Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – Well, There’s No Reason to Lose

The big swords that were swung buried themselves into the ground. The subjects that should be cut are nowhere to be seen.

Well, of course. While holding Grave-san, I had moved in front of the cage where the people from moderate faction are, before the onlookers could even blinked their eyes.

[That was dangerous~] (Wazu)

[I appreciate you helped me, but this position rather embarrassing as expected…..] (Grave)

I stand there while still carrying Grave-san.

[Oh, sorry. I will put you down now] (Wazu)

As I put down Grave-san on the ground, Marao who finally noticed our existence cried out from inside the cage.

[Eh? Eh? Why are you here? Huh? Are you alive? Or a ghost?] (Marao)

How rude. I’m alive and healthy. I just moved here normally. No, the speed was abnormal.

[ [ [Graveeee….!!] ] ]

With chaotic faces, Grave-san’s wives reaching out their hand from inside the cage simultaneously. Grave-san move closer to let his body being wrapped by those hands while confirming each other safety. Good for you!!

I turn my eyes towards Deizu who stays silent at the other side. Nothing different with him but I can feel the anger from those eyes further deepened.


In response to his words, the beastmen who hold a weapon began to surround us. Looking at them, it seems we are completely surrounded with nowhere to escape. Well, I don’t intend to escape in the first place.

As if trying to protect Grave-san, his three wives hugged him tightly from within the cage. I’m not envious…..


Haaa….. ~fine….. I’m a bit envious….. There are people who worry about him being in this kind of situation…..


I’m all alone in this place. Nobody is worrying about me. No one will be pleased even if I came back alive from this place. Haa….. I feel lonely. If haosui was here, will she worry about me….. That’s make me miss her a little….. I wonder if her physical condition has returned….. so lonely, no one spoke to me here….. someone, I don’t even care if it’s Freud….. no, I don’t need him on second thought.


[Hmm…..? Oh, sorry sorry, what was it again?] (Wazu)

I had not heard anything since I was sinking in the sea of thought. I’m sorry!!


Following his instruction, the beastmen who surrounded us are brandishing their weapons at once. Looking at their eyes which full of anger towards us, make me realized something for the first time. Why are they so angry towards human?

If it’s Deizu, I can think that’s the effect of red ball. Then, what about the others? Why are they being hostile towards the human just like him….. maybe there are some reasons….. if that true, it’s bad to stop them with killing…..

I breathe out for a short time….. and then I move in such a speed that people’s eyes couldn’t perceive.

Because I won’t take their life, first I’ll destroy the weapons that came approaching us, next I reap their consciousness while holding back as much as possible, so that I won’t accidentally kill them. Oh right, my hands are still handcuffed.

It’s ended in the very moment. The beastmen who lost their consciousness are scattered around my feet.

[Eh?] (Marao)

I heard such a murmur from behind. As I look back, there is Marao with perplexed look because she couldn’t comprehend of what just happened.

Hmm? I just did things like the usual, right? Oh….. I guess I had never fought in front of Marao before. It seems Marao didn’t believe Haosui’s remark about me being stronger than herself.

The other beastmen inside the cage leaked “Ooo” or other exclamation voice. This is nothing new for Grave-san so he just looks like the usual.

I turn my line of sight towards Deizu again.

[So, who would you kill again?] (Wazu)


Now then, it’s time to get a little serious. But first, this handcuff is in the way.

[Hoi~] (Wazu)

I put a little power on my hands and the handcuff crumbled down. Next I crush Grave-san’s handcuff with the hands that is now free.

[Oh, it got easier now. Thanks!] (Grave)

Grave-san thanked me and then picked up two swords that were around before call back to me again.

[So, what should we do now?] (Grave)

[Of course we are going to fight back!!] (Wazu)

I said so and turned to the cage behind.

[Heave-ho!!] (Wazu)

Together with that word I break the iron bars. The people inside the cage, even the people from hardliner faction who around, they are stunned on the spot because of what just happened in front of their eyes.

Hmm? You won’t come out? Even though I kept quiet so far in order to find this chance….. well, never mind. There is no problem as long as they could protect themselves. I turn my attention towards Grave-san.

[Okay, I leave this side to you] (Wazu)

[I don’t think it’s an unnecessary worry, but don’t die] (Grave)

[Of course. Hold back as much as possible so that the other party won’t die] (Wazu)

[I got it. I’m a l little pissed with all that happened, but I guess there are some reasons behind] (Grave)

As expected of Grave-san, he is so reliable.

[Now then, let’s start!!] (Wazu)

I calmly shifted my line of sight toward Deizu.

[KILL!! KILL THEM ALL!!] (Deizu)

Deizu who received my gaze, raised a roar-like cry. The fully armored beastmen in this place advanced towards us simultaneously.

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