Chapte 142

Chapter 142 – Cowardice Within Oneself

The moment I lost my footing and realized that I was falling into a pitfall, I grabbed Meru and threw her up.

[Please take care Meru~!!] (Wazu)

I believe that my voice had reached them as I fall down to the bottom of pitfall. The inside of the hole is so wide that I couldn’t reach its walls even when I was stretching both my arms and legs. I’m falling down without any resistance.

If I look up….. I can see the hole of pitfall slowly closing along with *gogogo* sound. The inside of hole turned utterly black.

I’m still feeling a floating sensationfrom falling even now. I realized that I was inside a vast space as I open my eyes.

I can see the hole I’m falling down if I look up, other than that, it’s wall of stone as far as I can see. It’s easy to imagine that this place is underground.

The estimated size of this space would be big enough to put the whole castle and its capital above. In some places, there are many huge pillars supporting this underground space.

While I was falling down and confirming the surroundings, the battle sound from below reached my ears.

I managed to twist my body and rearranged my falling posture, there was a woman fighting against something below.

It turns out that I’m already close to the ground rather unexpected. I adjust my posture in a hurry and landed on the floor made of stone.

Large cracks spreads on the stone floor along with a loud landing sound and smoke also rising in the surroundings. Inside that smoke, I’m checking the state of my body.

Well, considering my status, I would be remain intact even if I had fallen down on my back, so it was really just for peace of my mind.

There were no abnormalities in particular when I was checking my body, but….. would I reach the previous place if I jumped with full power towards the hole I’d fallen?

When I was thinking about such a thing, the smoke cleared up and I was able to see the surrounding.

I can see the woman who had been fighting something until a while ago coming closer to me, then calls out to make sure of my safe appearance.

[………fell down from such height but still standing, are you really a human?]

[How rude! Of course, I’m an ordinary human!] (Wazu)

I’m speaking out my mind while looking at the woman….. but for one reason, she is a beastman.

Golden cat ears and hair that long enough to reach the shoulder, the corner of her eyes that rise gives her a strong-willed facial features, it’s not wrong to call her beautiful.

Her chests are big but her waist is slender, I can understand at glance that her body is well-trained.

She wore a light-looking armor that doesn’t obstruct the movement, covering the area of breasts, waist, arms, and legs. Under the armor, there is a thin cloth from her chest down to her waist. You also can see a cat-like tail sticking out from behind.

A slavery collar is fitted on her neck and if I take a good look, there seems to be bruises in some places.

[Don’t mind it! So, the reason for a human to fall into this place, have you been thrown away by your owner, that self-proclaimed king of the world?]

[……….are you perhaps misunderstand something? I’m not one of his slave or something else. I came here by my own volition to help the kidnapped beastmen] (Wazu)

[……….but you fell?]

When she said it bluntly….. it’s embarrassing…..

[B-But I came here with a reliable companions. I also brought someone from the beastmen kingdom, Deizu] (Wazu)


Papa? Hmm….. could it be she is…..

[Deizu’s daughter-san who was kidnapped…..] (Wazu)

[That’s right! I’m Maorin Leonir, the only daughter of Deizu Leonir. More importantly, is it true that Papa is coming?] (Maolin)

The woman who identified herself as Maorin in brag, suddenly grabbed my lapels and asking in a threatening attitude. I’m scared of her beautiful angry face.

[It’s true! We are acting separately, he should be rescuing the beastmen in the city now] (Wazu)

[……….is it not a lie?] (Maorin)

[It’s really true!!] (Wazu)

After being told that much, she took her hands off me and got motivated about something.

[I see, I see, so papa is coming for me. Then, I can’t stay forever in such a place] (Maorin)

[Yeah. Speaking of which, why is Deizu’s daughter-san in such a place? What were you doing here?] (Wazu)

[Eh? What was I doing here? I was fighting with those thing!] (Maorin)

Deizu’s daughter-san shifted her body to the side a little and said so. Inside my opened field of vision are….. an extremely thick and long arms, though it’s standing, its upper body is supported by a lower body that shaped like an inverse triangle, a square thing like a small face is attached on its top, it has a thing like a big round lens.

Their bodies are made of stone, their movements make them looks like some evil dolls. The existence called “Golem” from the story is floating inside my mind. There are dozens of golems surrounding us unnoticed.

I thought they were part of this underground scenery at first, but they were actually moving and one golem was already close.

[After being caught, they found out that I have the highest strength among the present beastmen and was sent here to fight against those guys. I’ve been fighting over and over again, I guess they wanted to confirm how far I could fight against such opponents. Those guys also seems to be getting stronger each time I fought them…..] (Maorin)

[……….just for confirmation, how could they understand that Deizu’s daughter-san was the strongest?] (Wazu)

[That time, we were told to fight each other in the presence of that self-proclaimed king of the world….. the winner and those who have a certain strength were sent here….. the other beastmen who have been sent together with me were already…..] (Maorin)

Deizu’s daughter-san pointed a location with a heartbreaking face. There are dozens of beastmen lined with their hands on their breasts, sleeping for eternity.

Perhaps she was the one who gathered them in one place…… it must have been painful….. I prayed that the souls of the beastme that sleep there will be called to heaven without hesitation …..

A picture suddenly appeared in the air when I was doing that.

[Yahoo~ Oh~ So you are really alive~ That’s surprising~!!]

In the picture there was a face of woman who was next to that self-proclaimed king of the world from before. Her eyes lit up as if she just found something interesting. That made me a little frustrated.

[But~ You know~ Perhaps it was better if you were dead~!!]

The woman told me that and withdrawn from her spot….. the image of the same golem surrounding the female camp members was reflected in the air.

Moreover, it seems they were struggling. As I looked at their situation, there was an unimaginable scene entered my field of vision…..

Narellina and that self-proclaimed king of the world are exchanging a kiss.

The affair of Aria in the past revived inside my brain. I started trembling uncontrollably….. enough….. please stop….. why do you show me such a sight…..

[Hahaha! What’s wrong? You are trembling!! Oh, poor guy!!]

I can hear that woman ridiculing me…..

Just when I was about to cry, I saw the image of tears flowing from Narellina’s eyes and that self-proclaimed king separated himself from her. Blood is dripping from the gap of the hand that holds down his mouth. She seems to have just bitten him.

A shadow jumped between Narellina and that self-proclaimed king, it was Naminissa. She built a magic barrier in front of herself and slammed it towards the body of that self-proclaimed king of the world. While that self-proclaimed king flew backward, Naminissa hugged Narellina as if protecting her.

[Are you alright, Ane-sama?] (Naminissa)

[……….don’t worry, I consider that as if I’ve just been bitten by a dog] (Narellina)

[Forcing Ane-sama on her first kiss!! I absolutely won’t forgive that guy!!] (Naminissa)

The picture was suddenly cut off. It was probably because the woman has left to help that guy in hurry.

[What on earth did you want to do?] (Maorin)

I’m thinking next to Deizu’s daughter-san who was saying so. I restrain the reviving past and think of the answer. Narellina bitting that guy lips, Naminissa said the kiss was forced….. moreover….. Narellina was shedding tears…..

So surely, Narellina was being kissed forcibly…..

I decided to believe in them…..

I believed in their love for me…..

I will trust their words because of that…..

In other words, that guy forced his lips on Narellina…..

Narellina was crying…..

Narellina who was always acting bravely….. was crying…..

That guy has made her cry~!!!

And what did I do when she was crying? I was staring dumbly and couldn’t make any decision…..

I slap my cheeks once. Though Deizu’s daughter-san has an astonished face because of my sudden behavior, I don’t care.

The anger towards my cowardice self. The anger towards the man who made Narellina cry. There is something inside me broken!!


The Godhood has been activated in anger.

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