Chapter 118

Chapter 118 – For The Sake of Saving Deizu

A lady who claimed herself as Goddess appeared before my eyes.

You must be kidding, right? or so I thought, but the sacred aura surrounding her, and the current situation where everyone except me are prostrating themselves….. (oh, Haosui is standing now…..) it seems she is the real one.

She turned here and smiled a pleasant smile before spoke a word at me.

[This is the first time we meet in this way] (Goddess)

[Well….. that’s…. umm, are you really Goddess?] (Wazu)

[Of course, I’m the real goddess] (Goddess)

[Ri-Right? Th-Then, why is the goddess came here?] (Wazu)

[Of course,

I came to win Wazu-san’s love, ♪tehe♪ ] (Goddess)

There was not even single speck of hesitation inside her eyes when she said so to me. Eh? Seriously? Their conversation inside my guild card was serious?

More importantly, Haosui reacts to Goddess’s remarks and directing the eyes full of blood thirst over here…..

Wh-What’s wrong? Your eyes are scary, you know? I shifted my line of sight towards Sarona-san and the group who were near Haosui, I felt a chill run down on my spine…..

I will ignore them for the time being. Because Goddess is here now, the talk gonna be fast. Let’s ask her to save Deizu.

[There is something I’d like to ask from Goddess-sama, may I?] (Wazu)

[How was that? I wish I could say something that give more—] (Goddess)

[The guy over there is Deizu. I’d like to save him but….. can you do something about it?] (Wazu)

[—baam~!!] (Goddess)

How Goddess-like, now I completely believed that she is the same Goddess with the one from my guild card. I feel dizzy, she is just like Freud, I can’t hold a decent conversation with her. Never mind, let’s keep talking.

[So, how about it?] (Wazu)

[Eee~!! Let’s talk about us~!! Even though we finally able to see each other~!! Boo~ Boo~!!] (Goddess)


It’s useless. It feels like I was talking with a child.

[Yeah. Yeah. I understand….. I just need to check it, right…..? Boo~!!] (Goddess)

Goddess-sama turned her eyes towards Deizu, *fun-fun* then started nodding. She turned her eyes at me again as she finished checking after nodding several times.

[He can be saved!!] (Goddess)

[Really!?] (Wazu)

[Yes, but it took everything from me just to manifest in this place, if there is someone else who could save him, that person would be Wazu-san] (Goddess)

[Me…..?] (Wazu)

[Yes!!] (Goddess)

Eh? Can I really save him? I don’t think could do it though….. While I was thinking such a thing, Goddess-sama steadily approached me and then whispered.

[You just need to use “Godhood”] (Goddess)

[Eh?] (Wazu)

I backed away a little when Goddess says so with a bright smile.

[That thing?] (Wazu)

[Yes, that thing!] (Goddess)

Umu….. I would like to avoid that thing if possible….. I took a glance at Gio-san whose still prostrating.

Well, Gio-san had asked me for help….. and the bad one is the people who kidnapped Deizu’s daughter in the first place….. it can’t be helped.

[Understood. I think there is no other choice but I still don’t know how to activate it] (Wazu)

[Oh, that’s right. About that…..] (Wazu)

The Goddess’s words stopped, then she started thinking of something. Moving her finger as though writing something in the sky, and with *pon* she hits her palm with her fist at the same time she figured out something.

[Okay, I will help you] (Goddess)

You will help me? That’s a big help.

[Please!] (Wazu)

[All right……….] (Goddess)

Hmm? Goddess somewhat getting too close, isn’t she?

The moment I thought so, she stole my lips.

[Mhnn~!!] (Wazu)

Goddess linked her arms around my neck to prevent me from escaping. Moreover, her tongue invaded my mouth.

It seems this will continue for a while, but then Goddess released me when feeling the sign of Haosui approaching.

Haosui stopped on the spot when I told her that everything was fine with a hand gesture. That was dangerous….. I imagined about the battle between Hero vs Goddess for a moment.

It’s a secret that I was thrilled to see the gesture of Goddess licking her lips to savor the after taste.

[Wh-What are you doing suddenly!?] (Wazu)

[I just helps solving your problem] (Goddess)

[No-No-No, that was just….. that…..] (Wazu)

I noticed there is some change is inside me. I feel like I could turn on/off Godhood with my own will now.

[Seriously…..] (Wazu)

[Your physical information has been updated after getting in contact with me. From now on, you can use it freely] (Goddess)

[Get in contact…. in that case, it can be done by just holding hand…..] (Wazu)

[♪Tehe~] (Goddess)

Goddess-sama is smiling while playing dumb. I won’t be fooled by that smile!! But that’s cute, dammit!!

I don’t want to do it so much but….. I take a deep breath and concentrating the power inside me.

[Hmm…..] (Wazu)

That moment, I realized that Godhood skill has been invoked. I closed and opened my palms to check my condition. It seems Godhood has really become my own. There is no feeling that I become a different person like the last time I used the skill. That’s rather unpleasant memories, let’s focus to the present situation.

[Wonderful…..] (Goddess)

Goddess was stunned to see me in such a state. Ignore it! Let’s leave her alone! Now I have something else to do. I turned my eyes to observe Deizu’s condition. In Godhood state, now I could understand what I should do with him.

I directed my palms towards Deizu. Special Magic : God, can be used in my current state. It doesn’t need magical power. This is a sort of phenomenon, it materialized or happened when I think about it.

I confine the magical power that overflows from the red ball inside Deizu’s body and then contain it. I remove the accumulated magical power and heal all his wounds. Shortly after that, all the black parts on his body are slowly fading away and returned to the original golden color.

*dokun* I confirmed that his heart was running properly. I undo the Godhood state and returned to my normal self.

[Fwuh~] (Wazu)

[It seems everything goes well] (Goddess)

I thought so too as I breathed out big.

Great, the next is…..

[Well, I need to go now!] (wazu)

I said so and tried to leave this place at once but…..

[ [ [ [ [Go where……….?] ] ] ] ]

Before I knew, everyone have blocked my escape route. I look up to the heaven in the distance sky.

[ [ [ [ [ There are various things we need to discus……….] ] ] ] ]

[Y-Yes…..!!] (Wazu)

Meru landed on my head. Oh, welcome back…..

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