Chapter 115

Chapter 115 – Reunion

What’s reflecting in my eyes are the people who I never thought to meet in this place.

Sarona-san, Yuyuna and Ruruna…..

Tata-san and a woman with cat ears from that time…..

Naminissa and Narellina…..

That’s all the people behind Haosui who I could recognize their face. But, why are they in this place?

While thinking such a thing, my old memory resurfaced inside my mind. Sarona-san who rejected me, Tata-san who used me, sudden farewell with Naminissa and Narellina. I want to forget some of them….. but I can’t….. the events that I sealed deep inside my heart and never tried to remember….. I have been forced to remember everything. Before I knew, my body has started trembling as a sign of rejection.


I need to escape!! while my body still moving….. while my consciousness still remaining….. Because Haosui has come to this place, this battle is sure to be victorious.

You have to be as strong as me to defeat her. No, is that overstated? But, even so, I believe it, it’s a fact that Haosui has never been defeated until she met me.

She is really a strong girl. No, she got a little weaker that before right now. Then, I have no choice but continue to fight like this….. no no no, I need to run away.

This is bad to stay in this place. Seriously, why are they in this place? I wonder if they all an acquaintance? Friendship from their past relationship? I wonder if everyone has a romance with someone I know? What is that? I’m a very sad person, I’m not? no no no, I have to get away before I start to think that sort of thing….. panic!! It’s a paniiiiic!!! It’s a paniiiiiiiiiiic!!!! Panic-san is comiiiiing!!!!!! Aaaaaa thiiis isss suuuuuper baaaaad…..!!

My body further trembling, I feel a sense of crisis when I’m about to run away.

[You can’t run away, Wazu-sama!!] (Freud)

With such words, a person suddenly appeared and restrained my body from behind. I look back, there is Freud with his usual smilling face.

[Dammit, Freud!! Let me go!!] (Wazu)

[I’m afraid that’s impossible. Everyone has come to this place with one resolution, this is an obligation for Wazu-sama to hear everyone’s thought] (Freud)

[Noo!! Release me!!] (Wazu)

[Eii~!! Stop struggling!!] (Freud)

[Freud is violating me~!!] (Wazu)

[Please stop with the dangerous remarks!!] (Freud)

I struggled desperately, but the power has left my body already, I couldn’t get out of Freud’s restraint.

Ah….. it’s over…..

I lost my consciousness just like that…..

[Haa……….!!] (Wazu)

I regain my consciousness and jump up from the spot. I wipe the sweat that gathered on my forehead and take one deep breath.

[Fwuh………. was it a dream?] (Wazu)

[No, it wasn’t a dream] (Tata)

Hmm? It’s strange….. there is a reply from behind, moreover a woman voice. I slowly turn my body behind to confirm the voice, I move so slow to the extent I almost can hear *gigigigi* sound effect from my body.

There is Tata-san smiled gracefully…..

Gugh!! Guaaah!!

[Just as Freud-san says!! You will immediately try to run away!! I won’t let you !!] (Tata)

It seems my power has returned a little. Using this chance, I try to escape from this place at once, but Tata-san immediately cling to my waist when I’m about to run. I’m forced to stop on the spot.

Freud bastard~!! You said unnecessary things~!!

Ah, my body began to tremble again….. this is bad, at this rate I will….. no, I can’t!! The battle is still continuing and Haosui is fighting in my place right now. Everyone seems able to hold on but I have to help soon…..

[Umm….. can you let me go now?] (Wazu)

[I will let you go, but can you promise me to come back after this over?]

[Umm….. I have to go on a trip immediately after this…..] (Wazu)

[Rejected. I won’t let you go. Please, I just want you to listen to our story…..] (Tata)

Tata-san is begging me with teary eyes. Cunning….. Woman’s tears are cunning….. sigh…..

[U-Understand!! I understand!! I will listen properly when this battle is over!! I won’t run away so please let me go!! I beg you!!] (Wazu)

[This is a promise, okay?] (Tata)

Tata-san looks at my eyes while smiling. That expression….. so cute….. no!! If things keep like this, I will really lose my mind.

[Promise!! I promise you!!] (Wazu)

As I shout so, Tata-san releasing my body slowly. Fwuh…’s still trembling a little but….. I can manage to fight in this condition somehow, I guess….. I’m moving my body to distract my thought to something else so that I can keep my calm. For now, let’s focus on the battle in front of me.

The things about their stories and all….. let’s think about it later. But I guess, they all came here to ask me beat down some monster / people, or something else along those lines. Never mind….. I’m just useful with that kind of things after all.

Okay, let’s go!!

[Umm….. then….. I’m going?] (Wazu)

[Yes, be careful] (Tata)

When I say so, Tata-san stand up and lowered her head gracefully. It’s almost like a married couple….. no, no, no, stop dreaming! That’s just impossible!

Speaking of which, I wonder what happened when I lost my consciousness? It seems like I was wrapped by something soft….. I guess that’s just my imagination!!

I hit my own cheeks to clear up unnecessary thoughts before running towards the battlefield in front of me.

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