Chapter 123

Chapter 123 – Another Talk : The Feelings of Heroines are One

Naminissa’s POV

Goddess-sama(?) has returned.

Somehow, even though she said to be a goddess, she just doesn’t match with the name. But if Wazu-sama also says so, let’s believe it.

I clap my hands with *pan* before turning back and take steps towards Wazu-sama.

[Well now, it’s about Wazu-sama’s future action, from here we will head to southern country to free the beastmen who were kidnapped, correct?] (Naminissa)

[That was my intention, hmm? Is that bad? I thought that I should help them…..] (Wazu)

[No, we’ve heard the circumstances from Marao-sama and her father last night. There was no problem. In fact, we’re in full approval for rescuing them] (Narellina)

[Yeah, we elves are also often being targeted so I understand their feeling more or less] (Sarona)

[It’s unforgiveable] (Tata)

[How shameful. It’s enough to make me don’t want to think them as a fellow human] (Naminissa)

[….. made my friends cry….. kill…..] (Haosui)

Everyone is full of spirits. Of course, me too. To be honest, they already done for at the time they make enemy of Wazu-sama and Haosui. They need to pay a high price for their outrageous conducts…..

[E-Everyone’s faces are scary, you know?] (Wazu)

Oops, not good. We have to always show our smiling face in front of Wazu-sama, as if to say “I love you”….. everyone understand it. Thus we are directing our smiles towards Wazu-sama immediately.

Wazu-sama was covered in a blanket while his body still trembling from time to time. His figure that like a small animal….. how cute….. slurp…..

Not good. Not good. It’s not the time for that…..

[Then, are you going to see Aria after that?] (Naminissa)

[Th-That was the plan….. b-but I don’t know her whereabouts…..] (Wazu)

Wazu-sama said so with a troubled face. Hmm?

[Didn’t Wazu-sama also hear our conversation at that time?] (Naminissa)

[……….at that time?] (Wazu)

[The time when I met Aria inside guild master room at the imperial capital by chance] (Naminissa)

[……….I do-don’t remember a thing] (Wazu)

Wazu-sama averted his eyes. It seems he feels embarrassed because recalling the fact that he hid himself under the table and fainted at that time. There is no need to feel ashamed. Because that incident happened, I got the idea that Wazu-sama was going to see Aria before.

[That’s right, Wazu-sama wasn’t around at that time. But there is no problem, because she is a friend, I properly remember of what she said at that time. Aria is in Wazu-sama’s hometown now, the kingdom at the southern continent] (Naminissa)

[I-Is that so…..?] (Wazu)

[Because of that, first we head off to the southern country to help the kidnapped beastmen, after that we can go to the southern kingdom from there] (Naminissa)

[I see….. let’s do so] (Wazu)

There Sarona raised her hand and called out.

[I understand the plan, but can I ask one thing?] (Sarona)

[What is it?] (Naminissa)

[I have been thinking about this for some time, Wazu-san called Naminissa, Narellina, and Haosui’s names without honorific, but why he add “-san” to my name and Tata’s?] (Sarona)

Oh, that was bothering me too. Tata also nods to give her consent.

[Let’s see…..] (Wazu)

Wazu-sama gave his answer with a troubled face.

[No particular reason….. I guess…..] (Wazu)

I understand his feeling. While Haosui is clearly younger, I and my sister are in the same age as Wazu-sama, and we also told him to call us without honorific. However, Sarona and Tata are older as they look….. no, it doesn’t have anything to do with their ages.

[If possible, we want you to call us without using honorific as well. Or is that impossible?] (Sarona)

[Please~] (Tata)

Sarona and Tata lowered their heads towards Wazu-sama.

[Umm….. un-understood….. well….. Sarona and Tata…. is that enough?] (Wazu)

Wazu-sama gives his answer while slightly trembling. Sarona and Tata smiled happily to his answer. Fufu~ I’m happy for you two!

[All right, shall we leave for the time being? Let’s give Wazu-sama some time to rest because it seems he hasn’t sleep because he was thinking about us] (Naminissa)

[That’s right] (Narellina)

When my elder sister approves my suggestion, all members nod to each other and then leaves the room. Of course, everyone gave their parting words before leaving the room.

[Wazu-san, please take a good rest. I love you!] (Sarona)

[Good night Wazu-san. I love you!] (Tata)

[Wazu-sama, have a nice dream. I love you!] (Naminissa)

[Sleep properly, okay? I love you!] (Narellina)

[Danna-sama….. good night. I love you!] (Haosui)

Everyone went out the room after saying “I love you” to Wazu-sama in turn.

We all gathered inside my room now. Sitting on two large sofas located in the center of the room, we have a cup of tea while relaxing ourselves.

[Fwuh….. for the time being, can we said that we had made one step forward?] (Naminissa)

[I agree. Though it was a little lonely to see him still trembling around us, but I’m sure things will improve from now on] (Sarona)

[Yeah, let’s do our best to make the harem plan a success] (Tata)

[That’s right, let’s rejoice because we are able to stay near him for now] (Narellina)

[Don’t worry….. Danna-sama will surely understand our feelings…..] (Haosui)

We nod to each other.

[Let’s do our best to become Wazu-san’s wives] (Sarona)

[That’s right, let’s help each other] (Tata)

[let’s become Wazu-sama’s wonderful wives] (Naminissa)

[We don’t want to be a drag for him] (Narellina)

[…..let’s train each other] (Haosui)

Everyone’s going forward with one goal in their minds.

[ [ [ [ [ Let’s we all have a bridal night together later!! ] ] ] ] ]

Fufu~ I’m looking forward to that day from now.

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