Chapter 108

Chapter 108 – Hideout

We decided to discuss the rest of story at the other place. I climb the stairs and leave the basement, it’s an ordinary house. It seems the basement is connected to one of the house inside the city.

Barro-san who walks ahead, invites us to the living room. I sat on the sofa there.

Meru moved from my arms back to her fixed position on my head. Meanwhile Grave-san and Iura-san are enjoying themselves while their arms linked together.

I’m not envious.

Then, when I was looking at the room interior, steam suddenly rises on the table in front of me. Freshly brewed tea was put there before I noticed it.

I looked at the person who brought the tea. She is a woman with cow ears and huge breasts. I raised my line of sight in hurry when I realized that my eyes are drawn to that huge breast unintentionally. Our eyes meet but she just throwing a smile at me.

It’s embarrassing. I turn my face to the other side of room to conceal my flushed face, there is another beastman I never saw before.

It’s a bird beastman. He leaning his back against the wall with folded arms. His eyes are closed but a warrior aura oozing from his figure. He embraced a spear between his folded arms. Do you fight with that?

Grave-san who sat on the sofa just like me, was busy with Iora-san in their own world. I think it’s about the time to stop!! Please consider the eyes of people around you. If not, we will interfere using force.

After some time has passed, Marao and monkey beastman come into the room together.

Marao sat on the sofa on the other side to face me. After confirming left and right, Barro-san raised his voice so all the people inside the room could hear.

[With this, everyone have gathered] (Barro)

[Everyone?] (Wazu)

I answered Barro-san’s exclamation with a question without thinking…..Eh? Everyone? Only this much? There are only six people except me and Grave-san, but is this all of them?

[Fuh, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean everyone in this place is our total number. Besides this house, there are other places where the people from moderate faction hide. The majority of our members are dispersed throughout the city] (Barro)

Barro-san could read my mind. I got embarrassed with myself. That’s right, even though is clear if I think about it carefully.

[It’s not Wazu boy fault for assuming that way. You haven’t told us the whole situation]

Grave-san tells Barro-san with serious tone. Eh? Are you done with flirting? You are busy with flirting until a while ago.

Hmm? What is this? Somehow Grave-san look so mature right now….. it’s regrettable I can’t be like him!!

[That’s right. But first, let’s introduce ourselves each other. As I said earlier, My name is Barro, a former chief guard of the castle. She is Iora, but it seems introduction unnecessary for her] (Barro)

Well, she is one of Grave-san’s wives. You don’t have to tell. I have enough information from watching her flirting with Grave-san.

[The monkey beastman is Gunki and the bird beastman is Lau. The two are fellow ex-castle guard, my subordinates. The cow beastman is Rino, a maid who serve in the castle. We are counting on you in this occasion] (Barro)

[I’m Grave, S-rank adventurer, you can count on me] (Grave)

[I’m Wazu, the child on my head is Meru] (Wazu)

[Kyuii~] (Meru)

Saying so, Barro-san lowered his head slightly to us while the other beastmen raised their hands as form of greeting. I also lowered my head slightly to respond Barro-san.

[Now, I will explain our current situation….. to put it bluntly, is bad. The influential person from moderate faction got caught one after another. There are around 20 top people, including our leader, king Geo Leganile-sama. As a result losing the leaders, the rest of moderate faction couldn’t move together. Even if we challange them in small scale, our power is far behind, and we got crushed instead] (Barro)

Barro-san told us with a sad face. He seems to be considerable driven to the corner.

Well, that’s the reason Marao was looking Haosui for help. Certainly, it might be possible with Haosui’s power. It’s a feast for brute strength. I also can do it though. But there is the matter about hostages. First we need to save them.

It seems everything is clear to this point. Grave-san urges Barro-san to continue. Eh? Since when Grave-san become the main character? It seems I just an extra here. Well, it’s okay though.

[I see. Do you know the whereabouts of hostages?] (Grave)

[Yeah, they are detained inside underground jail of the castle right now] (Barro)

[Well then, first we have to rescue the hostage before proceed with other talk] (Grave)

[That’s right. I was also thinking of sneaking into the castle tomorrow night] (Barro)

[If you are going to that place, leave the guide to me!! Because I know the secret route] (Marao)

Marao puffing her chest with a “leave it to me” air. However, Barro-san who saw such behavior admonishing Marao.

[No, princess will stay in this house. I will go with my subordinates and these two helpers] (Barro)

[Why is that!? I also want to rescue father!!] (Marao)

[Not happening. It’s too dangerous. Princess is the last hope for moderate faction. We can’t let something happen to princess. Please understand] (Barro)

Said so, Barro-san lowered his head deeply towards Marao and stayed in that position for a while. To such figure, Marao sighed greatly as she slightly tremble while looking up the sky.

[Haaa~….. I understand. I will wait here!! In exchange, you absolutely have to rescue father and the other!!] (Marao)

[……….Ou, leave it to me!!] (Barro)

Once Marao and Barro-san finished their exchange, we conclude this discussion. Beastmen are sensitive to body odor, because of that Grave-san and I are prohibited to leave this house until tomorrow evening.

Barro-san says that there is only beastman in this city now, it’s going to stand out if normal human walk around the city. Every corners of this city are being monitored by hardliner faction, so it’s just to make sure.

They offered us a room in this house to spend the night. Grave-san and Iura-san are sleep in the same room as expected. I’m not feeling  lonely, okay!?

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