Chapter 7 – Overwhelming Battle Power #2

I defeated The Swordsman while Lilith killed The Knight and The Magician #1 instantaneously. The rest we just need to defeat Kaiser, The Fighter, The Magician #2, and The Priest.

Speaking of which, 【Necrophage Raven Robe】 effect activated when I defeated The Swordsman. One fifth of the remaining opponent MP was absorbed to recover my own MP. It’s very small amount so not worth to mention.

[Wh-What are these guys!?]

[Cheat!! You cheaters!! You will permanently banned from AES!]

Well, it might be a cheat but this is beyond my control, therefore I’m safe.

[I don’t understand well, but you inferior organism are being disrespect to the wrong persona!!] (Lilith)

After Lilith freed from rigidity after skill, she runs towards the magician #2, who shouted “cheat” stuffs.

[She will shoot the shockwave attack from before!]

The Magician #2 wields his staff vertically from top to bottom.


A huge meteorite falling in high speed in front of her eyes, because of that Lilith is forced to halt.

[Tch!!] (Lilith)

Meteorite is falling down in front Lilith while making a terrible sound. Jumps back, Lilith extending her right hand towards the falling meteorite.

A dull sounds that distorting the space itself, continuously echoing in the field once more. The meteorite changes its track.

[Are you kidding me?]

The Magician #2 activating defensive magic in form of huge translucent shield many times in hurry.

The Priest puts strengthening magic on the translucent shield that The Magician #2 made, the thickness of five shields is doubled as the result. It’s impossible for average attacks to break through. They showed excellent cooperation in this short amount of time.

The meteorite destroying the shields target in straight line.

*parin-parin-parin* the shields broken one after another but the meteorite is certainly weakened as the result.

The Magician #2 stands desperately to maintain the shields while The Priest casts a support magic on him. The meteorite disappears after destroying the fourth shield.

[How is that? We did it!!]

The Magician #2 turns his attention to The Priest and declaring so with satisfaction. But at that moment, his body suddenly becomes heavy.


The Priest casts a magic that only have disadvantage effect to The Magician #2 for some reason. Paralysis spell take effect in the next moment. The Priest’s eyes are hollow or seem out of place.

[Oi, don’t screw up with me!!]

A weak electric shock runs through his body. Unable to control his body, The Magician #2 collapse on the spot just like that.

[I don’t need you anymore. Now, die!!] (Lilith)

Appeared out of nowhere, Lilith cut The Priest’s neck with a scythe without any resistance. His body burst out into light particles and disappears

【Devil’s Temptation】, the skill that only works to the opposite gender. It controls the opponent to attack his companion.

[Damn it!!]

Unable to move in a paralyzed state, Lilith swings her scythe towards The Magician #2’s neck. His HP hits the bottom at the third strike.

On the other hand, around that time…..

[Oi don’t get closer!! Our AGI is extremely reduced when we go near him!!] (Kaiser)

[That’s a nasty passive skill, but now we figure it out. Let’s gradually put some distance!!]

Kaiser and The Fighter keep their distance from me but of course their sword and fist never cease to attack. Things are getting troublesome. Including the new learned skills when I leveled up before, I only have three 【Demon King】 active skills in total at present.

I have never used this skill, but let’s try it!

” 【Summon Subordinates】 ” (Renji)

*zurari* when I say so, the name and characteristic of several monsters are lined up in front of me. The explanation of status and features come out when I think the name of specific monster from the list.

Say, “Summon + Name of Monster ” to actually summon the monsters. Unless it was originally designated, the level of summoned monster is the same level with oneself.

The number of summoned monsters seems proportional to MP consumption. But because my MP pool seems to be bottomless, I didn’t think too deeply about it right now.

This is something urgent so I put an appropriate number.

[<3rd-rank Subordinate> 100 Little Wiseman, summon!!] (Renji)

Little Wiseman. It’s small wizard about 1 meter tall that wears a hat deeply. It’s easy to beat down because except INT, the other statuses are quite low.

However, that’s a story when there is only one Little Wiseman. When it comes to a group attack, they will become a quite troublesome opponent. By arranging them around me, my opponents won’t be able to approach me carelessly now.

[Monsters summoning!? So that’s your trump card!]

[His MP should barely left after summoning this number! Let’s finish him as soon as possible before he able to cast another magic] (Kaiser)

Kaiser demonstrated his leadership capability. He is the leader of this group as I thought.

But too bad, he was wrong. This skill only consumed 30% of my total MP.

[Little Wiseman, attack those two with 【Fireball】 together] (Renji)

Countless red balls are released from their small cane at once. It doesn’t have the speed but their number make sure some attack connected and reduced their HP.

[Let’s attack separately, they are just a small fish!! There are still 70 left, let’s finish them quickly!!] (Kaiser)

The Little Wiseman’s number steadily decreasing before they could fire the second wave attack.

[Focus all attack towards The Fighter!] (Renji)

They are doing their job without disobeying my instruction. It’s thanks to the passive skill 【Charisma】.

[Wait!! Stoop…..!!]

I successfully defeated The Fighter. There was only Kaiser remains but the number of Little Wiseman has decreased to ten bodies.

[Good, I can see the winning chance!!] (Renji)

As I murmured so, Kaiser came within 3 meter radius from me and had his AGI halved.

That said, I and Little Wisemans were slow in our feet, therefore he was still faster than us. In fact, the remaining Little Wisemans were all killed.

I parried Kaiser’s attack with 【Demon Sword Blow】. I absorb his attacks and lowering his status and all while at it.

His attack is very fast. I think his DEX status is above me but not much different to make his attack speed impossible to follow.

The sound of two swords collides reverberate one after another.

Fine, fast, and sharp. I was finally get defeated by a spear-like onslaught. One blow pierced my shoulder.

[Great!!] (Kaiser)

Kaiser showing a happy face like a child received new toys. However, it changes into a surprise expression after seeing the damage he inflicted.

[Wha!? The damage is unreasonably low! Don’t tell me your VIT status that is too high!?] (Kaiser)

[You are just weak!!] (Renji)

【Carnage Fest Mask】. The number of attack I received with my sword during the last 27 seconds span of time, was 50 attacks. His status should be decreased by 50% at the time I received his attack. No wonder he inflicted just a little damage.

Ignoring his sword that stuck on my shoulder, I put my hand on his head and activating the skill.

” 【Survival Of The Fittest】 ” (Renji)

What the hell are you doing? He looks at my face with that kind of feeling. However, because of 【Carnage Fest Mask】, I don’t think he could read my expression.

Kaiser’s body burst out into light particles and disappears.

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