Chapter 103

Chapter 103 – Another Story : Their Respective Growth

Tata’s POV

I, Sarona, the twin sisters Naminissa and Narellina, Nenya, the twin elves Yuyuna and Ruruna, have boarded a horse-drawn carriage from Mabondo kingdom. We are heading to Osen the hot spring town where Wazu-san went.

It takes more time, but we choose the safest land route. The reason is simple, to make up with our respective problem, we need time. Thus we choose the land route.

First of all, we changed the way we call each other. it was forbidden to call the other party’s name using honorifics.

[We are in equal position as Wazu-san’s wives] (Narellina)

—said Narellina. The sisters asked us to treat them normally, because they are no longer a princesses.

Next, we consulted how to make up for our missing skills. I needed the power to protect myself especially. Sarona, Narellina, and Naminissa were lacking in the appropriate skills to be a wife.

I learned the barrier magic from Naminissa. Meanwhile, Sarona and Narellina are doing mock battle repeatedly as a special training in order to become stronger. Nena, Yuyuna, and Ruruna also helped us.

I’m teaching Sarona, Narellina, and Naminissa various domestic skills. Domestic skills are complex skills, it’s a combination of [Cooking], [Laundry], [Cleaning], and many more skills.

Currently, Sarona is learning [Laundry] skill, Narellina is learning  [Cleaning] skill, and Naminissa is learning [Cooking] skill.

As we’re proceeding our way to Osen town, I learn how to fight in the morning and teached them household chores in the afternoon.

Learning barrier magic is difficult. However, Naminissa told me beforehand that I have suitability with this magic.

[You are not physically suitable for attacking opponent, how about you focus on learning the ability to protect yourself?] (Naminissa)

—said Naminissa. Certainly, just by protecting myself, I also can be a help of Wazu-san. That being said, I decided to learn the barrier magic from Naminissa.

In the beginning, I was taught how to make a small shield made from magical power, but it didn’t go well. My magical power immediately dispersed, it was unstable and couldn’t take the shield shape.

It’s really difficult. It’s unavoidable since I just started. I’m trying hard while comforting myself with those words.

In the neighborhood, Sarona and Narellina are fighting while making *bashi-bashi* sounds. Their movements are too fast for my eyes to follow. But it seems to be visible for Naminissa though, they are really amazing people.

Yup, I won’t lose!! Let’s work hard in order to become a woman who he can be proud of, even a little, when I meet Wazu-san.

There are also Sarona, Narellina, and Naminissa are also doing their best. It was a disaster in the beginning. They are the people who have never done any simple housework before…..

First of all is Sarona, I teached her hand washing. However, she either used too much detergent, too little water, too much water, or put too much power during washing.

There were dozens of cloths prepared for practice became unusable. Still, neither of us gave up. I taught her carefully and patiently. She finally able to wash several sheets beautifully now. People are creatures that grow day by day, aren’t they?

Next is Narellina with cleaning. It was a destruction at the beginning….. it was literally destroyed. What was destroyed? The room I entrusted for her for cleaning.

How much the power did she use? How can the iron-based furnitures be dented all over because of an ordinary duster? It was a truly mysterious event.

At first, it was a room inside the royal palace. The maids who were watching the situation also had a bitter smile on their face, but seeing Narellina’s appearance doing her best, they raised the voice of support.

Let’s do our best. Don’t worry, nothing is impossible with a hard work. Let’s learn to control your strength by polishing small objects first.

Next is Naminissa with her cooking. It was the wonders of world. What did I mean? I was sure that I’ve taught her how to make boiled meat and potatoes, an ordinary home cooking.

–[It’s easy!!]– she said so with a smile full of confidence and started to cook by herself…..

Hmm? How can a boiled dish taste like a grilled dish inside my mouth? I made her to cook grilled fish this time, but the taste turned out like raw fish.

The surface was certainly burned with the steam was rising, the smell also has a burning scent, but when I put it inside my mouth, it tasted like raw fish for some reason…… what does this mean?

It’s not like we couldn’t eat them, but it was really out of common sense. Since the cooking duties during our journey are left to me and Naminissa, I will teach her thoroughly!!

On the way to Osen town, I asked Naminissa about something that has been on my mind while making the dinner of the day.

[Speaking of which, Naminissa seems to know Wazu-san’s whereabouts in details, how come?] (Tata)

[It’s simple. Because there was someone near Wazu-san who reported it to me] (Naminissa)

[Can you tell me, please? Who is it?] (Tata)

[It’s my exclusive butler, Freud. I ordered him to follow Wazu-san at the end of the battle that happened before, I asked him to act together with Wazu-san. Well, I’m a little worried though. Putting him away from me is the same as I removing his rein…..] (Naminissa)

[Rein…..?] (Tata)

[How should I put this….. He is a person who I couldn’t grasp his line of thought….. Well, he is not harmful in a way, he is quite excellent as a butler….. but I’m still feeling uneasy when thinking about it~] (Naminissa)

[Will things be okay…..?] (Tata)

[It should be fine. He does his job properly, I received reports in a regular basis….. he won’t cause a trouble to Wazu-san….. I think….. it’s probably okay…..] (Naminissa)

Naminissa said so with an uneasy expression. I’m worried about this Freud person after listening to her story, but surely Wazu-san will manage to do something about him.

I returned to my cooking. Sarona and Narellina’s training is about to end. They will return with an empty stomach so I have to hurry.

Everyone ate everything that has been served, even though the taste and the appearance of the dishes are different. Let’s do our best!!

Then, while increasing our respective power, we arrived at the Osen town.

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