Chapter 125

Chapter 125 – Don’t Avoid It!!

Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narellina, and Haossui, everyone said “I love you” and went out the room. I let my body collapsed on the bed as soon as their figures couldn’t be seen anymore.

I still couldn’t believe it, they said they loved me….. was that real? I have been deceived after all, haven’t I? or so I thought, but their expressions were serious. Because of that, I will be honest with myself and believe in them. Well, it seems that we will take action together from now on, and the time will ascertain everything in the end.

In addition, I’m going to see Aria after this. To be honest, it’s reassuring to have them nearby, because it’s scary to see her by myself after all. If the thing I saw at that time was a reality….. no, let’s stop with the supposition now. Things can be understood when I meet her…..

I watched the door without thinking anything from the bed. Since Meru came in through there, I go to sleep while gently hugging her…..

[Good morning, Wazu-sama!] (Freud)

I slowly opened my eyes because such words have reached my ears. Dressed in butler clothes, there was Freud who slightly lowered his head.


I jumped up while aiming to hit Freud, but it was avoided. Tsk! Even though I got a little serious, but for him to be able avoid it…..

[Excuse me, why was Wazu-sama suddenly trying to hit me?] (Freud)

[Don’t you think there are plenty reason for me to do it?] (Wazu)

[Let’s see….. I simply did things for the sake of Wazu-sama up to now, no?] (Freud)

[That’s one of your scary parts to really think that way…..] (Wazu)

[Because I’m a butler] (Freud)

[Do you think that everything is solved when you gave such an excuse?] (Wazu)

Since it was wasting time trying to make a sense with him, I wiped my body with hot water that has been prepared, lightly arranged my appearance, put Meru on the head, and went out the room. Freud is following me from behind as a matter of course. Well, let’s forget about him…..

Okay, first I need to find out whether Deizu has regained his consciousness or not. The Demon Lord skill should have been disappeared, but because it was the first time for me did such a thing, the uneasiness still remains….. Even if I asked Freud,  I received an answer saying that he hasn’t heard anything.

I’m walking in the castle accompanied by Freud but….. I wonder what is this….. the atmosphere is painful for me. The beastmen who pass each other with us are avoiding eye contact with me. To make it worse, they ran away when I tried to speak with them.

Hmm? Did I do something…..? Yes, I did. I made a quite number of beastmen kiss the ground….. However, I don’t feel a sense of fear from them, but more like a sense of curiosity instead.

[Hei Freud, why are they acting like this towards us?] (Wazu)

[I don’t know….. they didn’t act like this when I was alone before] (Freud)

The two of us tilting our heads.

[There you are!! I went to the room but couldn’t find you anywhere. I was wondering where you’ve gone…..] (Marao)

I turned to the direction of voice and found Marao was there.

[Oh, Marao! What’s wrong? Did something happen?] (Wazu)

[What are you talking about? Everyone has been waiting, let’s go!!] (Marao)

Eh? Eh? I don’t understand the reason but Marao is dragging me along.

There is a big door in the place I was taken. It seems at the other side of this door is the audience room. In front of that door, Sarona, Tata, Naminissa, Narellina, Haosui, Ruruna, Yuyuna, and cat-eared woman who is Tata’s friend, are lined up together in a row. Eh? What is going on here?

[Good morning, Wazu-sama] (Naminissa)

Everyone here also greeted me following Naminissa. I answer their greetings.

[Speaking of which, what are everyone doing here? Do you need something from me?] (Wazu)

[Because my uncle, Deizu, has regained his consciousness and wanted to talk with everyone, also in order to thank everyone for their service in the battle at the other day, an audience is being prepared now] (Marao)

[I see….. how’s his condition….. is he back to normal?] (Wazu)

[Don’t worry. He is back to my usual gentle uncle. Thanks for saving uncle Deizu….. and for not killling the beastmen from hardliner faction who participated in the battle…..] (Marao)

[Don’t mind it. The bad one is the people who kidnapped their family members, everyone here is not wrong] (Wazu)

Marao looks happy with the expression that seems about to cry when I give that answer. Seriously, what should I do with these stupid people from southern country…..

There is someone approaching me while I was thinking about such a thing, she is Tata’s cat-eared friend.

[I’m really sorry. I will accept any punishment] (Nenya)

She says so and lowered her head. I’m still no good to face this person so my body begins to tremble again, but words somehow manage to come out of my mouth.

[No….. don’t talk about punishment….. we both wrong….. let’s forget it….. you are someone important for tata….. she had apologized….. that’s the end of it…..] (Wazu)

She shed tears when I said so with a trembling body. Said –[Thank you!]–, she threw her arms around Tata. –[See? I said before that he will forgive you]– Tata said so while stroked her head gently.

I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart and my body stopped trembling. This time Yuyuna and Ruruna came closer to me.

[Yo~! I couldn’t say anything the other day, but it has been a long time since then] (Yuyuna)

[Hello~Hello we came here!] (Ruruna

[It’s has been a long time. I was surprised to see you two also coming] (Wazu)

[Yeah, we are worried to let Sarona leave the village alone] (Yuyuna)

[So we thought of going together with her, because Wazu was also our friend] (Ruruna)

[I see….. thanks, I also think the two of you as my friend] (Wazu)

The door opened a little when we were shaking hands, and then a beastman in armor appeared from inside. He looks around and stopped when found the figure of Marao.

[Princess, we have finished the preparation. Is everyone ready on your side?]

[Yeah, we are ready over here] (Marao)

[Okay, please come in]

The big door opened, we enter the room together with a loud fanfare.

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