Chapter 121

Chapter 121 – Wazu’s Feeling and Determination

I’m now alone inside the room addressed to me. I covered myself with a blanket from head and sat cross-legged on the floor while growling. It was because…..

Sarona-san and Tata-san who I thought had rejected me, told it was all misunderstanding. In addition, including these two, Naminissa, Narellina, and Haosui confessed to me. Moreover, everyone said they wanted me to marry them all.

Fuu………. hahahaha……!!! It’s an impossible situation indeed. It’s a dream, isn’t?

I pinch my cheek…..

It’s not hurt….. so it was all a dream as I thought…..

Of course is not….. haa~a…..

Let’s think it calmly to confirm my own feeling…..

First is Sarona-san. The silver-haired elf, she is someone who I came to like while I was under care of the elf village before. I confessed to her on the spur of the moment and got “I’m sorry” as the answer. But there seemed to be a continuation of those words, she was going to say that she loves me too at that time.

Okay, hows is my feeling…..? Even now, my feelings towards her are still remain deep inside my heart. That’s why, thinking she was going to reject me once again, I was afraid of being hurt and trembling involuntarily.

Then, how about now…..? My body was still trembling a little when I recalled the situation from that time. However, it’s not as much as before. I guess it was because I already know Sarona-san’s real feelings…..

Next is Tata-san. She is a blue-haired onee-san….. Perhaps it was love at first sight. This feeling solidified inside my heart after a repeat encounter. I confessed and said I would accept everything about her. But on the next day, this feeling was shattered into pieces after I heard the shocking truth from Tata-san’s cat-eared friend, I was left alone in daze at that place. However, Tata-san said that it was all wrong, she said that she loves me…..

(I should go to see Tata-san and confirm it directly from her at that time…..)

But now I’ve heard it directly from the person herself, how’s my feeling…..? To be honest, I couldn’t forget her yet….. That’s why, when I saw her again, my body began to tremble and I tried to escape from that place at once.

Naminissa and Narellina, the twin sister with burning red hair. Because Meru was kidnapped at that time, the two had no chance to convey their feeling for me. I never thought the two of them would fall in love with me. Of course I don’t dislike them at all…..

Hmm? Both of them are royalty, aren’t they? I’m just a commoner, you know? Is that fine? Because this is love with social status difference, I’m at loss how to respond…..

I didn’t expect the two of them would confess so openly here….. that was a serious matter….. I also need to think it seriously…..

The last is Haosui, a ryujin with green hair. A girl who had been continuously fighting on the conditions to become the wife of the person who defeated her. I wanted to save her when I found out that she had swallowed the red ball. She said would be my wife if I win in the battle against her, later she said was falling in love with me.

To be honest, I was really happy whe she told me about her feeling. Thinking about it carefully, there was the matter about Meru at that time. Part of the desire to save Haosui was coming because she took care of Meru and I wanted to return the favor. Therefore I must accept her feeling properly…..

However….. for me to be confessed by 5 women at the same time….. In addition, their plan for the future has been presented to me….. harem huh….. that doesn’t feel real for me…..

This is a dream, right? I still couldn’t believe it….. but their faces were dead serious…..

If it’s me from the past, even if it’s true, I surely will choose only one of them. But now I’ve seen Grave-san up close, it gave me a second thought……

Grave-san wives seemed to be happy. I thought that there is a way to make everyone happy….. but can I do it?

Let’s believe a little in their words….. I don’t want to think that expression is a lie….. Though I couldn’t believe them completely because of my past experience….. I want to try putting my faith in them…..

For now, let’s accept their feeling. If I got betrayed again, so be it….. at that time, I will go back to The Mountain and spend the rest of my life there alone.

Before that….. there is a place I have to go….. I have to clear up everything with her….. The feeling that sealed deep inside me….. I found my resolve because of what happened today.

The next day, I told everyone of what I thought.

Now in my room, there are only Sarona-san, Tata-san, Naminissa, Narellina, and Haosui.

[So I think I will believe it. No, that’s wrong. I want to believe in you all. My body is still trembling a little even now, but I’d like to face everyone properly once again….. is that alright?] (Wazu)

[That’s enough for now. The feeling for Wazu-san will remain unchanged] (Sarona)

[I don’t mind it, because now the misunderstanding has been cleared up] (Tata)

[That’s fine. We came here to see Wazu-sama] (Naminissa)

[I don’t want Wazu-sama to underestimate our feelings] (Narellina)

[Danna-sama is popular…..This is the truth…..] (Haosui)

[ [ [ [ [ We will never betray you!!!!! ] ] ] ] ]

Everyone answered with a smile and said so. When I feel relived because of that, Sarona-san asks me something.

[So, what’s the place you have to go there?] (Sarona)

[Oh, that’s right….. I was thinking of going to see her. This has something to do with our present situation….. because everything has started from there…..] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ ??? ] ] ] ]

Four people other than Naminisa tilt their head to my words.

[Aria, isn’t it?] (Naminissa)

My body twitches and then trembling in response to her words. It’s not good to be like this. I forcibly suppress the tremor of my body.

[Yeah….. I thought a little when I first heard about Haosui’s feeling. When the misunderstandings came to light yesterday, and when I heard the feelings of everyone, I thought that I should not run away forever. Perhaps, there is something that Aria would like to speak to me….. Because of that, I thought of going to see her and settle everything] (Wazu)

[ [ [ Aria ? ] ] ]

[Another woman’s name…..?] (Haosui)

Because I’m trying to live with them, I guess I should explain about this matter properly. I close my eyes, while suppressing the raging feeling inside me, I told them everything about what had happened little by little….. hang in there….. my consciousness…..!!

Somehow, I finished explaining about Aria while keeping my consciousness.

[Fumu, let’s kill that woman as cruel as possible] (Sarona)

[That’s right. How dare she betrayed Wazu-san,  but just killing her is too lukewarm] (Tata)

[I’m feeling sad as her friend….. I wonder what kind of flower I should send to her funeral] (Naminissa)

[I will make a rain of blood with my sword. No, is not good, that will kill her instantly] (Narellina)

[Slaughter…..] (Haosui)


[No, listen here, I’m going to speak with her!! Don’t just spout about killing her and the like!! Perhaps it was my mistake!! Please calm down a little!!] (Wazu)

They got furious after I finished telling my story. That was scary….. am I supposed to be the husband of these people? Please calm down…..

[Umm, this is just my selfishness….. but it’s true that I would like to believe and knowing more about everyone….. so I wonder if everyone wants to come with me. I will be encouraged if all of you are around me….. because I might run away if I meet her alone…..] (Wazu)

[Of course, we are determined to be always together with Wazu-san] (Sarona)

[We are already Wazu-san’s harem members] (Tata)

[It’s okay to act more dignified, you know?] (Naminissa)

[Rather, you can embrace us like a beast] (Narellina)

[Bridal night…..?] (Haosui)

Haosui and Narellina’s line of thought are too hasty…..

[In that case, let’s talk about the harem stuff after I settled everything with Aria…. I will try to get accustomed with this situation until then] (Wazu)

Everyone seems uneasy, is my words not enough?

[Umm….. it’s fine, because I also won’t betray everyone’s feelings. This is necessary for me to settle this matter before I decide to be with everyone…..] (Wazu)

[I don’t mind with that. We have come to this point after all] (Sarona)

[I will wait for that~] (Tata)

[But before that…..] (Naminissa)

[I want you to tell us in words properly…..] (Narellina)

[How does Danna-sama think about us…..?] (Haosui)

[That’s right, I want to hear it too!] (?????)


[I-I….. lo-lo-love you all…..] (Wazu)

[ [ [ [ [ [ I love you too!!! ] ] ] ] ] ]

Eh? There is extra person before I noticed it…..

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