Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – Relief Request From Marao

A girl with beast ears run into Haosui and hugs her. On her head, there are a pair of golden cat-like ears lit by her blonde hair. Her face covered with sweat and has a sorrowful expression.

The corners of her eyes are slightly rose, she must likely have a cheerful facial expression if she was her usual-self.

The clothes that covered the area around her chest and her waist are made with some kind beast fur with leopard pattern.

Her stature can be seen since she’s wearing such a clothes, well-toned body with moderate chest and butt, there is also golden cat-like tail coming from her rear.

Such a young girl begins to talk in a cluttered voice while clinging to Haosui.

[Help me, Hao-chan!! Our beast tribe will cease to exist at this rate!!] (Marao)

[What do you mean…..?] (Haosui)

The girl tries to explain the situation to Haosui, but she’s finally aware of my presence as she hides behind Haosui propmtly while raising her alarm. She sharpened her eyes and stared at me with menacing look.

[Grrr….. Grrr…..] (Marao)

[Calm down….. Danna-sama, Meru, and Serena-san can be trusted….. I don’t know about the other though…..] (Haosui)

You can also trust Grave-san but I’m not sure know about Freud. However, if I tell her that, the story won’t go forward, and the girl herself also seems to be frightened.

It can’t be helped, I explained about Grave-san and Freud to Haosui. After Haosui convinced and admonished the girl, she finally ceased to glare at me. Thus we were able to hear the story of her at last.

Once the girl calmed down, we made a place to talk. We gathered around Haosui who is half-lying down on the bed. Hasoui insisted that I should take a seat beside her, on the bed.

Grave-san and Freud are grinning, while Serena-san is looking at Haosui and me with somewhat warm eyes.

I will punch Freud later.

Meru is on my head as usual. The girl is sitting next to Haosui on the opposite side of me.

[Now then, it seems something terrible had happened, but can you explain it to us?] (Grave)

When Grave-san cut out, the girl decides to talk with a face full of resolution.

[My name is Marao Leganile. I’m a gaughter of the king Geo Leganile from the beastman kingdom called “Leganile Kingdom” in the west] (Marao)

Saying so, the girl named Marao slowly lowered her head to us.

[……….I saved her from the place of people who was likely going to sell her as a slave before] (Haosui)

When Haosui said that, Marao’s face turned red and refuted.

[I was trying to help my fellow kin at that time, but I just made a little mistake!!] (Marao)

I can’t see any sign of her being really angry, though I can feel how close their relationship is instead. It may be that from that moment, these two had become good friends.

[So, what is this terrible thing that had happened, to make you come all the way here asking for help?] (Freud)

When Freud encouraged Marao to proceed with her story, Marao looked to us with a serious face.

[Yes. As the king’s daughter, I want to ask assistance from Hero Haosui. Currently, our country is divided into moderate faction and hard-liner faction. Our royal family is belongs to moderate faction but most of the beastmen who specialized in combat are part of hard-liner faction. Beastmen have a strong tendency to follow strong people. The person on the top of hard-liner faction is father’s younger brother, Deizu Leonir. He is the strongest beastman among us. He was a kind person but one day, he suddenly changed. He plans to wage war against the kingdom who has a numerous beastmen slaves in the south continent, in the name of liberation of beastmen. I understand his feeling but it wasn’t right. Because war will only bring hatred to both sides. Although our moderate faction had tried to stop Deizu’s enforcement, but many people including my father were caught in return. Deizu holds the real power in the kingdom now, and he’s steadily preparing for the war] (Marao)

Something terrible is going to happen. I confirming the surrounding, Grave-san and Freud are deep in thought of something. Serena-san seems speechless. Haosui has her usual expression since she didn’t quite understand. Meru is yawning. Oh, are you sleepy?

When I’m stroking Meru like usual, Haosui send her line of sight that seems envious towards Meru. I stroking Haosui’s head with my other empty hand. Grave-san uttering a word to Marao with serious face.

[I understand the circumstances. So, what did you want to have Haosui do?] (Grave)

[I would like her to go to the kingdom with me. First of all, I want her to help me, rescuing my father] (Marao)

[First of all? So it means there is still more?] (Grave)

[Afterwards, I would like her to stop the hard-liner faction, together with my father…..] (Marao)

[Do you understand is not that simple? Most of those hardliners are from military personnel, aren’t they? Fight will be something that can’t be avoided. Do you understand that big dangers are involved here?] (Grave)

[That’s….. I understand, but……….] (Marao)

Marao got discouraged after Grave-san said that much. I firmly clenched my hands and keep silent. Then Haosui stroked my clenched hand before turning her face towards Marao.

[I’m fine….. I wpuld like to help a friend in trouble…..] (Haosui)

[Hao-chan…..] (Marao)

Marao looks so glad, but she can’t hide her apologetic expression towards Haosui.

[That being said, it’s impossible in my current state. Can you see that my current condition is not good? Going there is the same as suicide] (Haosui)

[I know it, because of that…..] (Marao)

Hmm? Haosui turns her eyes at me for some reason…..!! I wonder why. I feel chills running down my spine, but her next words cleared my doubts.

[Danna-sama….. please help Marao] (Haosui)

[Ehh!! Did Hao-chan get married?] (Marao)

[I haven’t….. but, I will be in the future. Surely. Absolutely. It’s the matter of fact] (Haosui)

Is she directing those words to me? While I had a bitter smile, Grave-san and the other started to speak, one after another.

[Well, it will be done quickly if it’s Wazu boy. Congratulation!] (Grave)

[You can rest at ease now. Congratulation!] (Serena)

[Everything will be fine if you leave it to Wazu-sama. Congratulation!] (Freud)

[Kyuii~! Kyuii~!] (Meru)

Why is that everyone throws congratulation at the end of their words? We haven’t gotten married yet!! The things are still undecided!! Don’t decide it by yourselves!!

[Umm….. I’m still not understand the story…..] (Marao)

[Ma-chan….. It’s okay to leave everything to Danna-sama. He is stronger than me!] (Haosui)

[Eeh!? Stronger than Hao-chan?] (Marao)

Marao directing a doubtful look at me. Excuse me, I understand your feeling for doubting my strength. But I and Haosui aren’t married yet, please believe in that one for now.

[Please Danna-sama….. Please help my friend] (Haosui)

Haosui begging to me once again. Her expression is the same as usual but I can feel the seriousness from her eyes. Haosui really want me to help her friend. That feeling is delivered to me.

Well, it’s impossible for Haosui to go there in her current condition, isn’t? Oh, well….. besides, it’s hard to refuse after being asked with such a serious expression….. it can’t be helped…..

[I understand….. I get it but, can I settle it with brute force?] (Wazu)

[No problem…..] (Haosui)

Wait there, even if there is no problem with Haosui, it may be a problem for Marao!!

[If Hao-chan’s husband could overthrow Deizu, the problem will be solved. As long we could supress the strongest beastman, we from moderate faction will be able to manage the rest. I was going to leave that role to Hao-chan originally] (Marao)

Oh, so that is the problem. Then, I can do something about it, I guess?

Thus I’m going with Marao to the beastmen kingdom in the west.

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