Chapter 106

Chapter 106 – What I Wanted to Hear

We arrived to the place just a little more before Leganile kingdom. Of course there was not even single inn before we arrived here, we spent the nights camping outside.

Marao was doing better than I thought during this journey. She doesn’t have a problem with the place to sleep.

She made our meal using ingredients that abundant inside the forest like mushrooms and wild vegetables, even prepared fish when there was river nearby. Her cooking skill was good and the food was delicious

Then, this person appears when we are taking last break in the woods just before we entering Leganile kingdom’s territory. A person clad in black robe comes out from inside the woods while making a rustling sound.

I could only see the lower half of this person’s face but I understand that this person is a man from the stature.

[Kehihihi….. I finally meet human. I can continue the experiment with this]

Experiment. I and Grave-san instantly react to that disturbing word. Marao hides behind us by her own as we glare at the man while anticipating his next move.

[Answer to my voice according to the covenant]

[Summoning magic!?] (Grave)

Four large and small magic circles emerge around the man in respond to Grave-san’s shout. Beasts crawl out of the magic circles. The beasts that are coming out of magic circles are from the same kind but different in size.

The creature commonly known as “Synthetic Beast (Chimera)”. A variety parts of beasts are connected to one body. Those chimera are recognized us as enemy, *grrrr….* growling while slowly moving from their place to the front, as if to protect the robe man.

[Kehihihi….. behave yourselves. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you because the freshness is important]

The robe man stroking the head of chimera near him while directing his twisted smile that turned into broad grin, towards us.

Moreover, although his eyes are hidden under the hood, I can feel his gaze observing us with evil feeling.

[Uee~….. talking about experiment, it seems going to be a bad thing if we get caught] (Wazu)

[Aah….. I remember it….. a bastard who like to do experiment using summoning magic, he is a wanted criminal!!] (Grave)

[Kehihihi….. I have become famous]

[What did he do?] (Wazu)

[There is only one thing he had done, the experiment that he was talking about before…… However, this is experiment to do things like chopping human body and sticking the parts together, saying that he is building new human race….. The number of those victims exceeds a thousand…..  He is the worst motherfucker] (Grave)

According to that story, he is indeed the lowest bastard. It’s decided, I will finish this guy quickly. But Marao call out from behind with somewhat apologetic voice when I’m about to go charge in.

[Umm….. I know it’s not a good time…..] (Marao)

[Hmm? What’s wrong?] (Wazu)

[I’ve also heard similar story and this always have been in mind…..] (Marao)

[Hmmm…..] (Wazu)

[I wonder why that kind of person always alone? I wonder if he doesn’t have a friend?] (Marao)

Marao…. she just said it, she really just said it. Marao wondered while I and grave-san also had a very troubled face.

How should we answer this question?

Something like, he did this kind of thing because he doesn’t have friends or he doesn’t have friends so he did this kind of thing….. when I and grave-san worrying about this answer, a loud voice come from the robe man.

[I have it~~!! Of course I have a lot friends~~!! What are saying? You little girl!!]

He said. His overreaction is proof that he doesn’t have any friend in fact….. another proof, the robe man began to stroking the surrounding chimera even more.

[Really, that little girl, what is she suddenly talking about? Even though I have friends here, can you see them? Are you a fool? She is really a rude girl, right? There! There!]

Stop it!! Please stop it!! Stop it,  I feel like crying to watch it!! That looks more pitiful with stroking disgusting beasts, you really need to stop it!!

However, even when she was called a fool, Marao was pursuing the matter further without minding the scene in front of her.

[No, it’s not like that….. of course, I think have pets as friends is wonderful thing but, I wonder if you have any normal friend?]

[ [ …………… ] ]

It’s unbearable, Marao….. for me and for Grave-san as well. The robe man also silenced without words to return at Marao’s words.

I don’t know what to do with the chimeras, they are looking at us and the robe man alternately. I and Grave-san are looking at each other, wondering what to do with the robe man.

We are staying in silent for a while, before the proposal coming from the robe man himself this time.

[T-Then….. next time….. I will bring my friends….. dissolved for now? I mean….. how about that…..? I will answer your question next time we meet…..]

[Aa…. Ooh….. Yeah….. No, it means we overlook a criminal at this rate….. right?] (Marao)

[Well….. that….. that’s true….. right…..? what a miss….. I can’t do that….. right?]

[You are someone who aren’t clear!! Although the story end if you take responsibility…..] (Marao)

Marao come over with *zubazuba* sound!! That’s a delicate problem, indeed!! The problem that could leave a wound in your heart!!

[Then….. I will turn myself in….. after that, I will show you my new friends….. how’s that?]

[Well, that sounds good….. I guess?] (Marao)


[Then, get going at once!! I mean, you don’t have the answer right now, do you?] (Marao)

Calm down!! Calm down, Marao!! The robe man surrenders quietly and his summoning beasts disappear.

We tied the robe man to a nearby tree beside the roadway.

[Umm…. are you okay? Is this too tight?] (Wazu)

[No problem, thanks]

[You are welcome….. I’m sure you can make a friend…..] (Wazu)

[Yeah….. I will definetely show it]

[Good luck] (Wazu)

Then we began to proceed towards Leganile kingdom again. The robe man is certainly a criminal but I feel sorry for him having no friends. I also left the mountain because wanted to meet people….. That’s why I secretly wished that he could make friends.

**Proofeader : Niel Dade**



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