.

Lilith is dealing with her opponents’ magic attack in the meantime.

This is the seventh attack that I successfully fend using 【Demon Sword Blow】.

【Demon Sword Blow】 grazed his body when The Swordsman tried to shake off our locked sword with brute force.

[Tch!!] (Renji)

I pull back while clicking my tongue but…..

The swordsman guy’s HP hits zero. His body burst out into light particles and disappears.

[……….Huh? One hit kill?] (Kaiser)

Kaiser opened his eyes wide. The other guys also have similar reaction.

Ops, my bad. This is penetration attack that ignores the opponent’s defense.

[Lilith, I leave The 2 Magicians and The Priest in the rearguard to you] (Renji)

[Certainly!] (Lilith)

Lilith quickly plunges into the opponent rearguard side. Whoa, her feet are unreasonably fast. Please teach me how to do that later!!

[I won’t let you!!]

The knight guy retreats from me and stands to block Lilith’s advance. Lilith packs the pause at a comma-level speed.

(TL : リリスは間合いをカンマレベルの速さで詰める。 Not sure with this sentence. What is comma-level mean?)


Surprised, The Knight guy couldn’t react immediately.


The sound of ripped air, echoing continuously. It was released from the palm of her right hand, the shock wave that seemed distorting the space itself, traveled through the air towards The Knight. The shock waves reach zero distance and hit his body directly

[Wh-What’s going on…..? No-Nothing happen….. do-don’t scare me like that—–]


When the third wave connected to his body, The Knight was sent fly towards his companions at the back in dreadful speed just like a bullet. It seems there is a time lag about 3-4 seconds before the attack take effect. Even so, isn’t that attack so dangerous?


The Knight collides with The Magician #1 who is behind. The Magician #2 who fortunately didn’t get hit, calls out his companions.

[Oi!! Are you okay!?]

He calls out but the answer never come because his companions bodies burst out into light particles and disappear.


“【Banish Compulsion】” (Lilith)

Lilith muttered so.

The rest of our opponents who was there, or even people who were watching the three-dimensional hologram are genuinely scared.

I was also freaked out.

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