Chapter 107

Chapter 107 – Secret Passage

We reached Leganile kingdom. Although we got caught by various troubles on the way, it seems we arrived much earlier than a schedule. Now, we stood at the place where the city can be seen clearly.

It seems to be impossible to enter the city and go straight to the castle. The soldiers from hardliner faction are guarding the city gate.

We can’t use the gate because we don’t know what’s going to happen to the people who became hostages if we break in through there. Moreover, we can’t let them know our arrival.

When I asked Marao about what to do, she said that there was a secret passage to enter the city in forest a little further away, that has been prepared by the people from moderate faction.

It seems the secret passage is connected to moderate faction’s hideout inside the city. Thus, we are heading to the place where the secret passage is located.

The secret passage is hidden neatly under dead trees and fallen leaves. It wouldn’t be noticed if you do not know of its existence. Under Marao’s lead, we enter the secret passage.

The secret passage is quite narrow to the extent that my head almost touch the ceiling. I’m advancing while holding Meru in my hands. Since the wall looks properly maintained, it seems we don’t have to worry  about cave in.

A torch was also prepared near the entrance and Marao is walking ahead of us with it. “ton ton ton ton ton” Marao knocking the wall in some kind of rhythm when we reached the end of passage. Then, we hear the same rhythm from the other side of wall.


[I’m Marao!!] (Marao)

Said only that much, Marao put her finger into small hole in the wall. Suddenly, the wall started to move after a while. What is that mean?

[Confirmed. Welcome home princess]

Light leaks out from the other side of wall and illuminates us. The sudden dazzling light deprived my sight for a moment, when my eyes got accustomed, I can see we are inside a wooden basement, illuminated by lamps

There are 3 beastmen inside. A man and a woman with dog ears, the other is a man with monkey ears. The man with dog ears is shaking hands enthusiastically with Marao.

[I’m glad you are in good health]

[You are worrying too much!! I just went a little to ask help from Hao-chan] (Marao)

[Still, it’s been quite a long period of time….. so, where is the hero Haosui? I can’t see her…..]

[Sorry….. Haosui isn’t able to come because she is currently not in good condition….. but the helpers who were recommended by Hao-chan has came in her place] (Marao)

Marao said so and turned her hands to introduce us, the gazes of three beastmen gathered on me and Grave-san. I lowered my head in response to their line of sights.

A woman with dog ears staring at us with somewhat disbelieving look for some reason. Hmm? Have we meet somewhere before?

[Iura….. I’m glad you are safe!!] (Grave)

Turning my face to the side because I heard such a murmur, there is Grave-san shedding tears. Looking at the reaction of a woman with dog ears, she is probably one of Grave-san’s wives. The woman also shedding tears to see Grave-san is another evidence.

[Grave….. I wanted to see you…..] (Iura)

We are watching the two embraced each other to celebrate their safety. While they are busy in their world, I approached Marao. I thought about asking the thing that has been in my mind from before.

[Marao, you seem to have put your finger into the wall before?] (Wazu)

[Oh, that….] (Marao)

[I was checking the smell. We beastmen have a good nose. I think is more reliable method to confirm the other party identity compared to password]

The man with dog ears who is standing near Marao answered. I thought so too. Password can be used by anyone who knows it. But body odor is something unique that every individual possessed and different from each other. It’s certainly more reliable confirmation method peculiar of beastman.

Seeing me satisfied with the answer, the man with dog ears offering a handshake.

[Nice to meet you, I’m Barro. Originally, I was a guardsman chief of the castle. Well, I had resigned from that position because the hardliner faction took over the castle. We, from moderate faction are little in number, the current situation is bad. To be recommended by Hero Haosui, I have high expectation on you] (Baro)

I look at a beastman who called himself Barro once again, he certainly have a trained body for chief guardsman (ex), there are several scars on his body and a big scar on his face as a proof he had crossed many battles.

I wonder why such a character joined moderate faction? I accept his handshake and introduce myself.

[Nice to meet you, I’m Wazu. I will do my best to meet your expectation] (Wazu)

Well, I think everything can be suppressed easily if I use a brute force. But it’s going to be a little troublesome if there are a lot of opponents. Moreover, I have to take the hostages into consideration. I want to hear about it as well.

[So, what’s the situation of this country at present? Where is the hostages detained?] (Wazu)

As I said so, Barro answered with a bitter look.

[……….The situation is not good. Although we have found the location of the hostages, there is only little time left. The hardliners will leave for southern country around the day after tomorrow…..] (Barro)

It seems we are in pretty desperate situation.

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