Chapter 114

Chapter 114 – Those Who Chase Me

Now, a tremendous number of fully armored beastmen which enough to completely fill my field of vision, are approaching in a great momentum. Okay, let’s do it!

I jump out at once and quickly beat down the nearest beastmen. But of course, I was holding back so that I won’t kill them. Well, they should be prepared with 2 or 3 broken bones when came to attack me.

The beastman who get punched, knocked out another 10 beastmen or more who are behind. Their armors turned into scrap metal but it wasn’t my fault. I mean, I didn’t have time to think of such a thing. The next beastmen appears immediately as soon as I beat down the surrounding beastmen.

A big sword takes a swing to cut me. I catch and smash it with my bare hand. I grab the head of beastman who hold that sword and beat it against the ground.

The ground cracks big, I move instantly when the surrounding beastmen lost their balance because of the tremor, I send 10 beastmen to the sky with my punch.

My movement still continuing while the beaten people are dancing in the sky. When a beastman who still in breaking posture is found, I kick, I punch, I throw them one after another. However, their number doesn’t seem to be decreased at all. It’s still a long way to go…..

I’m surrounded….. I should have defeated considerable number of beastmen but I still couldn’t see the end of this. Just how many people are there in this place?

Well, it can’t be helped. Because I thoroughly avoid to kill, it’s undeniable that the eficiency gets worse as the time passed.

They seem to have realized that there is no chance of winning to attack me with weapon. Instead trying to stab or cut me, they now go straight jumping at me in order to suppress my movement. I will be troubled if you come at once in such a large number of people.

I constantly turn my consciousness to hold back right now. Because of my status, I can easily kill my opponents if I lost my concentration even a moment. In fact, I almost throw all the strength into my body when they suddenly jumped at me.

I thought that I would kill them at this rate. I lowered my guard to take some breath, but the surrounding beastmen seize this chance to jump over me, I get pinned down.

More beastmen jump onto me when my movement is sealed. It seems they are trying to crush me to death.

That action continued. Now  there are 30-40 people who jumped onto me one after another, and as a result, there is a big mountain of bodies now.

That’s enough. “Heave-ho!” I lift the mountain with a light shout. Unbelieving to the sight in front of them, the gaze of fear directed at me from every direction.

With *pon!* I throw the mountain of bodies to somewhere distance. They won’t die with that much, I guess. I cast the dust from my clothes, but then *baam-baam* I hear something from the distance. I wonder what it is this time…..

There are still a lot beastmen in this place….. but currently, I’m all alone. No, that’s not exactly right. Only the space around me that is vacant or deserted. Nobody tried to approach me after I run wild a  little.

There is a large troop of fully armed beastmen surround me from some distance. Hurry come here!! However, when I move one step forward, they move one step backward. When I move several steps in quick succession, they also step back in proportion to my distance.

Eee? What are we going to do now? as I thought that, from behind the large forces of beastmen, countless arrows come raining down from the sky. I get impatient, it will also hit their allies at this rate. Are you trying to take me down together with your companions?

I don’t want anybody to fall victim. I instantly kick the ground and fly to the sky. I put the power into my foot and kick the air. All arrow lose their speed because of the wind pressure created by the kick, and get blown away to the far sky instead. All the beastmen startled by the sight but nobody is hurt, all good!!

Come to think of it, how is Grave-san doing? Because my surroundings still deserted and nobody is trying to approach me, I turn my line of sight to confirm Grave-sans condition.

It’s exactly a fierce battle. Because Grave-san is fighting while avoiding killing his opponents as much as I am, he seems a bit struggling.

However, as expected of S-rank adventurer. He only took the consciousness of his opponents skillfully. But still, the number is too big for him alone, so he got some help over there. They are his three wives from moderate faction. They cooperate to fight off the opponents together, but of course without killing. They just tied up the fallen enemies and took away their weapon. Still, that’s enough help for Grave-san.

The king himself covered the blind spot of Grave-san. The two are fighting while laughing at each other. How nice….. that seems fun….. how enviable…..

Of course I still pay attention to my surrounding so I’m ready for the incoming attack anytime, but nobody is coming. Why is it? Come on! Come over here! As I thought of that….. a loud noise like explosion resounded from the edge of my vision.

What was that? I thought so and turned my attention towards that place. There are the figures of beastmen soaring through the sky. The beastmen are dancing into the sky one after another without end. Seriously, what was that? The beastmen around me also look at that direction with the same thought as me.

Looking carefully, there is a single girl over there. The girl with characteristic of two parts of her green hair was tied up like two horns, that’s Haosui. I wonder if her physical condition had returned. I grab a nearby beastman and throw it, I grab and throw repeatedly as I advance forward. I feel relieved to see Haosui’s healthy figure. Looking closely, it seems Haosui is not alone.

Behind Haosui, I can see some people who keep pushing forward.

Is that Freud? But more people who I never thought to see in this place are coming into my view.

Eh…..? It’s must be a lie…..? Why are they here…..?

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