Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – Underground Jail

I can’t go out to the city and have to spend my time inside the hideout place….. but there is nothing in particular I could do here. There is no one I can talk with to kill time either.

Marao, Barro-san, and other beastmen are busy preparing for the future actions. What’s left is Grave-san but….. he is still enjoying his time with Iura-san. All the time….. forget it, let’s go back to sleep!!

I dooooon’t careeeee!! Uwaa a~a~a~a~a!! I’m not envious at all!! I’m not envious at all!!

I’m staying on the bed while hugging Meru to kill time until the rescue operation starts.

[Hao-chan………. can I really depend on this person……….] (Marao)

[I’m sorry……….] (Wazu)

I just close my eyes while lying down, but I never thought that I will sleep for real. Moreover, it turns out to be Marao who woke me up.

I remember the rescue operation start time. I remember it properly but….. I seriously didn’t intend to sleep.

Ugh, I’m really sorry!!

I covered my face with both hands from shame.

Right now it’s almost midnight. I, Grave-san, and Barro-san are making the final preparations at the entrance of hideout. Well, I just stand upright because I don’t have anything to be brought with me in particular. I leave Meru with Marao to be safe.

If it comes to an emergency situation I’ll tell her to escape alone. As I’m watching Grave-san and Barro-san making preparations, I heard a voice from Rino-san the cow beastman.

[Can I have a minute?] (Rino)

[Yes?] (Wazu)

She says so and began to spread some kind of powder overhead. Huh? What is this?

[What is this powder?] (Wazu)

*pan-pan* I lightly hit my body just in case. I closed and opened my palms but I can’t see any abnormalities.

[This is a deodorant. Yesterday Barro-san said that we beastmen are sensitive to smell. This deodorant is erasing the smell so you won’t be easily found out. The effect lasts for about 30 minutes. This is the rest of the deodorant. Please be careful because we only have this one] (Rino)

[Okay, I understand!] (Wazu)

I received a bag containing deodorant from Rino-san. Looking around, Grave-san was talking with Iura-san, Barro-san was spreading a deodorant to Gunki, a monkey beastman.

[Be careful, Grave-san] (Iura)

[Yeah, I will surely come back] (Grave)

[Take care] (Rino)

[Yeah…..] (Wazu)

I wonder what….. my chest somewhat tightened to such scenes. After we finished our preparations we set off from the hideout to rescue the hostages.

The distance from the hideout to the castle is not that great. But it takes quite some time because we are moving while hiding in the shades of the buildings so as not to be found by the hardliners.

Again, we can’t use the castle gate to invade this time. We spend more time to go around to the back of the castle.

30 minutes almost passed since we started the operation. I put deodorant once again in accordance with Rino-san’s instruction.

I usually don’t operate like this so I’m somewhat nervous, but at the same time I’m getting excited. This is something new and fresh. I wonder what kind of things await us when we entering the castle.

There is a rampart surrounding the castle to prevent an invasion from foreign enemies. Although we went to the back of the castle, there is no secret passage like last time. We are hiding in the shadows of trees near the rampart.

I could break the wall with a single punch and enter the castle. However, that would inform the enemy of our location, thus I ask Barro-san about our next move.

[So, what are we going to do now?] (Wazu)

[Calm down. There are still some allies inside the castle. I sent a word to them this morning] (Barro)

A rope ladder was thrown from the top of rampart to prove his words. As I look at the source, I see the figure of a guard who returns to the patrol round after giving us a signal. We immediately climb the rampart using that rope ladder.

All members arrived on the top of the rampart. Next, we followed Barro-san’s guidance while keeping our body low to reduce our chance to be found. As expected of the former chief guard, Barro-san knows the terrain very well. We steadily proceed through the castle under his lead.

We also encountered several patrolling soldiers on the way but were able to pass without being noticed. The deodorant also seems to take the active role this time.

We arrived near the stairs leading to the underground jail further ahead. Somehow it’s a bit disappointing. Everything went too smooth.

I wonder if my presence was even needed here? I have such ideas as we are advancing without meeting any obstacle.

We stopped in front of the room where the hostages were being detained, perhaps. It’s not an underground jail, is it? or so I thought. Whether that question was written on my face or not, Barro-san gave me the answer.

[The others are detained inside the underground jail but Gio-sama is under arrest in this room. I will go first to rescue Garb-sama who is a high official of the moderate faction, follow me later…..] (Barro)

I had a bad feeling about the situation. How easy it was for us to come this far also makes things more suspicious.

Why did he want to go first? Why is there no guard in front of the room where the king is supposed to be detained?

Grave-san seems to have the same idea with as me. He shows me a doubtful look. However, Barro-san broke into the room before we could ask questions. I and Grave-san also move into action after clicking our tongues.

Upon entering the room, there is nothing we can see because there’s total darkness. However, we keep advancing forwards.

I can feel Grave-san’s signs but Barro-san is nowhere to be found. The moment I thought so, I heard a crackling noise from behind.

I turn my face toward the direction where the sound was coming from. Suddenly, a bright light filled the room and deprived my visibility for a moment.

I get used to the brightness gradually. But there, something like iron bars that are placed at equal interval filled my field of vision.

There is Barro-san with a grievous expression at the other side of the iron bars. Next to him is a hefty physique beastman with the same golden cat-like ears like Marao.

I surveyed the surroundings once more and found out that there was only I and Grave-san on this side of the bars. In other words we were caught in a trap.

Sending my line of sight at Barro-san who trapped us, he breathed out only one word with a sad painful face.

[Sorry……….] (Barro)

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