Chapter 104

Chapter 104 – Increasing Harem

Naminissa’s POV

In front of me, Freud who has been moving by my instructions, was standing beside the entrance of Osen town. He slowly lowered his head as the horse-drawn carriage gets closer.

I got out of the carriage. As I approach him, he slowly raised his head and gently smiled. I am speechless to see him for some reason.

[I have been waiting for you, Naminissa-sama. I feel relieved to see you safely arrived with everyone] (Freud)

[Good work, Freud. You are not causing any inconvenience to Wazu-sama, aren’t you?] (Naminissa)

[Of course not] (Freud)

[Really…..?] (Naminissa)

[I supported Wazu-sama as best as I could] (Freud)

His words still made me feel uneasy….. however, there is no use to keep pressing the question like this.

[So, where is Wazu-sama?] (Naminissa)

[I’m terribly sorry. The urgent matter arises, Wazu-sama has already left the town to deal with it] (Freud)

[What does that mean…..?] (Naminissa)

[This is not an appropriate place to talk about it] (Freud)

He said so and guided us to enter the Osen town, towards an inn in the women’s bath district. He said that he want us to meet someone who was there.

While I wondered who is the person he going to introduce to us, she turns out to be Haosui the northern hero.

What is this all about? When I confirmed with Freud, he told us about the events that happened around Wazu-sama up to this point.

After he finished explaining about the battle between Haosui-sama and Wazu-sama, he said that we should hear the rest of story from Haosui-sama directly for some reason.

He separated Yuyuna, Ruruna, and Nenya from us.

[I will stay in the next room, just call me if there is something you need] (Freud)

—he said so and left the room. There are only Haosui-sama and us inside this room. Then from her mouth, we heard about the things that happened between Wazu-sama and Haosui-sama.

[…..then after he saved me, we had a passionate kiss] (Haosui)

[ [ [ ……… ] ] ]

H-How enviable!! After being saved, she stole Wazu-sama li-lips immediately….. unacceptable. I can’t judge the girl in front of me by her looks alone. How aggressive this girl. I wish I could also act more active, we sisters are lagging behind the most in the group.

But, there is no point in repenting now. The most important thing is the future course of action, that’s right the future. Will Haosui-sama accept the harem…..? First, let’s tell her about our situations.

Thus we told Haosui-sama about our current situations, alternately. We start from Sarona…..

[……….That was the gist of it. I experienced the same situation as Haosui-sama. Wazu-san helped me when I was in danger. I really couldn’t thank him enough. That’s one of the reasons, I want to properly convey this feeling to him. I wish he would accept it…..] (Sarona)

[……….Don’t worry. Danna-sama will surely accept it!!] (Haosui)

[……….To such a dirty me. I’d like to correct the misunderstanding and devoted myself for him. I’m still not able to fight together yet, even so, I would like to stay with Wazu-san] (Tata)

[……….Then, let’s us train together. Let’s do our best!!] (Haosui)

[……….It was exactly thousands. In the blink of an eye, monsters and enemies were instantly kicked down] (Naminissa)

[That was truly an amazing sight. Thanks to that, we were able to focus on our fight. But in the end, I didn’t have time to convey my feelings to him, thanks to that strange peddler appeared] (Narellina)

[……….I would have liked to see it. I’m sure it was cool. I’ll kill that strange peddler next time we meet!!] (Haosui)

We all received a favorable response from Haosui-sama. Hmm? Could it be…..

[Can I have Haosui-sama’s consent to form a harem?] (Naminissa)

[……….There is no problem. I’m happy that my family will increase. If Danna-sama desires it, I will give him full support!! Besides, everyone is a nice person. Your feeling towards Danna-sama have been transmitted to me. I’m sure we can get along. Let’s we all love Danna-sama. I will also cooperate to make this harem. Let’s everyone be happy!!] (Haosui)

My heart tightened when I hear the story of her family. Haosui-sama lost all her family when she was still a child…..

[That’s right, we are Haosui-sama’s new family. Let’s do our best to make everyone happy. You also can call us onee-chan if you want!!] (Naminissa)

[Thanks, Naminissa onee-chan. Then, please don’t use a honorifics to call me, because everyone are Danna-sama’s wives] (Haosui)

[That’s right, Haosui~] (Naminissa)

We hold our hands together with smiles and warm feelings. Let’s do our best to make Wazu-sama accept his harem. Everyone nod in silent. It’s the very moment when a new wife was added to the harem.

After that, we also told Haosui that we were in the middle of special training to improving ourselves.

[…..I would like to join as soon as my physical condition permitted it. I also want to learn to do household chores. I think that I can also be a training partner of Sarona and Narellina. Also….. I want Tata to teach me “night techniques”….. I would like to make Danna-sama happy…..] (Haosui)

[Of course, I will teach you~] (Tata)

Haosui said so while her face turned red, meanwhile Tata answered with a gentle smile. Fufu….. that’s right, we all want to make Wazu-sama pleased. Let’s we all work hard. Let’s help each other because we are Wazu-sama’s wives.

[When will Haosui’s physical condition come back?] (Naminissa)

When I ask, Haosui touched her own body all over the place with *peta-peta*.

[Perhaps….. I will fully recovered tomorrow, I guess] (Haosui)

[Should I say, as expected of someone of hero caliber?] (Naminissa)

Haosui answered my remark with V-sign. Although for me, she doesn’t look like she will completely recover in one or two days, but maybe she has some kind of skill for this?

[Well, let’s we all talk a lot for today here] (Naminissa)

[Let’s do so…..] (Haosui)

I smiled lightly hearing her answer. But before I could uttering any more words…..


I heard a familiar voice saying something that doesn’t make a sense. I got up from my seat and went to the next room in quick pace. I open the door without knocking whatsoever. There was…..

There were the figures of Freud covered with black-white cloak and mask, with 3 people clapping while watching him in action.

While I lost for words because of his appearance, Freud who noticed my presence, slowly took off his mask in elegant manner before talking to me in his usual butler’s smile.

[Oh Naminissa-sama, has everything been settled?] (Freud)

I’m acting as if nothing had happened, but I can see it…..

I can see the figure of Wazu-sama suffering from the troubles that Freud caused~~~~~!!!

Then the next day, together with Haosui, we head off to Leganile kingdom to meet with Wazu-sama.

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