Chapter 120

Chapter 120 – Heroines’s Confession

Sarona-san and the group nod to each other when I showed intention to listen.

[All right, let’s start from me] (Sarona)

Sarona-san, Tata-san, Naminissa, Narellina, and Haosui, came to the front while everyone else went to the back.

Eh? Why Naminissa and Narellina also lined up together with them? This is about Sarona-san and Tata-san who are going to reject me once again, right?

They take a deep breath as if to prepare themselves, while unaware I have such a thought. I’m preparing myself…..

[I’m really sorry about that time. Oh~ this sorry is for “the sorry” from that time….. sorry, ah not again….. I’m getting worked up by myself when I’m in front of you….. but I want to tell it properly this time. I certainly had said sorry at that time, but shortly afterwards I noticed my own feelings. This was really such a pathetic story. But I swear that the feeling inside my heart is not a lie or falsehood. After telling you this feeling, I hope you can accept it….. fw~uh…..

I love you Wazu-san. I do love you with all of my heart. I swear here that this feeling will never fades] (Sarona)


[I’m really sorry for what Nenya had said. It happened because I didn’t tell her about my feeling properly, she wasn’t wrong, please just blame me alone. But this feeling won’t change. I was moved when Wazu-san said you would accept everything about me, my heart was saved by just those words. You give me the happiness that I thought beyond my reach even if I wished for it. Because of that, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with Wazu-san……

I love you. Please accept my heart and my body. I want to stay with Wazu-san forever] (Tata)


[First of all, thanks for your help at that time. If Wazu-san didn’t have the ring and didn’t come to that place, I wouldn’t be alive now. You are really a lifesaver. But, even if it didn’t happen, I’m sure that my feeling towards Wazu-sama wuold still be the same. Because Meru was kidnapped after the battle, I had no time to tell you my feeling. So this time, at this place, I will convey my true feeling properly. This not a lie…..

I love you at the first sight. From the moment we met, I was falling in love with Wazu-sama. Please accept me and my feeling] (Naminissa)


[I would like to say the same thing as Naminissa. I lost my reason due to the effect of cursed tool, even though I knew what I did was wrong, but my body wouldn’t listen to me. However, you stopped me at that time. I sincerely think that I was truly saved by you. You saved and embraced me, this feeling for you budded inside me since that time. I couldn’t stop this feeling. It seems to be overflowing now so I want to put this feeling into words. I want you to accept this feeling if possible. I want you to embrace me once more. That’s what I’m hoping for…..

Wazu-san, I love you. My heart is seeking for you. This feeling is by no means a lie] (Narellina)

Nn…..? ? ? ? ?

[My feeling will forever the same….. I was saved by Danna-sama and gained new goal to live. You showed me the way when I was lost the purpose of life. I want to become strong like Danna-sama so I could fight next to you. I want to use this power to protect someone. Therefore, I want you to watch over me forever. I would like to be together forever with Danna-sama…..

I love you….. This feeling will not change in the future. I want you to become my true husband!] (Haosui)


Hmm….. hmm…..? How strange….. my ears just heard something unreasonable…..

It seems everyone just said they love me….. Oh, right? Is this a dream? an illusion? or just a prank?

Hmm? I wonder what….. everyone seems trying to match the timing and say something together…..

Oh, I got it!! –[Just kidding!!]– , I bet everyone will say those words together to my face….. They took me into the high so I will fall harder….. This will definitely become unforgettable wound for the rest of my life….. haa~….. go ahead….. do as you like….. my mental power is already minus…..

[ [ [ [ [ One, two, three….. ] ] ] ] ]

A~aa….. this grand rejection will go down in history…..

[ [ [ [ [ Please marry all of us!!!!! ] ] ] ] ]


[Eh? You all didn’t come here to dump me?] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ Where is that coming from!?!?!? ] ] ] ] ] ]

Eh? Huh? Is that wrong?

[ [ [ [ [ All of us are love you so much!!!!! ] ] ] ] ]

In response to the words that came out involuntarily, everyone charge in at me immediately.

Huh? Huh? Let’s calm down a little….. I got confused….. Eh? What do you really mean? It’s panic. –[You calling?]– Panic-san popped out inside my head and asked. No, I didn’t call you. Please return to your place….. I’m really confused right now as I thought.

[Wa-Wait….. please let me sort out my thoughts a little bit…..] (Wazu)

With those words, everyone decided to temporarily retreat.

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