Chapter 119

Chapter 119 – There’s No Escape

The battle is over. Our group, the people from moderate faction, the people from hardliner faction, all returned to the city and the castle. The rooms for us have been prepared in the castle due to Gio-san’s kindness. Deizu seems hasn’t regained his consciousness, he is now receiving treatment inside the castle.

And currently, all the members are gathered inside the room addressed to me. Why!?

Meru, Sarona-san, Yuyuna, Ruruna, Tata-san and his cat-eared friend, Naminissa, Narellina, Freud, Grave-san, and Haosui, there are eleven people including me in this place.

Still, the room was big enough to afford these people inside. Goddess has gone somewhere saying there is something else to do. Is she coming back to her original place? Please don’t come again…..

I covered myself with a blanket from my head and sat on the bed provided for this room. Meru is sleeping atop me now, I couldn’t get up from the bed at this rate…..

[So….. th-the thing….. wa-want to talk….. wh-what is it?] (Wazu)

I’m quivering but it’s not because of cold air.

[Let’s see, where should I start….. unless the misunderstanding with Sarona and Tata solved, the talk will not proceed. I guess is better to discuss the main subject after that] (Naminissa)

[Mi-Misunderstanding…..? Ma-Main subject…..?] (Wazu)

Misunderstanding………. what misunderstanding? I have no idea at all.

When Naminissa says so, Sarona-san and Tata-san nod to each other and then step forward.

Ugh, I want to back down but I couldn’t move because Meru is sleeping on my head. It was Freud who put Meru there. You plotted it!! Freud!!

Cat-eared woman from that time was called from behind, the three of them are lined up together in front of me now.

Ugh….. just by looking at her face, the memory from that time resurfaced….. I don’t want to remember but the despair feeling of that time is reproduced inside my head without permission…..

Ugh, please don’t get closer….. please leave me alone….. why are you coming here….. but….. was her face is like this? Inside my memories, I felt that she has somewhat mocking and triumphed face….. But she seems on the verge of crying right now.

The talk goes forward while I was desperately fighting to keep my consciousness from losing…..

[First is me, thank you so much for saving me at that time] (Sarona)

Ugh….. I couldn’t stop trembling…..

Sarona-san said thanks while lowering her head….. I was dumped by her….. but her behavior right now gives me a shock….. as expected of Sarona-san, she is a person who uphold favor….. But, did she come all the way here just to thank me?

[You said rather sudden thing at that time so I made a mistake with the first word I said….. that’s why I came to see you again. I would like you to hear the continuation of those words, please!] (Sarona)

Eh…..? Continuation…..? Eh? Want me to hear? Right here? Do I have to listen? You must be kidding? You will reject me once again here? I can’t endure such a thing anymore….. I don’t want to hear…..

[I’m next. Come on, Nenya…..] (Tata)

Huh…..? The next? How about Sarona-san? No, I don’t want to hear she reject me again…..

The cat-eared woman came out one step further. Ugh, I can’t move from here….. please don’t come near me…..

The cat-eared woman lowered her head with a grievous expression.

[I am sorry!! I know it won’t change of what had happened, but please forgive me!! I jumped into my own conclusion and speak without permission, please don’t hate Tata-san!! Please!! Please!!] (Nenya)

Sorry? Without permission? Forgive? What are you talking about…..? It’s painful to remember it again….. I am going to lose myself, but….. without permission she said, does this mean Tata-san going to tell me directly this time? Huh? In other words, Tata-san wants to reject me again like Sarona-san? Do you want to reject me so much…..? I wonder if there is only despair in this world….. it’s really painful to live…..

[I know it’s rather sudden so your head may be confused now. Simply put, Sarona wants to answer the confession properly, Tata-san wants to tell her true feelings, and Nenya wants to apologize. I hope you now understand the reason we all came here] (Naminissa)

Naminissa explained to me….. right, just as I thought. In other words, Sarona-san and Tata-san came here to reject me properly…..I had enough….. do as you like….. everyone is watching….. so this is the real public execution…..  I don’t care anymore…..

[It seems we can still go on. Naminissa-sama is going to say a very important matter now, so I’d like you to hear it without losing consciousness. Please!] (Freud)

[Hahaha….. I see, so it’s like that. We can’t push Wazu boy into the corner] (Grave)

Freud peeked into the blanket to confirm my consciousness. Grave-san understands something and turns his smiling face at me. Do as you like…..!!

[Considering the wound I have caused, I know it’s shameless for me to apologize. I also understand your desire to run away from this place. But please….. please hear us until the end. I know it’s a selfish request coming from me, but please….. please…..] (Tata)

Tata-san move one step forward and lowered her head. Everyone else followed suit and lowering their head. Do you want to see me got rejected so much? What’s so fun about it…..

[This is where Danna-sama should make a decision…..] (Haosui)

Haosui said so with a thumbs-up pose.

Fine….. I got it….. I just need to listen, right? I know that I will get rejected again….. a grand rejection this time….. I don’t care….. I just need to listen….. and it’s over….. let’s end this quickly…..

[I….. un-understand……….] (Wazu)

My body wouldn’t stop trembling….. I’m about to cry again…..

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  1. NGL, the way they are handling this (yadda yadda, no realism in wish fulfillment fantasies, I know), by standing there all together instead of coming one by one, is awful. The guy was battered and has massive confidence issues. Putting him in front of a crowd is not exactly right imo.

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